Tuesday, April 2

A Weekend In Exeter, Day 2

So what happened next down south in sunny Exeter I hear you cry?
Well I managed to visit on the only two cloudy days of the week, just my sodding luck!
Comfort food would go down a treat right now in this gloomy weather and thankfully, my brother and his house mates offered to cook us a cracking roast dinner before our big night out. 
I'm not going to lie, I know that they do a bit of cooking here and there, but... a full roast with the trimmings?! 
Yeah right!

Okay... I was wrong. More credit to them was needed, a lot more credit. 
Who ever said that students, especially male ones, could not cook; is seriously mislead!

A big joint of  juicy beef; yorkshire puddings, crispy roast potatoes, and a range of scrummy veg.
Boys, you deserve a round of applause!

The hours ticked by, endless wine was drunk, and Kathy and I handed out the M&S cupcakes which we had brought along for desert. 
Ben can start cooking dinner at home more often, he obviously inherited the cooking obsessed gene too!

So after some heavy lining of the stomach, Kathy and I headed back to her halls for some pre lashing with her flat mates. Down at Exeter, this was the last night for most sporting socials of the term- rugby players, lacrosse, netball, and also the charming rowers- It was going to be a big night ahead at Time Peace!

We even managed to bump into the rowers and Ben's house mates again, even though it was ridiculously busy!
 An old school reunion with James, Matt, Kathy and I!

Awaking 'fresh' from our slumber the morning after was inevitable! Kathy had to pack up all of her uni gear before going home, so I happily sat and blogged, holiday shopped, and tweeted for a while.
We were hitching a ride home with Kathy's parents later in the afternoon, so we thought before the 5 hour trek home, a breath of fresh air down by the canal would help to clear our cloudy heads. 

Exeter is remarkably green, scarily more so than Leeds! Having a mooch around, jumping off some monuments, and admiring the mini rapids did us some justice after the night before!
But before we knew it, Kathy's phone was buzzing; her parents were ready to whisk us off back to the small shire of Rutland. 
Yet there was one thing that we needed to do before heading homeward...Find some seriously good food!

The Fisherman's Cot in Tiverton has the most incredible, stunning setting. Placed right along side a thrashing river and picturesque stone aged bridge, the enormous glass windows still can't do this view justice; it is utterly stunning! 
Imagine an old, aged, hearty pub with a large log fire blasting in the corner. Vast glass windows stretch along the whole side of the building, bringing in bright light and a calmness with the water.
The place itself is a bit worn down, but I think this gives it a homey charm!
I was expecting big things; the menu looked incredible and both Kathy and I were ravenous. 

My whopper of a meal emerged! A fish finger butty with tartare sauce and baby gem lettuce, sandwiched deliciously between two whopping wedges of sourdough! 

Of course... I had to order some of their 'Fat Chips' too;  for research purposes only of course...!

Kathy went for this beast for a burger. Classic bun, tasty local beef patty, cheese and tomato wedges.
It looked delicious, and Kathy was definitely not disappointed with her choice!

Mine wasn't too shabby...But I don't think I would pick it again. Maybe it was just my decision on the day as Kathy and her parents seemed to have scrummy food; but I found my fish finger butty was actually beer battered cod sandwiched between two slices of (delicious) bread. When I was hoping for a fishy, crumbly, scrummy sandwich; I discovered there was barely any fish in the bap at all, and so it was more of a batter filled bun! 
Hopefully it was just a bad day in the Fisherman Cot's kitchen, as I can imagine the setting in the warm, English summer for a meal and a hearty jug of Pimms would be perfect.
Oh well!

Kathy and her incredibly Mum Judy! Family reunion time for her too!

Isn't it a slightly awesome view! I can just imagine the stunning setting...Reclining on these river banks in the summer; sunnies on, Pimms in hand, and the sun shining!

The shire was beckoning. 
Even though I have had the most incredible time down south with Kathy, Ben, and all of his friends; there is nothing like your own comfy bed at home!
Time to trundle back to Rutland... I have some serious baking to catch up on!



  1. Mmm fish fingers and sourdough! That gives me sandwich inspiration xx

    1. Go for it!! I'm trying some home made fish fingers tonight.. FIngers crossed! xxx

  2. i'm hoping to go to leeds university too! your blog definately makes it sound like it's a great place to go!
    although your pictures of exeter are also so tempting..
    love your blog (particularly easter rocky roads i followed your recipe they are amaaazing)


  3. I honestly can't advice Leeds enough! I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms over Easter! If you need any advice about the uni let me know, it is a bit comfusing plus I wish there was a couple of bits I knew before I went (like which halls, clubs etc)Good luck with the exams!
    Let me know if you try any recipes! Nice to know everyone's twists :) xx

  4. Haha that stinks you made it during the only two cloudy days- at least this wasn't a beach trip! And your brother has skillllssss, I can only manage macaroni & cheese and canned soup on my own so this is mind blowing

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. Sods law isn't it?! Haha you will be even more impressed then, he is insane at bread making, so I have a treat planned for the blog soon with his help! :)

  5. The Fisherman's Cot looks awesome, what a beautiful location! Those burgers look worth the trip :)




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