Wednesday, April 17

Bring on the Burgers!

I may have once or twice mentioned my good friend Katie, (she is a bit of a babe!)
You might have caught a quick glimpse of this charming girl in my past posts, but I doubt you knew that she has a secret talent...??

No. I'm not talking invisibility, mind reading, or super sonic hearing. Sadly those are all a wishful dream...Instead I'm talking about the beautiful art of cooking!
Chefs of the world beware... Katie is a domestic goddess in the making!

Being back in Rutland for Easter, it was compulsory that all the 'home girls' had a catch up and shared their uni antics. Since Katie kindly offered us a venue, food, and wine; we all quickly cleared our diaries in excitement.

As the weather has recently been improvising, we decided that a burger fest would be a good way to kick start Summer. (Please God bring a heatwave after this crummy Winter!)

Emma, Haz, Jenny and Ella all having a catch up!

Katie's adorable dog Eddie seemed to like my attention... Until I saw his goal.
Talk about feeling used!

Big, beefy burgers smothered in three types of cheese; delicious, crunchy coleslaw; and a soft, squidgy bun.
That golden, molten cheese... Dripping seductively off the succulent beefy juices...
Oh, it was a painful wait.

Today I was not taking any prisoners. Bacon, two types of cheese, mushrooms, spinach, ketchup, mayonnaise... All piled on top of that beefy patty. 

He's a beast of a burger, isn't he?!

The lovely Jenny, Hattie and Briony

Just when I thought I could not eat another mouthful, Katie chirped up with those cheeky words of "Right, whose up for dessert?"
Well...if you insist! Maybe just one more teeny, tiny bite!

We devoured at least 2 tubs of this creamy, vanilla ice cream topped with either Cadbury's caramels, or Katie's utterly delicious Rhubarb Tart with a coconut crust. This was incredible, gluten free, and addictive. 
Katie also has her own blog, Katie's Kitchen Journal; so you can have a look for yourselves at this truly stunning tart. It's a winner for sure!

Of course... There were the regular antics which inevitably ensued!

You really can't help but miss the girls...It was like nothing had changed!



  1. Looks so much fun! And definitely checking out your friend's blog :)

    1. I popped a link above on the text on 'Katie's Kitchen Journal': think she is putting the tart up soon.
      Glad you like it :)x

  2. DROOL to the max!! Those burgers look sinfully good, all that melty cheese. NOM.
    Some people just have that magic domestic goddess touch in life don't they?!
    x x x

    1. You honestly can't beat a good meaty burger!! I know....but someone as to eat the domestic goddess' treats though! Xx

  3. This makes me want to have a burger! That melted cheese looks too delicious to ever resist! Yum!!

    Teffy X


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