Sunday, January 27

Sleepy Saturday

Last night another epic blizzard swirled around Leeds. In its wake, a mass of snow cloaked the streets once more and was quickly met with a mixture of groans and glee.
I, was not filled with glee, at all.
I usually love snow. Don't get me wrong it's stunning, romantic and incredible to ski on, but trudging through the mush and having fallen flat on my arse to the hoots of the drivers on the main road has dampened my love for it recently.
Nevertheless, on this sleepy Saturday the need to visit the estate agents beckoned down the road in Hyde Park- even though only a short walk, it's a journey that from your bed feels like the London Marathon.
My friend Jenny and I braved the weather to fill out our final forms so that our group could get our little pad for next year.
Now... We didn't walk all that long, dangerous trek down to Hyde Park for nothing and there just happened to conveniently by a cafe next door... How handy.

This little hideaway is 'LS6'; a quirky, bright and "soo alternative" little joint along the main road on Hyde Park corner in Leeds. With its mint green exterior, fluorescent outside seating and glossy posters plastering the windows, it would be a challenge to miss!

It was choca blocked early Saturday afternoon; full of hungover students searching for a hearty meal, romantic dates and emotional parents visiting their children.
Jenny and I thus decided to stump the original idea of buying a coffee... Instead it was time for a very early and cheeky lunch to treat ourselves, why not 'ey?

Crispy, warm and buttery croissants...Completely unbeatable when lathered in butter and jam!

 Jenny craved the "Royal Breakfast"- scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on a toasted New York bagel. I like her style!
I went for a buttery croissant and a hot chocolate with every topping possible. Lush.

Even though the food was great, Jenny managed to have half a packet of Oreos in her bag, time for a biscuit dunking competition! Twist, dunk and lick with one simple rule- don't let it break into your drink!

It actually just ended up us shoving biscuits in our faces!

You will be surprised how much fun you can have with a camera, biscuits and cream!
The atmosphere was buzzing, vibrant and alive as customers flowed in and out, full on warm, comforting food back into the baltic outside. Jenny and I ended up talking, laughing and gossipping for hours as we watched the passers by outside carrying sledges and wrapped up like the 'Michelin' man in layers!

We relaxed under the coloured, retro lamps and reclined in the red leather booths until our stomachs groaned.
But before we both headed back to do work which we had so easily been putting off all week, we decided to have a gander in the vintage boutique next door.

This wacky little shop has an array of old and new, weird and wacky and just plain interesting. Full of mirrors; old signs, children's toys and picture frames of the past, there is sure to be something that appeals to everyone.

I would absolutely murder to have this huge clock  on my bedroom wall as a massive statement. I reckon the ticking would get just a smidge annoying though, and at £115, it's just a bit over budget!

The shop itself is a bit pricey and not really based on a student budget. However, it is always brimming with people casting their eyes on the shops new little gems which change weekly. You can easily come and have a rummage through its shelves every week and find something new to put on your mantel piece!

Up the stairs was the vintage fashion rooms, full of old costume jewellery, stunning silk scarves and old fur coats. If you could play fancy dress in this shop you would be spoilt for choice with the bright greens and vintage attire.  

Mirror Mirror...

It's a stunning little shop full of worthy little 'Nicknack's'. Perfect if your searching for an interesting and individual birthday present for a friend, albeit a tad pricey at times.
It's worth going down to sift through their shelves every now and again though, so have a pop down if you have a spare 10 minutes. Unique jewellery and decorations like these are sometimes impossible to find again.

But sadly, the thought of having to head back and start working on Sudanese Civil War history became too much to ignore any more. Not a bad little Saturday at all, quiet and sleepy, but days cuddling in bed like this are sometimes all you need from the world.

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