Friday, March 29

Easter Rocky Road

When Easter comes knocking every year at our little cottage; two charming recipes are drained of life to sooth our Easter-y cravings.
There is of course the Easter classic- scummy, cinnamony hot cross buns (I'll pop these up on the blog tomorrow); and then there are these little devils.
Just imagine all of the Easter chocolates which swarm the shops; the classic Mini Eggs, Cream Eggs, Caramel eggs...*Drool...*
Well now imagine these, all crunched and coated in even more chocolate and layered in a rocky road base.
Hell yes.
They are quite similar to my Zebra Bars (an all year round indulgence!); but these are a special Easter treat after those long, impossible Lent resolutions.

I can not stress how easy these are to make- It's child's play! Perfect for getting the little poppets baking over the Easter weekend, or like me, eating them all for myself with a cup of tea!

To make your own, you will need:
- 125g butter
- 75g golden syrup
- 400g white chocolate, broken up
- 200g mini marshmallows
- 200g Maltesers
- 2 large packs of Mini Eggs
- 1 large pack of Mini Cream Eggs
- Around 250-300g Rice Crispies
- 200g Milk Chocolate

Melt your butter, chocolate, and golden syrup in a large heavy based saucepan on a low heat. Stir regularly until it resembles a molten, silky, scrummy nectar!
Remove from the heat before adding your mini marshmallows and Rice Crispies. These need to absorb the majority of the molten liquid so that it will hold together in the tray.

Half your mini Cream Eggs/Caramel Eggs with a knife, you might want to buy two packs as I found that mysteriously half of them disappeared....

Using a heavy object (e.g rolling pin/bottle) roughly crush your Maltesers in the bag.
Tip these, 1 1/2 packs of the Mini Eggs, and the halved eggs all into the saucepan.
Combine it all together with a wooden spoon and have a taste (just to make sure it isn't poisonous or anything!)

Scrape out your saucepan into a lined baking tray; flatten with the back of your spoon, and pop into the fridge overnight or instead in the freezer for a quick blast.

Once hardened and sturdy; break up 200g of good quality milk chocolate into a bowl and melt in the microwave. You might need to do this in stages by stirring in between so the chocolate does not burn.

Tip this over the hardened rocky road and spread to the far corners. In a separate bowl, repeat with 100g of good quality white chocolate (you really can taste the difference!).

Using a spoon, gently drizzle the white chocolate over the molten milk into zig zag lines.
Bash up the other half of the Mini Eggs with a rolling pin and sprinkle on top for decoration.

Slide your Easter creation back into the fridge/freezer until the chocolate has set completely. When it is finally ready to be devoured, in large qualities of course, slice it into large chunks and serve with a steaming cup of tea. 

Have a good Easter everyone! Hope you have fun munching on these creamy, crunchy, crumbly bad boys!



  1. nice the yellow mini chicken

    1. Haha thank you! You will be surprised what you can find if you rummage around!

  2. Great idea for all my easter eggs!


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