Friday, January 4

The Journey Begins...

So I thought I'd keep the first post in my blogging journey 'short and sweet'!

For 2013 I thought that I would try something new. I based my NY's resolutions on putting myself more 'out there' and being a 'yes' person by trying things which I had always previously shot down... Not any more!!

Bit too much bubbly over Christmas and New Year!

So here is my resolutions for this year... fingers crossed I can stick with them longer than just January!

New Year...New Start...!

  • Be a 'yes' person and take on more opportunities.
  • Try new things/recipes instead of sticking in the comfort zone.
  • Healthy. Healthy. Healthy!! (Yes, even though continuously baking!)
  • Smile!!

Good Luck with all your resolutions too and 'Happy New Year'! Any one thought of any good ones??

Emily xx


  1. Good luck, having a blog was one of mine too.
    here is to us!!!

    1. Thank you! Love yours too, I just had a quick gander! Keep it up :) xxx


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