Saturday, May 25

A Chichini Chill Out

Most girls like the finer things in life, especially fine dining.
Macaroons, smoked salmon, and posh chocolates are to name but a few.
But even though these finer things can be sweetly enjoyed and tasted, sometimes they just do not seem tempting.
Lets face it, every now and again it is that simple, cheap food which truly hits the spot!

Queue Chichini!

Everyone knows 'that' local cafe.
It is the one which serves an enormous full English at dirt cheap prices, hands out proper sized mugs of tea instead of a teapot, and constantly has a hustle and bustle.
It is these simpler places which provide the perfect comfort/hungover food.

We have all been suffering exam woes and after my friend Immy's dodgy 9am exam, we decided a proper bacon buttie and comforting brew were in order.

Chichini is bright, open, and the windows overlook onto the bustling streets outside.
Perfect for people watching!

Sipping on steaming brews of proper Yorkshire tea, we ordered and waited eagerly for our eleven o'clock pick me up.
I went for a whopping sized bap, crammed full with scrambled eggs and streaky bacon.
Immy chose a classic bacon and sausage sandwich.
Perfect, simple comfort food!

Smother it in ketchup and you are ready to rock!
Utterly delicious!

I think Immy cheered up just a bit with her buttie and banana milkshake!

At incredibly low prices, Chichini is an absolute winner.
To the students, it is a legendary place. Heart warming food, a snug interior, and the constant smell of hot toast.
I am definitely returning for one of their paninis soon, rumour on the street is that they are second to non!

Plus, it meant I could take my new hand bag out for a spin!
Ain't she pretty!
My little exam treat from Topshop.

We nattered for a good couple of hours, people watched, and procrastinated from doing more revision.
I think I have a new favourite spot, it is literally just down the road and close by for whenever I need that simple, comforting pick me up.
You can't beat a proper, crispy bacon buttie smothered in ketchup!

Finally, the sun came out!
We haven't got long left in our halls, and ours are just a tad beautiful with the old stone work.
I think that I might miss this leafy, tree lined street, (just maybe not the huge hill at the bottom!)

Just a bit of a lovely brunch with the beautiful Immy to cheer up.
I can't think of anything better!



  1. Comfort is always a sure winner! Not all the fine dining in the world can compete with a proper full-English in my books :)
    x x x

    1. True that. An empire made on full English's! xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean... Sometimes you just need a no-frills meal!!
    Love your shoes! xxx

    1. Simplicity works like a charm! Thanks Lottie :) xx

  3. I know what you mean.. had the most delicious fry-up today to nurse my hangover. it definitely hit the spot.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. Haha hangover= compulsory bacon sandwich for sure!!

  4. I've got similar place just down the street from me - the American equivalent, anyway - dirt-cheap and perfect for a good, simple, hot meal. Thanks for sharing! Now I'm going to have to go pick myself up a burger and shake ;)

    1. I hope its one of those massive american classics covered in cream? JEALOUS! xx

  5. I love comfort food to cheer me up. We have a cafe down here in Brighton which is open 24 hours a day, so when you go out clubbing you can go there and have a massive fry up before attempting the journey home.


    1. Oh that is awesome!! 24 hour fry up is such a good idea instead of hitting a kebab shop or McDonalds!
      You can't beat a proper fry up can you?!


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