Tuesday, April 23

Trinity- Sushi, Shopping, and (alot) of Students!

Leeds is a rather big place.
With just a "few" thousand students of over 35,000; it is safe to say that the vast majority of this city's population will be girls my age who can't help but adore a bit of debit card melting!

So, what has the local council done to deliver this demand for handbags and glitz?
They have only just gone and built an INCREDIBLE brand spanking new shopping centre called Trinity, slap bang on the central high street.
I'm talking about every big brand that you can imagine, a food court especially designed for local street food, and a buzzing atmosphere with cinemas, restaurants and shows.
This is a beautiful, sweet dream!
When I found out that they were promoting a "Student Lock In" with 20% off in most stores, my friends and I were there; primed and ready with our student ID's and bank cards!

It is bright, open, airy and ever so slightly awesome with the glass roof! The Student Lock In did not start until 8pm and for what was inevitably going to be a manic and stressful two hour spending spree, we needed fuel!
Cue one of my favourite foods in the entire world... Sushi!

Yo-Sushi is not something new, it is a large brand spread out all across the UK.
Sadly, there are not many independent sushi shops that I have found (so far), across the North of England that serve up a decent dish.
Here we are saved by this beautiful chain to solve our sushi woes!
Blue Mondays are a students dream! Sushi streaming right past your nose every five seconds, whetting your taste buds at just the very sight! At only £2.40 a plate... It was time to start mounting up those blue beauties!

Yo-Rolls, I had never tried these before, but it is safe to say I am now 100% addicted! A scrumptious blend of salmon, avocado, fish roe and mayonnaise. After having mastered the chop sticks, (which is never an easy thing!), I safely demolished 4 of these babies!

Celeste, Hen and I taking a sushi breather!

But... Even though it had been epic so far, these conquered every inch of my heart.

Salmon and Avocado Handrolls... Delicious crispy nori seaweed and soft salmon, avocado, rice, sesame seeds and mayo. Perfection at its best!
I now dream of these in my sleep. Every. Single. Night.

However, I doubt that I would come here on a date.
Even though the food is incredible, it is not an attractive thing to eat!
Time to prep with soy sauce...

Attempt to eat elegantly...

Then...fail as the soy sauce drips everywhere.
The terms 'sushi' and 'elegance' are only entwined when this delicacy is static on a plate!

Kirsty and Flick having a breather too!

6-7 plates each. Feeling full, satisfied, and healthy; it is safe to say we were a happy bunch of students!
(Plus, ever so slightly proud of our 'leaning tower of blue' stack!)

Yes, Yo. We indeed love you for bringing succulent sushi to the North of England!

But it was time to drag ourselves away from the conveyor belt of fishy goodness, and so we headed outside to join the queue for our Student Lock In wristbands. 

Yes, that's right... My camera could not even see the end of the queue, and we were standing half way along!
Thank God the British have a general tolerance to queuing!

But before long, we were in! It was an absolute bun fight- every man for himself. No mercy. No politeness.
If you wanted that top, you would probably have to fight at least 3 other prying girls off in order to claim it.
This was not shopping, this was war!

Urban Outfitters had some good quality items in stock, a bit quirky and different to my usual style, but still fun to rummage around!

Having made our way through the crowds of rowdy, possessive shoppers; we found a few bargains to win us over.
I especially loved these elephant necklaces and hipflasks!

Within twenty minutes, the whole atmosphere had changed. The roof lit up, the music was pumping out, and the shows were beginning!

Surf boards, dance shows, and free food samples won over the hearts of every student and before long we were absolutely shattered!

After grabbing a cheeky late night pretzel and a smoothie, we walked in the crisp night air back to our halls laden with heavy, plastic bags of goodies!
Safe to say, we had an incredible night full of sushi, friends, dancing, and some prime bargains to add to our bulging wardrobes.
(I might even share a few of my bargains with you later on, I'm over the moon with them already!)

I would expect a lot more posts from Trinity if I was you... I'm already in love, and I have two more years as a student to follow!
It is the start of something beautiful...!



  1. I love Yo Sushi, the duck rolls are amazing! My mum can make sushi but it isn't the same :( xx

    1. Well I'm going to have a go at making sushi this weekend... So I am using Yo Sushi for inspiration, not sure it will up to this though! xx

  2. Top effort with all those blue plates!! I know exactly what you mean about hand rolls....they always seem to disintegrate everywhere-NOT cool! Such a good idea to have a student lock-in, I bet they made an absolute bomb that day!
    x x

    1. Considering how much I ended up spending and I was one of 15,000 student who attended... Safe to say that I think they made an absolute FORTUNE!xxx

  3. I currently have an addiction to Edamame beans and dribbled when I saw them on the conveyor belt above. Looks like you had a fun-packed day and that student lock in business is a great idea. Although I suddenly feel rather old... :)

    Great post!



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