Tuesday, April 30

"Why are you getting up in my Grill!?"

So the other night, we decided to go to the pub for a chilled, relaxing glass of Pinot Grigio. (Classy students hitting a cheap bottle of plonk...Typical!)
Recently, we have learnt that pub nights no matter how much we try, never end up quiet. Ever.
And so, within a few hours, we found ourselves after our 5th bottle of (near vinegar tasting) wine in the centre of Leeds having a whale of a time.
This was great!...Until we woke up the next morning and felt a 'little' worse for wear!

Luckily, the April showers had disintegrated, the skies were shining with bright sunlight, and our stomachs were rumbling in a quest for a delicious brunch.
One of us suggested hitting the Grill, and inevitably this led to multiple Made in Chelsea jokes from Lucy's best line to date of "Why are you getting up in my Grill?"! (Yes, we are that cool.)

It's situated in the student area of Headingley in Leeds and I have wanted to try out this hotspot all year. The Grill looks sophisticated, comfy, and the perfect place to cradle that tender head.

I absolutely fell in love with the ceiling! Tiled pictures of the local pubs and places in Headingley from the past. So creative, simple, but memorable!

The beautiful Kirsty looking bright in comparison to the rest of us!

We arrived at just the right time, the Grill is renowned for having a queue out of the door and so we dragged our butts out of bed early to make sure we nabbed a decent table!

I had a wander around, tried some of their free brownie nibbles, and explored their vintage decoration while we waited for our food to arrive. I might steal a few of their décor ideas; the old champagne bottles as candlesticks is a budget and charming way to add a sparkle of atmosphere!

Arriving early worked well for us, we were first in the queue for lunch, and before we knew it we had this utterly delicious food-gasm right in front of our sniffling noses!
Time to enjoy a couple of images of first class food porn...

The Super Salad! Sophia's hangover cure- Halloumi, houmous, and other goodies piled onto some crunchy salad leaves. Looking good, looking very very good!

Their house chicken burger with onions, salad and tomatoes; served with some skinny fries and dip. Immy seemed rather chuffed with her choice!

But I think that Kirsty and I picked the winning dish. Ultimate hangover food, it may not be as British as a bacon butty smothered in ketchup; but this halloumi, grilled vegetable and houmous ciabatta won me over hands down.
It might not be the prettiest bun in the bunch, but it packs a strong flavour and crunch!

Thought the food porn could not get any better? Try eyeing up this Veggie Burger of Felicity's!

Immy and I looking a little bit more alive after some caffeine and a nibble of food!

I was a little bit jealous of those who had ordered a burger. Their chips were part of the package, and I knew if I didn't order my own I would end up annoying them by pinching a few when they weren't looking!
So I ordered these bad boys, Dutch Fries!
Skinny Fries smothered in cheese and spring onions; oh sweet mama they were good!

Sophia looking happy after finishing off her Super Salad!

Safe to say, we nailed that meal. Every last bite. It was incredible, especially for the price we paid, and our stomachs felt comforted and snug after the abuse they had taken the night before!
But, we thought... Why not treat them that little bit further?
The Grill is also renowned for one more thing... BROWNIES!

Eyeing up the Peanut Butter brownies!

Even though the carrot cake looked truly incredible, the brownies seemed the way to go! Pistachio, raspberry, white chocolate, peanut butter, mixed nut... You name it, they more than likely had that or something very close!
But today was a pure indulgence day, and I couldn't help but go for the God Father of all brownies; the beast of a Triple Chocolate Brownie!

Isn't it just calling to you to demolish every bite and lick the plate clean?!

Emma suffering from a food coma!

Overall, I can not recommend the Grill enough if your a local! I've heard top notch comments about their breakfast and so I'm definitely going to return soon for another bargain meal!
It is affordable, good quality food, and (as you might have already guessed) I love the atmosphere and décor.
A good hangover cure for a happy stomach, happy friends, and a now (very) happy student!


  1. This title is so great haha! :') I loove Made in Chelsea (even though I never thought I'd say that haha)

    I love the look of the place, especially the candles!xx

    1. I know it is a tad cringy but I had to use it, we spent about an hour laughing about it! xx

  2. Ahh I know how you feel.. my one glass of wine always turns into a few bottles by the end of the night! All that hangover food looks delicious, and your hair looks amazing!




  3. Those dutch fries look dreaaaamy! This place looks great XX

  4. This is amazing! Love all your pictures :)

  5. EPIC food porn! Some serious screen drooling occurring right now.
    Pub nights can never be quiet, totally agree.
    x x


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