Monday, February 18

A Valentines Birthday Blog

So is there anything different in my life I hear you ask?
Did I get a new haircut?... No.
Treat myself to a new dress?... (Sadly) No.
Or even win millions on a bingo ticket and migrate to the Maldives?... Definitely no.
Even though  I would gladly welcome all of these things with a big, beaming smile, I actually had a bit of a different Valentines Day compared to your 'Average Joe'.

Instead.... Thursday 14th February was in fact...(Dum dum durrrrr!!).. My 19th birthday. (Woooo!!)

I had a cracking start to the day, snuggled in bed without a care in the world, (and slightly nursing a hangover thanks to my lovely hockey chums, who decided to start celebrations at 12am exactly the night before!)
Most of my friends had lectures all morning, so I simply snuggled; had a mini pampering session, and spoke to the family before hitting the kitchen!
Valentines cookies and strawberry cupcakes were on the menu, so I was more than happy to spend most of my morning doing a hobby I love.

Recipes for both these crunchy biscuits and the strawberry cupcakes up soon!

Yet the peak of the day was still to come as I skipped down to the train station. I stood under the enormous electronic timetable, squeezed among crowds of eager lovers who waited with roses for their valentines to arrive.
Finally I broke into a sprint, ran and threw my legs around my guest as I jumped for joy.
This was no lover I was leaping onto, (although I'm sure our reaction helped convince spectators around us of this!)

Say hello to Pip, one of my best buddies down from Liverpool University especially for my birthday night out. What a babe!

So Flick, Binns, Jenny, Pip and I headed down the road to Vodka Rev's for some cracking food and cheap cocktails before our big night out.

Free Porn Star cocktails or Passion fruit Bellini's is always a cracking way to begin the night! Valentines cocktails, a bargain burger and some good laughs. Seemed like a charming, civilised way to spend the evening... Well, until it was time to head out in Leeds!

Jenny, Pip and I; all old school friends finding some quality catch up time!
Even though I love trying new things, I simply could not resist the same choice as before. Think I'm a tad hooked on the Skinny Burger! Oh well, I'm not complaining!

Having wolfed every last bite, we headed back to our flat to get ready for a special Valentines night out.
But before I could even swipe my key through the door, I was kidnapped and whisked away to our friends tower block as I found this little gem waiting for me...

I think this is a subtle hint by the friends that my obsession needs addressing! 
Yep, that's right. My epically awesome (and very sneaky!) friends had gone and created a 'Bake Off' for me! Even if they had never baked a cake before, here was their chance to impress me.
I had to look out for soggy bottoms, judge the flavours and creative design before deciding a winner.

Such a sweet idea by some very caring friends! Plus it meant we were more than swamped with delicious cakes! Big, big thank you to them all! I literally had no idea what so ever and nearly cried at the surprise of it!

So after demolishing all 5 huge cakes and declaring the coffee cake as the winner, (well done Emma, it was a cracking bake!), it was finally time to get ready and get drinking!

Got to love drinking games...!

My phone suddenly buzzed and shortly after another cracking surprise arrived as Briony, down from Manchester Uni, decided to join the old school reunion and come out in Leeds. Valentines night was going to be a belter!
We ended up staying in our halls for a while, playing some card games and finally we headed out to Tequila. A rowdy, student night right in the centre of Leeds at the Mezz club on a Thursday. Here we knew we would find endless dancing, free tequila and a good Valentines buzz!

Group merry hug! Briony, Pip and me!

We danced well into the early hours of the morning before heading back for the classic birthday cake post night-out snack!
Doing it classy as always!

The next morning, we were feeling fresh. Drained of energy, it was time for Nutella and bananas on toast to wake us up and drown out the tequila hangover.
Briony, Pip and I dozed, showered and packed our bags before leaving my halls for town.
We didn't have long, yet I thought I would show them the city centre, head into a few shops; and all in the big, beaming sun!

But before long, it was time to leave Leeds.
We trundled our bags down to the train station where we met Jenny, picked up our tickets and nibbled on a well needed McDonalds as we waited for each of our trains.
Yet, the school reunion could not last forever. After both being smothered with hugs and well wishes, we said goodbye as Briony headed back home to Manchester and Pip to Liverpool.

But what of Jenny and I, I hear you cry? Where are we heading?

This weekend truly was something to have looked forward to. After having an epic week, it was finally time to escape to the country and head home to Rutland for the weekend.

Bring on the hunters, sheep and the Aga!


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