Monday, April 1

A Weekend In Exeter, Day 1

I miss 'Big Ben'. 
He is tall, very British, and has a bright, beaming face. 

I'm ranting here about my big brother. He is down at university in Exeter for the majority of the year because of his heavy rowing schedule, (he is just slightly good!); so I can't see him as much as I would like to.
Leeds is obviously the opposite end of the woods entirely and when train tickets are bordering on £100 for a return; (what a joke?!), I go for months without seeing my big bear of a brother. 
Luckily, our uni term dates haven't matched up and I have finished for Easter in time to pop down south for a quick visit. 
One of my closest friends Kathy, is a fresher at Exeter too; so not only did I receive a brotherly bear hug, but I was also able to spend the whole weekend with her! 

I trekked on the train for a couple of hours and finally arrived down in sunny, green Exeter in time for lunch. After some loud squeals of excitement and hugs with Kathy, we headed off from the station for a quick tour of her uni campus.

Almost a bit stately home-esque! Just a tad different from the city buildings towering in Leeds!

The Exeter babe herself!

After a quick cup of tea and cake in the union, we dumped my heavy bags and headed into the town centre.
Since we are both history students, we thought it was only appropriate that we explored the ancient castle! (Every trip needs a spot of culture!)

Luckily the rain held off for a while, so we had  mooch around for a few hours and picked up some of these delicious treats!

If you haven't visited a Hotel Chocolat store- I can't recommend them enough! These Tiddly Pots are only £1.99 and make the perfect chocolate pick me up. My favourite brand of chocolate by a mile!
(Plus, a cheeky tip, they usually give out free tasters in store- PERFECT!)

The cathedral is truly beautiful and surrounded by cute tea shops on a charming green; in summer it will be incredible for tea and scones, but sadly it was a bit nippy today!

Kathy and I did managed to squeeze in a little bit of retail therapy; what are student loans for ey!?
But before long, we were drained of energy and needed a hot drink to warm the cockles of our chilly hearts.
Thankfully, Kathy had just the spot to settle our thirst...

The Boston Tea Party is a chain in a few big cities down south. It is open, friendly, and serves a humongous range of cakes, sandwiches, and indulgent treats.

We thought the downstairs decor was pretty cool in itself, but we thought there might be a few comfy chairs upstairs to snuggle down into.

Talk about some incredible surroundings for a coffee and a natter!
Wide, open ceilings. Bright, open windows. Big, cooshy armchairs.

The phrase; "And now for something completely different", comes to mind with the interior design!

As you can tell from my jumper, and probably from just my blog in general- I love the whole British vibe.
This little joint suited me down to the ground!
Plus... it was a cracking cup of tea, no cheap tea bags were served here. Only a proper, hearty brew!

Well worth having a little trip to their chain of cafes if your every passing by. I didn't get to try any food or cake this time, so I'm just going to have to visit again... What a shame?!
Both of us were knackered, Kathy from deadlines and I from the long journey; so we settled for an early night with her friends watching the football.
Got some big plans ready for tomorrow!
Watch this space!


  1. Ahh finally someone else who wears their Dubarrys for day to day stuff too!
    My grandma is a member of Hotel Chocolat, meaning 2 things, she gets a box of chocolates every month, don't mind if I do, and a discount card which somehow ends up in my purse... is a blog about exceter, your pal might be interested xx

    1. Haha I basically live in my Dubarrys! I am a bit clumsy so I need their grip 24/7! Oh my gosh...I just found the members site, thank you for that! I think it's time I sign up to that little bargain :) I already follow her blog, its pretty awesome! Us newbie bloggers have to stick together! xx

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