Friday, April 12

A Bloggers Dream Day in London

Being in Rutland is great. Broad, ranging fields; baaa-ing sheep with their tender lambs, and the constant thrill of adrenaline when having to overtake tractors on winding roads.
I love the countryside.... But let's face it, there is nothing like the buzz of London.
My friend Katie and I needed a serious catch up; the long distance Skype calls between Edinburgh Uni and Leeds kept us going for a while... But picture screens only go so far!
We booked a (ridiculously) early train down to London, ready to devour some breakfast as soon as we arrived.

I've never been to Notting Hill, it is the only area of London I have never had the chance to explore. And...well...I instantly fell in love!
After the most incredible breakfast of hotcakes, smoked salmon, piping coffee, and smoothies in Granger and Co., Katie and I decided to have a wander around this colourful neighbourhood.

Like me, Katie is a big foodie (great minds think alike!); so we managed to find our selves, 5 minutes after leaving Granger and Co., in this delightful whole food store.
Incredible cakes, freshly baked breads and sandwiches, and organic fruit and veg. Talk about an amazing local produce store!

We mingled, browsed, and nibbled some samples down the street before finding Tom's Deli. The decor was incredible! A wacky style sweet shops upstairs, a deli downstairs, and a cafe upstairs; it was buzzing with life for Saturday brunch.

Having eyed up the delicious looking cakes for a good 10 minutes, we ignored the fact that breakfast was an hour ago and snuggled up in a cosy booth for some cake and tea.
We only had one day in London... So might as well go for it!

As Katie is gluten intolerant, she piped for this delicious rose and pistachio cake with a cream cheese frosting. Moist and scrummy!
Sadly my banana and pecan loaf was a bit stale, but the staff kindly passed it on for free as a result!

But before long it was time to start exploring Portobello Road, my new found love!
Bartering, hustling, and wheeler-dealings; I absolutely adore the place!

The most delicious looking tartiflette cooking away in a gigantic iron pan. Such mouth watering smells!

We popped by the Biscuit Boutique. This is baking at its best! The attention to detail was stunning, they even made a model of Buckingham palace- OUT OF BISCUIT!

I thought the fox suited me and my hair quite nicely! Vanilla bean biscuit bliss!

I'm a die hard British lover, Stumper and Fielding is my patriotism in reality. Bowler and boating hats, union jacks, tweed jackets, and tea pot towels- Suits me down to the ground!

Katie and I booked our train tickets months in advance to save some of our limited student funds; but my gosh we were lucky. One of the blogs that we both are addicted to is Rosie's The Londoner. (The lifestyle blog of a true London girl who knows all of the ropes, hot spots, and delicious recipes- its impossible to not become addicted!) 
Rosie organised a bloggers cake sale for charity in Bumpkin, South Kensington. A delightful, snug joint brimming with life and atmosphere- Since we were in London, we just couldn't resist making some cakes to bring along, it is all for charity after all!

Honesty pots where placed amongst the delicious, varying bakes. There was a sea of greedy eyed bloggers all eyeing up the mouth watering bakes and networking amongst themselves. It was such a friendly atmosphere of mingling and laughing so that anyone could feel at ease, even if they came along alone.

My scrummy 'Lemon Drizzle Traybake' which I trekked the whole way over to London-in a shoe box of all things! I'll pop the recipe up soon!

One creative blogger created these bad boys! Cake burgers!! Victoria sandwich, brownie and icing... Clever, clever girl!

Bumpkin's homemade lemonade with a shot of fresh apple/pear puree. Refreshing, summery and light. Perfect amongst indulging on atleast 10 pieces of cake. (We just couldn't help but sample as many cakes as possible before they all disappeared- plus...I legitimised it by telling my diet that it was all for charity!)

A few of the delightful girls we met! Sandra, Reena, (Katie and I), and Teffy. Hopefully I'll keep in contact with these fellow bloggers, it was great to share some wise words of advise and have a natter over some cocktails!

Of course, we met the delightful lady herself! Rosie was so welcoming to everyone and did a cracking job organising and mingling around the whole event. Well done Rose, we loved it!
After a few hours of nattering, munching, and switching blog details, we were ravenous! After breakfast, we had feasted on coffee and cake throughout the day and so the sugar/caffeine rush only lasted so long.
There was only one solution... An epic burger at Byron in Covent Garden!

Guacamole, nachos, a proper American style milkshake and the constant whiff of meaty burgers being whizzed along by the passing waiters- I've fallen in love with this place!

Both Katie and I went for the "Skinny Burgers", a proper beefy bun, salad, relishes and a gherkin (Basically their Classic burger minus the bun).
Top these along side some courgette fries (I actually preferred these to normal chips!), and their skinny fries- and we were in heaven!
I'm planning on dragging my family to our nearest branch in Cambridge. Next time I'm taking no prisoners, I'll go full out with the cheese, bacon, and burgery bliss!

