Saturday, March 23

Amsterdam, Day 3

So today was our last day in Amsterdam.
Groggy from the epic bar crawl the night before, we did not let this dampen our mood.
Today, it was time to hit Amsterdam hard for the final 24 hours before collapsing on the long bus ride home.
Of course, we could not do this on an empty stomach and set out for the local cuisine.
Time for (Dutch) pancakes!

Down the road from our hotel we managed to find a cute, cosy, cafe/bar which looked out onto the nearest canal. It was full of old photography and parts of aged machinery on the walls; it was a bit barmy, but interesting to gaze at while we waited eagerly for our delicious dutch creations.

Emma and I recovering with caffeine and orange juice! Best hangover cure possible!

Finally they arrived!
Smothered in chocolate, bananas, syrup and apples.
Immy could not wait to dig in either!

Sweet, flavoursome, and perfect to hit that spot after a hangover. The Dutch do pancakes justice, I will grant them that!

The bar decor was pretty funky too, they managed to collect notes from all around the world.
(Glad to see that our British £10 note was given pride of place right at the front!)

Emma, Immy, and Flick- full on pancakes and ready to get lost once again in Dam!

Once again we set off, resigned with the fact that we would probably get lost again, but looking forward to the adventure!
We found nearby Stach; with noses pressed against the window and the luscious smell of freshly baked goods, we could not resist venturing inside.

Even though we were still full on pancakes; the smell tempted us in like the pied piper. Freshly baked breads, muffins, croissants and buns filled the tiny cafe with the most incredible, tasty aroma.
The staff even created fresh sandwiches right in front of your eyes and to your tasting; for only 3.50 euros, it was an absolute bargain!

Now (worryingly) full on a ridiculous amount of yummy carbs, we headed off to be cheesy tourists and sight see what we could.

After walking for hours on end, visiting endless canals, and buying multiple cheeky postcards for home, we collapsed back at the hotel.
But sore feet and tiredness could not stop us on our final night. Sadly I can not show you many photos of our last night as we decided to visit the red light district; a scary place that opens your eyes, but a must see in Amsterdam! Obviously the ladies of the night were a bit angry if even any photos of the area were taken, let alone of them, and so I have nought.
The canal lined street was lit only with the shimmering light of red lanterns and fluorescent advertising signs in the windows, but it was not as terrifying as I thought. The majority of people there were tourists like ourselves just passing through with giggles, amazement, and smiles.

We had a pretty calm night knowing that we had a 17 hour journey back to Leeds in the morning; but we were kept entertained nevertheless by some drunken American marines!
Waking bright and early on a sunny Amsterdam morning, we packed our final bits and pieces before popping back over to Stach to buy a sandwich for the bus, (yes we loved them that much!)
Stocked up on foreign biscuits to last us for months, sandwiches for the journey, and a severe need to sleep for hours, we all boarded the bus for the trek home.

Amsterdam proved to be a weekend we will never forget. We were by no means the wildest of tourists ever to visit this crazy city, but we didn't half do it well in our eyes!
I'm bloomin' glad that I made this last minute decision to tag along on this tour, it wasn't half the perfect end to an incredible university semester.
But my god it was time to head home! A perfect cup of tea, power shower, and comfy bed were calling to me.

Time to head back to the sheep, fields, and classic country life in the shire!

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  1. Great post, you brought back memories. I went to Amsterdam with school friends back in 1995!
    I need to go back.


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