Tuesday, February 12

Betty's of Harrogate

Since I have been up north, busy in Leeds for a few weeks, it has been a while since I've seen my family.
Even though the Skype sessions every Sunday help to fill the void, let's face it, there is nothing like a motherly hug!
My Dad had been lucky enough to fly to Dublin to watch England trounce Ireland in the Six Nations rugby, (highly jealous!), so this seemed like the perfect time to have a mother-daughter catch up!
The good thing about Leeds is that it is the focus within a little triangle between Harrogate and York. Each are only a short distance away and make a perfect outing to get out of the city air.
A perfect, quick escape for a country girl!

After lots of frantic hugs and quick catch ups; we left the Leeds city fumes behind us for some idyllic peace and quiet.
The weather was quite frankly, horrific. But, being British through and thorough, we simply donned the Barbours, boots and brollies as we headed over to Harrogate.

We knew that we had one compulsory mission for our day, you really cannot travel to Harrogate without visiting Betty's!
This absolute classic is worldwide famous for its tea room and bakery, perfect for a lazy Sunday brunch on a dreary day!

Betty's is a bit like the 'Fortnum and Mason' of the north, you seriously need to stop by for a few china filled cups of their fine English Breakfast tea.

The lovely mother dearest!

Since we had not had any breakfast, by 12 o'clock, we were ravenous. Watching all the scrummy food being delivered around us and the cake trolley trundling by did not help this at all.
Time for a truly epic brunch to silence the grumbling!

Both Mum and I decided the only way to go was a full English Breakfast, all locally produced and cooked to perfection. So simple, yet probably one of the best brunches that I have ever had!
Stomachs growling and mouths watering, we brandished out cutlery ready to dig in...
Then we got this little surprise!

Freshly hot buttered toast, delicately placed in tiny fingers on a silver cake stand.
Such a classic touch and very twee!

After having eaten more than our stomachs could take, we drained the last of the tea pots before saying goodbye to the gorgeous, little tea room in search of their shop.

Betty's in Harrogate features the restaurant, an espresso bar and also this little gem round the corner. I felt like a child in a sweet shop, desperate to press its nose up to the cabinets and rummage in the huge, glass sweet jars! The smell inside is incredible; freshly baked breads, coffee from round the corner and the daily supply of scones and cakes.
If someone could bottle it up and make a perfume/air freshener, I would be eternally grateful!

With toasted tea cakes the size of your face, freshly made croissants, and of course, their famous "Fat Rascals", I was in utter, sweet bliss.

These are "Fat Rascals", a classic created in Yorkshire itself! Even though it is seen as a biscuit, in reality it tastes similar to a scone, except that it is bursting with currants; candied peel, almonds and cherries. Made famous by Betty's itself, I urge you to pick one up if passing by!
Warm them up in the microwave, lather with butter and it won't just be the butter which is melting!
A serious new favourite which I'll have a crack at soon when I find a recipe, I'm addicted!

Betty's even features its own takeaway coffee bar! Perfect for a lazy Sunday as you pop into town to buy the Sunday newspaper . Just quickly nip into Betty's to pick up croissants, breads and coffee being slumping back for a lazy day in bed! Perfect!

Anyone who knows me can easily tell you that I'm utterly obsessed with macaroons. Every time we visit Paris or London, a trip to LadurĂ©e is compulsory. 
Sadly, places in Yorkshire which sell scrumptious macaroons are few so I took the opportunity to stock up while I could!
(That's my afternoon tea treat sorted for a week!)

Finally, Mum managed to drag me out into the miserable rain to have a wander around Harrogate. We popped into a couple of cute little boutique stores and wandered around the winding cobbled streets.

Harrogate is a gorgeous little town which is very residential and crammed full of little tea shops and cafes. If we enjoyed it in the downpour, then I'm sure when we next visit, (hopefully in the sun!) it still will not fail to impress!

But alas, we couldn't stay forever and it wasn't long until we got back into the car to return to the city air. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon cuddled up in the warmth of my bed, sipping on cups of steaming tea while we watched England win the rugby (WOOOOO!!!).
Even though I only got to see my Mum for a few hours, it isn't half comforting to see such a familiar face and have a motherly hug!

I also just happened to find these left behind...
What a sneaky, cheeky but always lovely Mother!!


  1. What a lovely post! It has been many years since my last visit to the UK. I miss your lovely country. Next time I make the trip, Betty's will be on my list of must-see places.

  2. Glad you like it! I would definitely recommend it if you are passing by, especially picking up one or two of their delicious Fat Rascals!

  3. Great posts, and Betty's tea room looks lovely! I saw a clip of it on TV recently and my boyfriend has promised to take me there this summer :) I'm even more excited now after reading this. :) x

    1. Thanks Flora! I can't recommend it enough, I even went back last week when my parents visited- their avocado and prawns on toast is bliss too! x


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