Sunday, January 20

A Little Bit of Love in your Life...

Frantic scribbling, constant brain busting and ticking clocks became the bane of my existence...

Two weeks of torturous revision seemed to echo an eternity and the need to revive my social life was haunting my dreams.
But this, thankfully, doesn't last forever! Finally on Friday I could gleefully shred every last revision note and forget about Barbarians, Managerial functions and Carolingian Empires.
Armed with my Smirnoff, playing cards and Schnapps I headed off with the chums to reclaim the dancing hours lost and go a teeny tiny bit mental... Time for an Exam Slam!!

The morning was... "challenging" as everyone tried to shake their hangovers and laugh about the antics on our epic night out. But oh my Lord did we need a good hangover cure to feel alive again... Comfort food was the only option.... and I know a little gem which even on the darkest of days can cheer you up with the simplest of solutions..
So after showers, berrocas and a few hilarious hours spent laughing at the pictures taken last night; our little group of zombies trekked down the road to my favourite little hot spot....
 ...The Love Rouge Bakery in Headingley.
I warn you. Food Porn Alert.

Coffee, Cake and Comfort Food... The best cure possible!

This snug little shop is tucked away along the Otley road. It has an instant coziness with the soft lighting and bright colours and you can't help but grin with anticipation- (a bit like that little smug feeling on the way to your Gran's house as you know that your going to be spoilt with her home baked treats!) We managed to nab the best table in the house and took a good age in choosing our cupcake cures...Of course with our faces pressed up against the glass!

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes.... Delicious!

Now... because it was a truly rotten hangover and we just decided to full on treat ourselves; we ordered our cupcakes and coffees before sitting and wriggling like impatient children as we waited for out brunch order from heaven.

My Terry's Chocolate Orange little beauty... Best. Invention. Ever.

I plumped for the Terry's Chocolate Orange beast- (possibly the best chocolate ever invented), 'B.' went for Raspberry and White Chocolate, 'S.' chose Red Velvet, and J. like me decided chocolate was the only way and munched on a Nutella cupcake......

'J'. was "loving life".... Especially considering her beaming smile with every bite!

So simple, indulgent and yet very necessary to celebrate our freedom from those exam rooms..

Nice Buns...

Oh but the feast had only just arrived. Personally, I could live off smoked salmon for an eternity... This is up there with bacon sandwiches as the ultimate comfort food. Simplistic, buttery, luscious!

Needless to say we all dug in pretty quickly...!

'S.' ("Caveman" ) a bit more so than others......!!

Squishy, Creamy, Chocolately.... If only they were zero calorie... A girl can dream!

After indulging in a ridiculous amount of comfort food, our hangovers began to disappear and we slowly bounced back from the vodka fuelled roughness!
Caffeine, Cake and Comfort food seems to work a treat.

Slowly we begun to realise how long we had spent nattering and laughing about the injured shoulders/ embarrassing antics and crazy drinks which 'Fruity Friday' had seen the night before; it was soon time to head back to nurse our food comas!!

If you fancy having a little lift of cake in your life, head down to the bakery- its bright blue front is hard to miss. From a student view, its cheap, comforting and close by after a hard night out!
Stop by, have some coffee and a cake, have a 'dmc' and forget the woes; in this little bubble of coziness- its as easy as pie....!

Sorry 'J'.... I had to put this in!

 Everyone needs a little bit of 'Love' every now and again...!

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