Friday, March 22

Amsterdam, Day 2

Last night was... Heavy, hard, and incredible. The perfect way to begin our 3 day Amsterdam stint! However, when our alarm buzzed at 10am; groans, moans, and grumbles were felt by all. The idea of leaving our snugly bed with a throbbing head and stomach of cheap wine was not appealing, at all. Nevertheless, we wanted to go sightseeing!
Today was the only day where rain/snow was not forecast and so there was only one option; time to join the crazy locals and get peddling!

Of course, we went for the brightest bikes possible; standard black was savoured only for the locals. Plus the fact that there is absolutely no rules or right of way whatsoever meant that being highly visible was probably a necessity!
So off we set, (with no map or knowledge at all of the city), to see what we could find.
This was a great tactic... Guess who found a bike park!

The beautiful Immy with her funky bike!

Needless to say, our inner child decided to wriggle itself free and soon we were giggling and acting like world class BMX riders. (A girl can dream!?)
Before long, we found some locals who could easily direct us; albeit laughing at the bemused and childish foreigners who were lost within the first 20 minutes.

The 'IAMSTERDAM' sign is a classic to visit. Luckily Flick and Immy was nimble enough to climb up; I decided to save myself the embarrassment of an epic fail and stuck low down!

Nevertheless, we could not spend all day climbing around on the giant tin letters as the competition for the 'D' and 'E' was getting fierce. You will be surprised how aggressive some foreign tourists become in search of that perfect holiday snap!
Alas, we set off once again on our bikes down the canal lined avenues and over endless bridges, with no idea whatsoever where we might end up.

I found the most incredible patisserie; full of cakes, macaroons, meringues and chocolates. How could we not resist treating ourselves to a little nibble here and there?!

My naughty little treat for the journey home- not sure they will last that long though!
We spent hours cycling around this crazy city. The quietness struck us once again as we could hear birds singing. (Since when have you ever been in central London and heard a bird singing!?) So we cycled, had a few near death experiences with trams, other bikes, and crazed Dutch, and finally found Vondelpark where we could rest our tired legs and admire the view.

Vondelpark is charming, it is a bit like the Regents Park of Amsterdam; full of statues, families, ducks, and cyclists. Sadly our time being devils on the bikes had to come to an end; I managed in a few hours only 10 attempts on my life and considering Amsterdam's high cyclist death rate, I'm considering that a victory.
Nevertheless, it was time to head back to the hotel; tonight it was time for the Ultimate Bar Crawl- Amsterdam style!

Donned in our snazzy t-shirts; we left the hotel with absolutely no idea what to expect. All we knew was that there was 5 bars, free drinks, and the promise of a good night. What's not to love?!

As you can see from the photos, (which really do not do it justice); we had a cracking night! The catch phrase "Amster-Damage" even emerged after multiple jagerbombs, wine, and tequila shots were nailed. Finally, we collapsed in our beds in the early hours, still high on the Amsterdam vibes, but greatly needing a pillow and duvet.
None of us were particularly looking forward to the next morning, we had a feeling we were going to have bunch of very painful heads; but tomorrow was our final day in Dam.
One last chance to go hard before we go home... Tomorrow should be incredible!

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