Tuesday, February 26

Double Chocolate 'Zebra' Bars

If you have currently given up chocolate for Lent, then I apologise!
You are about to curse and cuss repeatedly about my next post...until Easter Sunday at least!
For my hockey match this week, I was the "sweetie fresher"; given one simple command.
"Energy. Indulgent. Chocolate."
Safe to say, I like my teams style!
Instantly one recipe from my whopping sized cook book sprung to mind.
A tray bake so devilish that I have been known on several occasions to eat a whole batch...by myself.
(Que Bridget Jones style Ben and Jerry's/Pyjama scene)

Let me introduce you to my little friend...

Hello... "Double Chocolate Zebra Bars"!

You can thank me after your tenth wedge...

Chocolate overload. Crumbly biscuit base. Soft sweet marshmallows. Plus, a cheeky little surprise hidden within each indulgent square.
Faultless comfort food!
This may look like Rocky Road. But that would be an insult.
Zebra Bars are the 'Creme de la Creme' of rocky roads; the alphas of biscuit world and the fiend the chocolate devil himself if scared of.
As far as I'm concerned, they deserve a shrine!

They are not only completely delicious, but can be whipped up in minimal time and effort in such a simplistic way that 5 year olds to 90 year olds could whack out a batch blind folded.
Perfect for students like myself too; you do not need an oven and the ingredients are pretty cheap and easy to get a hold of.

To treat yourself and your friends you will need:
- 125g butter
- 500g plain/milk chocolate
- 100g white chocolate
- 3 x 15ml of golden syrup
- 200g marshmallows (mini ones or bigger ones chopped up)
- You need around 200-300g of biscuits. For this batch I chose; chocolate hobnobs, rich tea biscuits and double chocolate digestives as they are what we had lying around in the cupboard. I've even used bourbon biscuits in the past too and they turned out great!
- Now for the secret ingredient... I decided to be cheeky. Time to bash up and tip in about 2-3 packs of Maltesers and 2 packs of Minstrels; just for that extra crunch and texture. Naughty.

Be creative!! The prime reason why this recipe is incredible is because it is so malleable and can be adapted to which ever chocolate treats you find in the local corner shop or at the bottom of your cupboard!

Line a baking/roasting tray with baking parchment before popping a large heavy based saucepan on a low heat. Add 300g of your plain/milk chocolate, the butter and your golden syrup.
Stir regularly to help the mix melt completely; make sure though that your heat isn't too high as otherwise the chocolate will burn at the bottom.

After a couple of minutes you will have a smooth, velvety syrup. In a bowl/plastic bag; use a rolling pin to bash up all your biscuits, Maltesers and Minstrels. Try to avoid annihilating them.
You want some substantial chunks to keep that crunch whilst avoiding just a bowl of powdery crumbles. 

Take your syrup off the heat and pour in your biscuits. Stir well and lather every ounce with the chocolate liquid.

If like me you couldn't find mini marshmallows in your local store, chop up some big ones into manageable chunks before adding to the pan.

Tip all of your saucepan mixture into your lined baking tray and using the back on your spoon; spread your biscuit mix evenly and compress down to mould it together.
Pop this into the fridge for a few hours or overnight. (I was impatient after a while and gave it a quick blast in the freezer... My bad!)

Once it is completely set; melt the remaining 200g of your milk chocolate in the microwave. Tip this over your frozen delight and spread evenly to the far corners to cover the whole tray.
In a separate bowl, melt your 100g of white chocolate.
Using a spoon, gently drizzle your melted white chocolate in lines over the milk chocolate until it is all used.
Pop this back into the fridge for an hour or two.

This stripey pattern is where the name 'Zebra Bars' comes from.
During a bright, sunny Saturday in July, I was helping on a stand at my village fete selling different cakes and bakes. I can still remember selling a slice of my own creation to an adorable little girl who giggled and screamed with delight; "It's just like Zebra skin!! I LOVE ZEBRAS!"
I found this not only incredibly cute but also just a little bit hilarious; especially as she started to pretend to gallop around the giant tent pretending to be a zebra. The name stuck, and now thanks to the little poppet with pigtails; they became famous among my family and friends.

When you finally give up the tortorous wait; take them out of the fridge and gently lift onto a chopping board. Try to cut them up with a huge knife, you might have a couple of angular, oddly shaped wedges where the chocolate breaks but this is just part of its charm.

I spent the afternoon snuggled in my bed, craddling a big, frothy hot chocolate to dunk a few of these beautiful slices into and watching Bridget Jones... Yes. It was an incredible day.
I hope you all have fun indulging, you lucky, lucky things...Promise to save me a bite?

(Also, sorry to all those on a diet or resisting chocolate for Lent; it was just too good a treat for me to not share!)


  1. omg these look awesome! They are most definitely going on my to-do list

    Francesca xo


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