Thursday, April 25

Skinny Tuna Burgers with Home-made Guacamole

Juicy, meaty, succulent, and addictive.
That is what a burger should be.
At that very first bite, it should be calling to you like a soft whisper... Begging... Pleading... Wishing...That you will go and sink your teeth into another sinful bite of bliss.

Well, what if I told you that you can have this food of the Gods in under 5 minutes and... *wait for it*...
Yes, that's right. A healthy burger. It is like a gift send from Mt Olympus!

My Skinny Tuna Burgers are adapted from BBC Good Food, (but I prefer mine!)
A toasted squishy bun, a meaty tuna patty, crunchy spinach, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and red peppers, and finally... To top it all off, some fragrant, fresh home made guacamole.
It is like heaven on a plate!
Utterly simple, low cost, and rapid! Perfect for a pick me up after a hectic day or dealing with a student budget!

First, for your guacamole...
Slice and dice a large avocado and place into a mixing bowl before loosely mashing with a fork/potato masher.

Chop up some baby cherry tomatoes and pop them into the bowl.

Add 1/2 chopped chilli, (or more if you like a bit a sizzling heat to test your taste buds!)

Squeeze out all of the juice of 1/2 lime.

Slice and dice 1/2 a red onion into tiny pieces.

Add a few sprigs of chopped coriander, (and save a few full leaves for one top).

Crack over some black pepper and a sprinkle of rock salt, and hey presto, you are there! 
(Perfect time to open a bag of crisps for a cheeky dunk or two while you wait!).

Now for those delicious meaty burgers! 
Chop up the other 1/2 red onion and a few stalks of spring onion.

Drain a tin of tuna in brine, pop into a mixing bowl/jug and add both onions.

To help the burgers stick together, beat together 1 egg and gradually add until you can easily mould the tuna pieces. (You might not need to use the whole egg).

Mould your fishy, fresh tuna mix into two patties using your hands and pop two frying pans onto a medium heat.

Chop up 1 red pepper into thick slices and half a handful of cherry tomatoes.
Add a light slug of oil (or I used some 1 calorie oil spray), to the pans and allow to heat up.
Pop the burgers into one, and the peppers/tomatoes into the other.

Cook the patties on either side for a couple of minutes until golden brown and heated the whole way through.
Meanwhile, keep on stirring your roasted peppers and tomatoes, slice the bun in half, and pop into the toaster until a delicious golden brown.

Add what ever your heart desires to your fresh little bap! This time I layered my patty on a bed of spinach before smothering in guacamole, peppers and tomatoes.

If you like, you can even spice it up with some sweet chilli sauce, houmous or cheese. The choice is all yours!

Isn't she a beaut?
Simple, elegant, and very low calorie (especially without the bun).
One thing I can guarantee today...This is definitely on the road to becoming one of my classic staples!

Yummmmm! Get in my belly!


  1. YUM- please make this for me soon!!


  2. The last line made me giggle a lot! This recipe sounds divine apart from one thing (I hate avocado) is that a sin? I really can't stand them, I know they are super healthy and all but I just don't like them. Is there such a thing as a guacamole minus the Avo?

    Katie <3

    1. Haha I'm glad! I know how I write might be a bit odd, but I write as if I'm speaking as I think it makes it just that bit more personal. Almost as if I'm right there with you...(not in a creepy way of course!)
      Oh no its not! I used to loathe the stuff, but I've slowly made myself love it! Try houmous? Or some nice spicy salsa with sour cream and chive? xxx

  3. Woah I looooove this! I'm a vegetarian who eats fish so this is perfect, and looks utterly deliciousxx

  4. Epic food porn right here Emily!!
    Am so loving the burger craze atm, and I seem to live off tinned tuna so this is mighty perfect for me.
    Also, wow that is one super deluxe guacamole!! I take my hat off to you :)
    x x x

    1. I want to say our obsession is bad... but I'm craving a burger as I type, so I'm not stopping just yet :) xxx

  5. This looks absolutely amazing, I'm going to try and make this tomorrow, this looks so so so tasty! xxx

    1. Let me know how it goes Lottie! :) xxx

    2. Oh my goodness, I'm in a food coma, that burger was delicious! Thanks Emily!xxx

  6. so today I was wondering what I should have for my tea and then I saw this...I've swapped the tuna burger for chicken and my guacamole doesn't look as great but I'm hoping it will all come together to look as good as this! thanks for the inspiration!

    Capturing the Wandelrust

    1. You're welcome :) I'm glad it turned out okay!! Delicious healthy treat :) xx

  7. these look incredible, cant believe its healthy!

    1. I know! Its a miracle! I think the burgers are only around 150 calories each too! x

  8. This looks absolutely sinful (yet healthy)!
    I'll be sure to make this in the next few weeks. xx


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