Before long we had to head back to Kings Cross for our train home; beds calling, feet aching, and stomachs stretching, we were knackered!
It was an incredible, busy day meeting lots of friendly faces, eating a ridiculous amount of food, and having a jolly good catch up with my close friend.
God I need to do this again soon!
I wish every day was like this!



  1. Amazing pictures! Sounds like you two really did have the most amazing day in London. and well done for carrying the cakes with you all day! I know what you mean about all the eating.. also just kept telling myself it was for charity. Hope to see you again soon!

    Teffy X

    1. Not going to lie... We both fell asleep in Kings Cross waiting for our train! Absolutely dead! Yeah likewise! Hopefully we can have another blogger meet up in the summer! xxx

  2. Loving this post and the pics! So totally craving a Byron milkshake now! Had a great time and loved meeting you girls. Let's definitely do cocktails and cake (or anything food-related really!) when you guys are in London next!!


    1. Im thinking Byron burger catch up... Milkshakes and all! Then you need to show us some of those bars you suggested! Bloggers night out before you leave to go travelling! (lucky girl!) xxx

  3. Its really nice to see some pictures from someone who went to the bake sale! i was gutted that i couldn't make it but it looks like everyone had an amazing day!
    Those cake burgers were made by someone named Paul i think (atleast i think thats what i read), hes not a blogger apparently but is a keen baker and follows Rosies blog (you can find him on twitter @p_hollingsworth)

    Alex @ The Broke Boy

    1. Ahhh thanks Alex! I'm sure Rosie will set up another, so might bump into you there! Thanks for the heads up, everyone was asking who the burger maker was! xx

    2. I really hope so! I had planned on going to this one but before of the short notice could not get the time off work and the train tickets would of cost a fortune! Broke by name, Broke by nature!

    3. I feel your pain there, my student budget is the bain of my existence! We were just really lucky it coincided with the train tickets we bought months ago, I might bump into you at the next one then!

  4. I was just in London yesterday having travelled all the way down from Glasgow and I SO wish I'd had more time. I thought I did well cramming in loads of stuff but your post now has me dying to go back down and spend the day in Notting Hill! I've added you to the BlogRoll page on my blog, hope you don't mind x

    1. Oh wow, just a bit of a trek from Glasgow then! I've had a look at your post, you did a hell of a job by the looks of it!! I go to London quite a bit, and I never have enough time there so don't fret- its just another excuse to return! Ohhh thank you!!! I really need to start a blog roll soon too! xxx

  5. Wow! What lovely photos, that was one of the best written blog posts I've read in a long time- a joy to read! You are absolutely stunning too. Really glad I came across your blog!

    1. Aww thank you so much Charlie! Very very kind words! Hope you stick around, im getting a bit addicted to blogging so I should have quite a lot more coming your way :) x

  6. Woweewoo such an amazing day! Thanks for posting so many photos and for sharing it in such great detail. I LOVE the fact that you had just had breakfast and still went for cake, gotta live the life whilst being a foodie! I need to work harder on my powers of persuasion with my friends!!
    The bloggerbakesale looked like so much fun, and I've loved reading about it on so many blogs. Massively gutted I couldn't be there, hopefully Rosie/anyone will organise more events next year :D
    Loving your photography too
    x x x

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for the kind words too! Very sweet! Haha... yeah, I'm a horrendously big foodie (it's a bit worrying!)and well, I just could not resist that delicious loaf! It was calling to me! Loving your blog too! I just can't get enough of the scrummy burgers and the lobster! xx

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  8. Looks like you had an amazing day in London. I would have loved to go to the bake sale, unfortunately I had to be elsewhere. Your blog is movely. Thouroughly enjoy it !

    1. Aww thank you!! Hopefully Rose will organise something else, it was great just to meet some other like minded people! x

  9. The Notting Hill/Chelsea kind of area is one in London I haven't really explored but it always looks beaut! I'm desperate to go to that jewellery place (total magpie). The bloggers bake sale looked great, wish I could have gone. Hopefully there'll be another meet up in summer or something.
    Amazing post!

    An Accidental Discovery

    1. That's exactly what I thought- that elusive area that needed discovering! Aww thank you! I hope she does another soon too!! xx

  10. Really looks like the best day ever. The Londoner is one of my favourite blogs and I'm so jealous you had the chance to go the the event. I was so keen to go but sadly couldn't make it.
    Love your blog and would be really happy if you had a chance to check out mine

  11. This is where I grew up! My family still live there- it's good to see shots of (the street next to my) home when I'm up here in grey Leeds :)

    1. Lucky!!! Its such a beautiful place in London that makes you feel like your anywhere but a smoke filled city.
      (Got to love Leeds though!)

  12. Looks like such a fun trip - massive fan of the Londoner too, such an inspiring blogger! Have you had a look at the What Katie Ate book in the third picture down? I got it for my birthday and have been cooking from it weekly, the recipes SO good and the photos are amazing.

    1. I think that she just helps to inspire so many blogs of different themes, she makes you see the little things in a better light! Nooo, not yet, I've heard rave reviews though!
      What is your favourite in the book? Is it all baking or a mixture? xx


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