Wednesday, January 30

Vodka Revolution

This Monday was painful.
My seminars were highly complicated, draining and endless. Of course, this was never helped by the fact that we had the challenge of translating these wise words of wisdom from the voices of foreign lecturers in the first place...Just what you need to start the week!

So when this absolutely fabulous situation coincides with the freezing rain pelting in your face, lets just say that I was more than happy to get back to my flat for a 4 o'clock cuppa!

But, it isn't all doom and gloom and I did have one little treat to get me through the day...

I'm lucky enough to be part of the University hockey team- it's a fun, feisty club with a strong belief that social events are crucial for a club's success. Boy are they not wrong!
Tonight it was time for us to let our hair down, grab a couple of cocktails and do a bit of team bonding.
Our captain booked a table for us down at Vodka Revolution, a sophisticated, atmospheric bar and restaurant right outside the city hall.

I headed down with my friend Eliza to explore the scenery a bit, pull up some chairs at the bar and try some cocktails!
On a Monday it's a special night with 50% food and drinks- needless to say it was heaving and the atmosphere was electric as everyone greedily stuffed their faces full of mouthwatering burgers and wraps.

Not being one to turn down a good cocktail or two... Eliza and I decided to just go for it.
First, I went for the 'Strawberry Nojita'- "Crushed Strawberries, fresh mint leaves, lime juice, ice and soda"
Refreshing, Simple and Light... Perfect!

I think you can tell I was a little bit chuffed with it! It's quite a summery drink, yet it hit the spot perfectly.
Eliza went for a cheeky 'Blue Virgin'- with crushed blueberries and lime.... Scrumptious!
But sadly... They are never bottomless drinks that could magically refill after your guzzling; and with the arrival of the other members of the team, we quickly grabbed another before finding table.
"Shake it like a Polaroid picture..."
 The staff even let us mix our own drinks! This is something that I have always dreamt of doing, a proper cocktail masterclass... Those skills might come in very useful every now and again!
The Cranberry Fizz- Simple, fruity and elegant.
This time, there was no excuse to be non-alcoholic. It was far too tempting to resist their cocktail menu. Eliza chose the "Cranberry Fizz"- Raspberry vodka (hand shaken..!) with Cointreau orange liqueur, fresh lime and cranberry juice. 

However, it would be me that ends up with a cocktail based on 'tea blended vodka', (I swear I have an unhealthy addiction to tea!)
This little beauty was my "Wildflower Martini"- Absolut Wild Tea vodka blended with elderflower, apple and lime. This was by far my favourite cocktail; it was so light and refreshing that your palette always craved another tiny sip.

So simple, elegant, classy and refreshing... Needless to say it didn't last long either!
 But, by George did we need some food quickly! I'd purposefully saved myself all day so that I could devour one of their epic burgers in record timing. I had heard the rumours which circulated on the down low around uni, these Vodka burgers were not to be messed with.
I've been a little naughty lately with all these cakes and treats, so I decided to try their new special- "The Skinny Burger". This is part of their new Saints vs. Sinners menu- seriously, if calories are not an option, I plea with you to try their Sinners Burger which looks even more impressive!
At only 350 calories, it's a serious winner and I never looked back. These sweet potato wedges were soft, flavoursome and a million times better than chips! The fact that they held more flavour and were less salty not only helped on the calories, but the whack of taste. Delicious!

This was probably one of the best burgers I have had in a long time. This 6oz lean burger was seductively balanced in a sesame toasted bun with tomato, lettuce, gherkin and their homemade Revolution Vodka salsa. Go and combine this with the sweet potato wedges and I was in heaven.

Talking stopped, the table was silent and the only sounds were that of satisfied munching. Part of the allure was the fact that the delicious food that I was eating was actually healthy in relation to generally 'eating out'.
The team's choices varied from prime rump steaks, hoi-sin duck wraps and even Vodka pizzas; I think the lack of natter said it all!
But how could we say no to 'Round 2' with Chocolate Brownies.....!?
Lets just say that they didn't last long at all, especially with the fudge sauce just to step it up that extra notch!

I'd recommend heading down to Vodka Revolution, especially if your in a big group or fancy some cheeky cocktails for a girls night out. It's a relatively small chain across the UK and has a couple of little boutiques, but it is for sure famous in Leeds on the student grape vine.

 So are you a Saint? Or are you a Sinner...?

Vodka Revolution, Call Lane, Leeds.


  1. NO WAY!!!! What an amazing evening! I had no idea that vodka revs does food, I know right where I'm headed next term :) Those burgers looks sinfully delicious, I hope it's still happening come September x x x

    1. I hope it is! It's my go to for only 350 calories! WINNING! xx


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