Friday, April 26

I've Got That 'Fruity Friday' Feeling!

Blue skies are stretching, the sun is shining, and that Friday feeling is lurking with only a few more hours to the weekend!
With a pile of softened fruit in the fridge, I thought I would whack out a healthy smoothie after a hardcore gym sweat.
Plenty of vitamins, natural energy, and fruity goodness!
Over the Summer,  I'll do a nice little smoothie series of my experimental blending.
Cue the birth of  the epic series, "Fruity Fridays"...!!

Now this recipe barely needs any commentary at all!
I'm calling my first addition the...Hawaiian Hula! 
I chopped up 1 banana, a handful of mango, and a handful of pineapple.

Next, I tipped it all into the blender and added a splash of almond (or skimmed) milk.

Added a stonking big handful of spinach. (Don't worry, you can barely taste this if spinach isn't your thing- it just provides ALOT of nutrients and beefs out the smoothie!)

Smash in a few ice cubes and a squirt of honey if you like. (I used Sweet Freedom, a honey substitute which is 25% less calories and just as perfect to top your porridge in the morning! I can't recommend this enough if you're dieting!)

Finally, push that button.
"Ahhh push push push it, push it real good!"...Yes, I was cool enough to did sing that whilst blending!

Nothing like a bit of a fruity pick me up to brighten those work blues!

I popped mine into a drinks cooler that I bought from Starbucks to carry into uni.
Otherwise, serve it in a few tumblers with some summery cocktail brollies for some fun!

Time to don the sunglasses, whack on the sun cream, and embrace that Fruity Friday Feeling!!



  1. I love spinach in smoothies! you're so right, you can't taste it at all, you just get an added goodness. I always make mine spinach, apple juice, mango, and mint but adding banana does sound good as well.

    Summer smoothie time!



    1. Yes, another fellow spinach smoothie lover!! Loving the sounds of adding mint, i'll give that ago in my next one! Thanks Teffy! xx

  2. This looks so tasty yet healthy woah, I like it already! Definitely one to try especially before summer bikinis! Pretty photos tooxx

    1. Well.... I'm going to need more of these and less brownies for summer beach bods! A girl can hope! xx

  3. YESSSSS fruity fridays helloooo awesome new feature :) maybe it can be twinnies with my 'fitness fridays'....hehe
    And thanks for disguising the spinach, I'm so not a fan...but I'm trusting you on this one!!
    x x x

    1. I LOVE your fitness Fridays! Matching health freaks ey?! :) xx

  4. I love the pics! Hi! I'm following you now, can you follow me too?


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