Sunday, October 16

Farm Girl, Notting Hill

Weekends are made for coffee, brunch & wandering.

In fact, I don't think I've actually ever had a weekend in London that doesn't include those fabulous three things.
With the beautiful, multicoloured houses & endless Instagrammable decors, Notting Hill is London's prime hunting ground for bloggers. 

Saturday, October 8

The Happy Foodie- Competition!

There's cake back on the front page of the blog!
This month, I've have the utter pleasure of working with The Happy Foodie as their blogger of the month.

Thursday, September 22

National Burger Day 2016

I bet that photo caught your attention, didn't it?!
Say hello to National Burger Day- the one day of the year where it is 100% acceptable to eat over 10 burgers & not be judged on the meat juice stains, covering your shirt. 

Wednesday, August 31

Jardín Majorelle & Nomad, Morocco

One of the most jaw dropping places we explored in Morocco, was the Jardin Majorelle- a garden brimming with life, bold colour & a memorial to the famous designer Yves Saint Laurent; who came to love the garden as his second home.

Saturday, August 27

Riding House Cafe

The other weekend, I had one of the most instagrammable breakfasts to date..... Yes, 'instagrammable' is a word. 
As annointed Brunch Queen; I'm declaring it a thing.  

Sunday, August 14

Morocco Part 2

I've finally finished sifting through endless photos of Morocco- which now feels like a life time ago. 
It was probably one of the most beautiful & photographable countries I have ever been to.
Every single nook & cranny was covered in intricate detail & show casing bright colours- but one area that stood out in particular, are the souks. 

Friday, August 12

M1LK, Balham

A few weekend's ago I had the ultimate pleasure of catching up with this beauty...

Sunday, July 17

Morocco- Beldi Country Club

Everyone needs a holiday now and again- a little breath of fresh air & break from the chaotic & non stop rumble of working life. 
One of my promises to myself is to every year go somewhere completely new- no matter where that might be. This year I've already filled that quota with venturing for the first time to Venice, Tel Aviv, Morocco & actually, right now, I am currently drafting this post sat on a plane to Berlin.
It's safe to say wanderlust & me go hand in hand!

Sorry- I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's stick with Morocco for now instead of typical-me, wanting to conquer the world in a day.
With one of my dearest friends by my side, I landed in the sweltering heat & donned my sun hat- ready for the inevitable sunburn.

Wednesday, July 13

Pergola on the Roof

The British summer, whilst full of rain & Brits complaining about a severe lack of sunshine, does occasionally surprise. Every now and again, we experience some sunshine. Shock horror, I know.

(In fact, I'm currently typing this blog post with horrific sun burn. 
My chest is red raw & my knees are blistering. A delightful image I know...
- Tip... Do not wear ripped knee jeans in significant sun if pale skinned & ginger - )

Any how, my severe burning from the sunshine as a result of a gene that's wiping out all gingers via natural selection, is but of little importantance. 
What is important however, is where when the rarity of the sun occurs, where I will be found. 

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