Friday, March 1

A Little Hangover Cure

Last night I had my weekly hockey social for my university team. These are always the highlight of my week; giggling girls, wreckless dancing and inevitably a good story or two to tell the morning after.
Dressing up in fancy dress every week and looking like a fool is part of the charm, but it is easy to laugh it off when you are all in the same boat and embracing it.
Needless to say, in true uni style... it was a heavy night and I woke up this morning a little bit worse for wear!
Time for an epic hangover cure to settle that stomach and brighten you up a bit!

Yep. You are seeing what you think you are seeing. This is far from an illusion.
Piping hot, buttery, and sweet.

Hangover Cure No.1...
Cinnamon French Toast with Blackberries and Honey drizzle....

This dish is up along side the full English in terms of hangover cures. It's sweet; crispy on the outside, but oh so soft and fluffy within!
Plus, minimal effort and time required. You can quickly shuffle back to bed, succumb to your duvet covers and cradle your piping hot plate of nectar in only 10 minutes

Simply, whisk one egg, a good splash of milk and 1-2 tsp of ground cinnamon in a bowl.

Slice up a couple of thick, chunky pieces of bread/ brioche and pop them into the milk bowl to soak for about 2-3 minutes on either side.

 Place your frying pan on a medium heat and add a good knob of butter. Once it has melted and the pan is ready, pop in your bread. Cook on either side until golden brown and piping hot.

Whilst it is cooking... Mush up some blackberries, (or any other fruit that you fancy) into a bowl, then add a good drizzle of honey.
Flip out the bread, cut into half and plate up. Lather your sweet, cinnamon feast with your blackberries, drizzle with a good layer of honey and sprinkle with icing sugar if you prefer.

All of this simply done in under 10 minutes...Finally time to get eating!
The recipe is pretty flexible too, you could leave out the cinnamon and add vanilla extract instead. Or even try my personal favourite; smother your toast with Nutella and top with warmed bananas! Lush!

Just a little pick me up to drown away that hangover.
Now time to crawl back into bed, collapse and recover until next week's social..... Zzzzzzzzzz.

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