Wednesday, March 13

Flick's Birthday Night

My Chocolate Malteser Cake with finished with a flare, hidden away from Flick, and ready to surprise her!
Today, it was her 19th birthday and in true student style; we all scrimped together to afford a delicious evening meal to celebrate.
Down the road from our halls is the area of Headingley, a buzzing, vibrant student area with cafes and restaurants a plenty.
We found a firm favourite with the local Leeds rugby lads at the Arc; a quirky, bright restaurant located just off the high street.

It was fairly quiet for dinner since it was midweek; which was actually a lot better as we weren't shouting above rowdy rugby men or loud music.
Instead... we were the rowdy and loud ones as after a couple of these delicious cocktails, we belted out "Happy Birthday" to make sure the whole bar knew the heavily important news.

The beautiful birthday girl herself!

There was a great priced fajitas deal on a Monday night; so Brad and Emma were definitely not going to miss out on this bargain. Crispy, spiced chicken on a bed of onions and peppers. Scrummy!

But this was the winner. At least 6 of us were tempted by this beauty.
The Crossfit Leeds Burger.
Inspired by the head coach and owner of CrossFit Leeds Mike Rawlinson.
This burger means business. Healthy, low card, low cost business.

A homemade, locally sourced burger, topped with a fried egg and cheese. But no bun, so no carbs. To top it all off, some incredibly scrummy sweet potato fries that melted in your mouth; and a crispy bacon and avocado salad.
I was in utter heaven.

We all weren't angelic with our healthy food choices though! I was highly jealous of my friend Immy who went for this bad boy. Crispy coated chicken fillets, hash browns, sweet smoked BBQ sauce and mayo, piled high in a sesame bun with curly fries. Utter brilliance and serious food envy!

Every last bite was eaten, every last cocktail slurped and life threatening food comas were settling in. But this was never going to stop these cake addicts from getting their hands on my buns! Gleefully we headed back to the halls, very smug after our delicious meal, to devour a lot of birthday cake.

Not one, but two cakes! I made the Chocolate Malteser Cake, and my flat mate Sophia made this incredible Red Velvet. It isn't just me in Leeds that is baking mad!

Both cakes did not last longer than 20 minutes amongst us all. (We were a bit chuffed by this record!)
It was a great night out as soon everyone would be scattering off home to be pampered and looked after over Easter.
Arc is located in Headingley, Leeds; I would recommend it if there is a large group of you with varying tastes. They have everything from fajitas, salads, and burgers to suit the fussiest of eaters. We were lucky as the service was rapid since it was a bit quite, but overall for the price we paid and the short notice, I was happily impressed.
Not too shabby at all for our lovely Felicity's birthday!!

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