Monday, May 30

Coffee Cream Eclairs

This bank holiday weekend has been a cracker hasn't it?
I'm not going to lie, I'm tired-er now than I was on Friday; but hey- it was worth it. 

Sunday, May 22

Social Pottery

I've now been nicknamed the 'Queen of Brunch' by my house mates. 
Every weekend, without fail, as they are slowly waking up from their slumber, I'm already dressed & sat with a coffee in hand having a wonderful brunch. 
Last weekend wasn't an exception to this trend.

Thursday, May 19

Venice, Day 2

Venice is without a doubt one of the most stunning cities that I've ever visited.
I mean, check that out as a morning stroll scene?

Sunday, May 15

Bombay Sapphire Rooftop Retreat, Harvey Nichols

One thing that I'm famous for amongst my friends, is my love of gin. 
Oh sweet, sweet gin...
Understandably, I was invited along to Bombay Sapphire's new rooftop retreat at Harvey Nicols in Knightsbridge, I leapt at the opportunity.
What better way to cure the Monday blues than with my favourite tipple?
(And then Game of Thrones as soon as I got home...)

Tuesday, April 26

Venice, Part 1

This trip feels like a life time ago... 
Waking up midweek at the crack of dawn; and instead of making my way along the hustle & bustle on the tube to work, hopping on a rumbling train to the outskirts of London.
There's still no better buzz than hopping on a plane to somewhere new, is there?

Saturday, April 9

Greenberry, Primrose Hill

This is a little spot I've been meaning to post about for a while.
Nestled up in the north of London, far away from my doorstep in the south, is a beautiful little brunch spot that's a favourite of many a celebrity.
Say hello to Primrose Hill's finest, Greenberry.

Saturday, March 5

Brickwood, Clapham Common

A new weekend calls for a new brunch spot. 
I've heard about Brickwood on the grape vine & always seen an enormous queue outside of its door, but its only until recently that I've become fixated by its bright green exterior & Australian nature.

Saturday, February 27

Hally's, Parsons Green

So I have a new favourite brunch spot.
*I know. Shock horror.* 

My friend Francesca introduced me to Hally's in Parsons Green & ever since I've been dreaming of their coffee & jaw dropping carrot cake. It's a life changer. 

Saturday, February 13

T2 Chai Championships, Regent Street

A couple of weeks ago, a little invitation landed in my mailbox.
One thing that  am without a doubt, is very, very British. 
I complain about the weather (but love it regardless), I queue like a pro & I'm a firm believer that a cup of tea can solve any and every problem known to man.

Recently, T2 on Regent Street were hosting their very own 'Chai Championship' where Chai baristas from all over the UK battled it out for the ultimate prize: a ticket to Australia for the chance to compete for a once-in-a-lifetime chai-inspired trip to India. (Pretty cool, huh?)
I was, without a doubt, not missing this opportunity!
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