Sunday, April 7


So I know this little spot.
It's snuggled away down a tiny cobbled street in Cambridge, nestled amongst old fashioned tea shops and vintage book stores.
When the family and I decided that we severely needed an early starting shopping trip; we agreed, unanimously, that there was only one option for a hearty breakfast to fuel our credit card flexing.
This is Bill's.

On the outside, Bill's seems pretty... normal! Its dark green and cream exterior blends in amongst the old stone work and appears rather welcoming.
But when you venture inside, the decor has that 'wow' factor!

Pretty cool right?! 
Enormous chalk boards with recipes, their story, and their foodie advice line the walls in a rather quirky scrawl. Their fresh produce, chutneys, jams, and vinegars and stacked in towering book cases. They also individually wraps each item in raffia and bright tissue paper upon purchase, so why not hang these as decorations around too!?

Great minds think alike, and so do great taste buds; both my parents and I all chose the Bill's Breakfast to munch upon. 
Best. Decision. Ever. 

Two cumberland sausages; crispy bacon, toasted tomatoes, fried free range eggs, sliced mushrooms, and to top it all off, hot buttered toast.
Sometimes you truly cannot beat a proper full English breakfast. Utterly delicious!

We visited early on a Saturday morning to avoid the crowds. The food was served incredibly quickly and there was a pleasant buzz between the relaxing family natters; the hushed business meetings over coffee, and the rustles of those flicking through the weekend papers.

But the beauty of Bill's is that they have so much of their own, individual produce which you can buy before leaving. I couldn't help but pick up a pack of their orange chocolate buttons before I left, these are going to be delicious in a big old batch of brownies!

A very dangerous decision of Bill's to leave this huge oak board of fresh croissants so close to our table!

Bill's are located mostly in the south of England, but do have a few stores dotted around London.
I love your food and restaurants too much to have that gaping, quirky void widening until I next visit our local in Cambridge.

The bright, colourful raffia and tissue paper just tops off that fun, playful decor. It also makes buying their produce just that little bit more personal as it is delicately wrapped, just for you, in a pretty bundle to cradle back home.

I can't recommend Bill's enough. We usually go for brunch, but having been a few times in the past for lunch; I know for a fact their fish finger sandwichs, halloumi burgers and creamy milkshakes are all the creations of angels.

Have a look at their website for your nearest branch of Bill's.
If you love homey food in a buzzing, interesting environment; I cannot think of a better place to go!



  1. OH wow, this place looks amazing. I really hope they have one in my hometown. It looks so welcoming and friendly with great tasting food.
    x x

    1. I honestly can't recommend it enough! Apparently their burgers are insane... Guess I will just HAVE to visit again! :) xx

  2. Since Bills opened in my hometown I think I've gone to either breakfast, dinner or drinks there at least fortnightly!

    1. Ahhh don't! I'm so jealous you have one in close radar! I'm having withdrawal symptoms already! xx

  3. I love Bills - we brunched at the one in Brighton recently, simply wonderful! You have really done it justice in this post.

    Becs x


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