Tuesday, February 19

Escape to the Country, Day 1

You will be surprised what you miss from home when you go to university.
The popular lines usually feature comfy beds, heating and eating food that isn't out of an instant noodle packet. Two of these I dearly miss, (I do attempt to settle the food comfort cravings a smidge..!)

With my weekend bag packed hours in advance, I spent the whole train journey fidgeting; convinced that I could already smell my Mum's succulent roast beef simmering away in the Aga.

So which things did I especially miss from home? My double bed, (silly uni single beds are a nightmare)...the power shower is high up on the list too....but this little treasure did get a strong look in.

I found her in the kitchen, with a right sultry look across her face. Such a tart!

After snuggling down with a cup of tea on the sofa,  catching up with the family and opening some belated birthday cards; I headed off to my room... (FOR A DOUBLE BED?!), before a busy next day.

As we were up bright and early for the sun rise, we thought that we would take advantage of the February skies by taking Maisie for a country walk.

 Don't get me wrong, I love living in Leeds to bits... but oh my, how I miss strolling through the muddy fields in Hunters, trying to dodge the rowdy sheep as you go. There is something so therapeutic about the countryside, and even though the semester is incredible; everyone needs a weekend out for some perspective, a bit of TLC and home lovin'.

A good retrieving Labrador?


So after a casual stroll through the fields to clear the city air out of my lungs; we quickly nibbled on some toast before driving over to Cambridge for the day.

I absolutely love this city, and considering my location; I find it is the best shopping destination around.
Classy cobbled streets, cute little cafes and a vibrant market in the centre always ensure a lively atmosphere amongst the stunning buildings.

I had a quick gander around the market place to see what was new on the stalls. They always have the classic fruit and veg, but you do find a couple of new gems with every visit.

We only quickly popped into Cambridge to catch up with some family friends for the day; so I promise that I will give you a better blog soon. I know a few nice little places here too good to not share! Knowing me I will be back ASAP as, admittedly, I'm a little bit in love.

The family we were visiting has a daughter studying at the university, so we managed to get a quick tour around as we walked back to her college.
After a good 15 minutes of shuffling and weaving, we finally managed to make our way through the swarms of tourists around King's College.

 But of course, I couldn't give you a taste tester of Cambridge without teasing you with some punting now could I?!
Better get ready for my next post.... Emily attempting to punt, Emily thinking she is succeeding.... Emily falling in.
Stay tuned for that little episode!

 All in all, it was nice to see some different scenery from the daily repeats. Not a bad first day at all, if not a little tiring. But home cooked food and my cosy bed are definitely having a positive effect!

Tomorrow is going to be a cracker!


  1. that looks lovely! i love the countryside, it's perfect to relax and just enjoy yourself... and those sunrise pictures are amazing, it seems like you had a great time! :)

  2. Glad you like it! Can't recommend the English countryside enough, just love living in the heart of it :)


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