Wednesday, March 27

Fine Foods

If anyone has been lucky enough to be abroad this week, you might be completely oblivious to the ridiculous weather cock up that has been destroying the UK.
I have come home this week to blizzards, hail storms, and up to 4 ft of snow on my door step. Needless to say, when we could finally escape our tiny village after a few days, my parents and I were craving a cracking cup of coffee and delicious comfort food.
I live close to Stamford, a charming little town in Lincolnshire, and recently voted by the Guardian as the "Best Place to Live in the UK". I definitely do not disagree with this! It is a delightful cobbled town full of ancient stone churches and traditional British features; but most important, it is crammed with incredible cafes and restaurants!

Fine Foods, (or Jenny's as we most commonly know it), is one of my family's favourite spots.
Light, airy, and always a delicious aroma of freshly ground coffee in the air; it was time to treat ourselves to brunch!

Quotes are delicately written across each of the walls, this little nugget of knowledge from Miss Piggy is my favourite!

Nothing better on a Sunday to have a rummage through the Sunday Times and the local Mercury while we waited eagerly to settle our rumbling stomachs!

Typical me! I went for my utter favourite, scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on freshly toasted, local granary bread. I would happily opt for this as my last meal on Earth!
Creamy scrambled eggs, smoky Scottish salmon, and hot, buttery toast.
Utter, utter, bliss!

Dad (as always!) plumped for the full English breakfast; all locally produced and sourced.
Mum went for her favourite, eggy crumpets with bacon and berries.
Needless to say, there was not much talking going on... Just a lot of munching!

Obviously as we came for brunch it was a bit early for us to dig into cake, (despite my pleas to the parents); but I could not miss showing you their freshly baked treats. 
With everything from cookies, croissants, and courgette cake; Fine Foods easily manages to find a perfect treat for every type of taste bud.
One of my favourites is their toasted teacakes which they buy from the local bakers Askers; these emerge piping hot from the grill, ready to be lathered in butter and jam.
What I've failed to mention is that these tea cakes are the size of your face! INCREDIBLE!

Fine Foods is a sneaky secret kept by the locals for their own gain, (we love it too much to share this little gem with others! We want the seats for ourselves!).
If you fancy a nibble, I can not recommend it enough, you will probably see me in there to be honest!
Perfect for a skinny or indulgent brunch, a piece of scrumptious cake, or even a face sized tea cake.

Pop in and have a bite, I have a feeling your visit will be just as quite as mine was; (...but only until every last bite is scraped off the plate!)

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