Friday, January 25

Banana Chocolate Twix Muffins

Just imagine...
You slowly stretch out your arms and wearily open your eyes after an epic slumber, all snuggled in your duvet like a little door mouse. Sounds of kettles boiling and pots clanging reach your ears from the kitchen downstairs as your Mum is busy preparing an epic breakfast feast.
Your senses are gradually waking up, hits you. A smell so delicious your stomach twinges with hunger and demands that you abandon your pillow and feather fortress.

There is nothing that compares to the smell of freshly baked muffins rising through your window on a lazy Sunday at home!

I've adapted these from my Mum's classic banana muffin recipe- a weekly staple at home!
These little beauties are the ultimate comfort food and coming home to one is instant therapy. I decided I needed to be a bit cheekier by adding broken chocolate and Twix bars for a gooey and indulgent edge- but the standard muffins themselves are healthy and moreish!

Cheeky, squidgy, and the crunchy crust on top just makes my day... Lush!

To make your own, you will need:
- 280g plain flour
- 1tsp baking powder
- 1tsp bicarbonate of soda
- 1/2tsp salt
- 3-4 very ripe bananas
- 110g caster sugar (I used golden)
- 1 egg
- 80ml milk
- 85g melted butter (Or for a healthier alternative, try with 90ml vegetable oil)
- 2 duo Twix chocolate bars
- 100g chocolate, broken up and chopped.
(Spice them up a bit by switching the chocolate/twix bars for nuts, your favourite chocolate or cinnamon)

Preheat your oven to 190-200C or 180C fan. Line your muffin tray with pretty paper cases.
In a large bowl, sift your flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and salt.

 In a separate bowl, peel and mash up your bananas into a yellowy mush. The riper the bananas the better the flavours will be!

Put your bowl of dry ingredients to one side, and in another stir the sugar, egg, milk and butter into your mashed bowl of banana goodness until evenly combined.

Fold your wet mix into the mixing bowl of your dry ingredients and stir once again until combined. (The batter will be very lumpy- this is the goal! Lumpy mix is a good sign as once baked there will be little pockets of banana, heaven!)

Now it's time for your chocolately goodness (or what other option you choose) to be added. Break up and chop your chocolate and Twix bars into little nuggets before folding into the batter.

A couple of nibbles of not optional..It is mandatory. You could easily just eat it like this! Delicious!

Once all combined, evenly distribute and spoon the batter into your muffin cases. There should be enough batter to make around 12 muffins.
I chose to sprinkle the tops of my muffins with demerara sugar; this creates a crunchy, sugary topping once cooked and turns their heads golden.

Pop your little muffins into the oven for around 25 minutes until golden, oozing caramel and cooked the whole way through.

Pile 'em up high, bring everyone round and snuggle in the warmth from the icy elements.
These naughty nibbles are never around for long!

Enjoy! xxx

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