Tuesday, February 5

A Cake for a Caveman

On Sunday it was my friend Steve's 19th Birthday.
We were all given one simple message by the birthday boy, "I just don't want a big fuss".
Now, I'm not one to let a birthday go amiss, especially without a cake!
Everyone needs a birthday cake; whether it be a single cupcake, a  huge princess tower cake or even the legendary Colin the Caterpillar cake... You can never have a birthday without a cake!
Just no.
So I woke up early Sunday morning and prepared this little beauty.
It's a very light, simple and relatively healthy bake on the overall cake scale.

This is my heavenly, ultra light "Orange Victoria Sandwich"!

This fluffy, citrus sponge melts in your mouth and it's freshness leaves your palette craving more. It's lightness makes it lethal, addictive and moreish. I defy anyone who doesn't finish their first piece with the inevitable, "...Hmm...Maybe one more slice..."
Perfect for a boy avoiding chocolate and wanting something a bit more adventurous than the traditional Victoria sandwich!

To make your own you will need:

(For the sponge)
- 225g butter
- 225g caster sugar
- 2tsp orange zest
- 4 eggs
- 225g self-raising flour
- 2 tsp baking powder

(For the butter cream)
- 125g butter
- 15ml orange juice
- 150g icing sugar
- 1tsp orange zest

(For the glaze)
- 200g icing sugar
- 30ml orange juice

To prepare your tins, draw around the bottoms on some baking parchment with a pencil. Cut out these circles, and place them inside the tins once you have greased their insides.
Preheat your oven to 180C/ 170C fan.

Pop all your ingredients for the sponge in a bowl and beat well until combined, light and fluffy; stop in between and scrape down all the sides with a spatula to help.

Evenly divide your batter between your two tins and using a spatula, spread evenly in each tin.

There is nothing wrong with sneaking a couple of mouthfuls of batter... Not going to lie, it's delicious. Whip out a spoonful while no one is looking!

Pop this into the oven for 20-25 minutes. To check they are ready, use a cake tester/skewer/cocktail stick to make sure they comes out clean once inserted. The tops should be a luscious golden and spring back at the touch. Use a knife or the skewer to just run around the edges if needed to separate from the sides. Leave these to cool completely and appreciate the insanely good smell of fresh cake...
"...Mmm cake..."

While these are cooling, its time to make the butter cream!
Grate the zest of one large orange (You will  need 1 tsp for the cream and the rest to decorate).

Pop the icing sugar, butter and zest into a bowl and mix until relatively stiff; ( it's not a good idea to have a runny butter cream as the top will just slide about).

Choose the cake with the best top and place the other top down on your serving plate. Add your tangy butter cream to the bottom of this cake and sandwich the other one top.

Now you could easily leave the cake like this and dust some icing sugar on top, but if you want that extra citrus tang, you can whip up this glaze.
Add your icing sugar and orange juice to a bowl and mix until well combined. I chose a fairly thick glaze as it stops the horrific situation where you are helpless to the glaze running completely off the cake.

Pour on top and let it trickle down the sides. Add some orange zest on top for a bit of decoration.

Finished!! Now time to help the Caveman celebrate!!

One thing we learnt, you are never too old for balloons, candles, cake and a big birthday badge!
The slightly scary Caveman wielding a knife...

The cake quickly got demolished after many cries of "Hmm, why not, one more!"
Now, were students, we couldn't let Steve have a birthday without shots!
But... budget issues and fridge emptiness left us stuck with value diet lemonade instead of vodka...
Classy stuff!

Having way too much fun with balloons for sure...!!

I think Steve overall liked the "surprise" mini party.
Friendly banter, a lot of cake and some rather inappropriate innuendos about balloons filled the night for hours on end...
It wasn't a bad Sunday at all!



  1. What a fantastic birthday cake! I'm sure Steve was thrilled with it :) You are going to have tons of friends on campus if you keep cranking out fabulous baked goods like this!!!

    1. Thank you, very kind words! Steve did love the cake, except he was suffering from a bit of a food coma afterwards...Well worth it though!


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