Thursday, May 23

Introducing Mr and Mrs Hill

The very pinnacle of love, relationships, and life.
A time when everything else can be forgotten, and the happiness of the bride and groom simply surrounds the room in a bubble of love drenched bliss.

The stunning pressed flower confetti which my mother ordered especially for the day!

I had never been to a wedding before, my experience had merely gone as far as watching Don't Tell The Bride or celebrity magazine shoots!
A year ago, my family was invited to my cousin's wedding and finally, after months of anticipation, the big day arrived.
This was not only a chance to celebrate my cousin Sven and his bride Emma being blissfully happy, but also the chance for a big old family knees up.
I can't think of any better way to cure that exam stress!

First thing first.... Time to hit the hair dressers!

Thought I would do a cheesy before/after picture! (Apologises for the cringe worthy selfie!)

You can never go wrong with tumbling curls!
Before my mother gift wrapped our present to the newly weds, I managed to sneak a few cheeky shots.
Instead of buying china, teapots, or kitchen utensils; we bought this stunning door stop.

Made out of hand engraved oak which matures for years, it is near impossible to destroy.
We chose to engrave the date of their wedding too, this was definitely a good find by the mother!

Have a look at the Oak and Rope Company, I'm already eyeing up their chopping boards!

Anyhow... Back to the wedding!!
Hair done, pampered and preened; it was time to head over to Heaton House Farm!

I picked out this little Zara number which I have had for a few years, it suited the weather perfectly when the sun finally came out!

Three generations all together! Mother, daughter, and my incredible grandmother, 'Omi'.

We arrived just in time to say a few hellos before being whisked into the ceremony room.
Ivory lined ceilings, soft music playing from the musicians delicate tones, and a gentle buzz of excitement from the guests.

The beautiful bride and her new husband signing the register book!
I'm not going to lie, I cried in the ceremony.
The vows and ceremony can't help but bring out the 'oohhhsss' and 'awwww's in even the hardest of personalities.

Even their sons Henry and Jake were enjoying the ceremony- especially the bridesmaid's flowers!

Introducing the beautiful Mrs Emma Hill!

My dearest uncle and myself! One of the perks of the wedding was definitely having a catch up with him and his family!
The venue had a stunning outside arch way, fields, and views overlooking the sunny moors. Time to head outside and use the flower confetti!

My uncle showing the newly weds' young son Henry around. So much was happening that he looked as if he was at Disney world half of the time, exciting things for everyone!

Definitely my kind of bride, time to ditch the beautiful high heels and last the whole day and night in Converses! 

While we waited for the wedding breakfast, we sipped some Pimms, had a natter, and took some family photos. I'm already in the process of having this one of my Dad and I framed!
(Think I will be in the good books now, he argued that my mother was featuring a lot more than he was! Here you go Dad, I haven't forgotten you!)

My dearest grandmother Omi and her sister Dotty.

Emma and Sven organised and created all of the decorations themselves. It was a simple, elegant, and beautiful set up.
The candles were melted by themselves, the string hand glued, and the paper hearts cut out in their spare time.
This truly was their wedding and their effort!

First of all, the wedding speeches!
Yet again, guess who started crying!?

Yep, you guessed it... Me.
Emotional, truthful, and heart warming words.
If I was Emma, I think I would have broken down in emotional tears!

We sipped on champagne, demolished the tender hog roast, and before we knew it, the evening party had begun!

Queue the precious moment of the first dance...


The children were first to hit the dance floor, hyper on wedding cake, they could not wait to show off their dance moves!

We tasted the adorable fairy and wedding cakes before we were surprised with another delicious treat!
Fish or sausages, chips and mushy peas were being carried in wicker baskets around the tables for those who fancied a nibble.
What a very British idea, and the perfect sized pick me up as the evening went on.
Crispy battered fish and proper chip shop chips- Winner!

Before we knew it, the night was coming to an end. Children were falling asleep after their hyper dancing and most of the women were regretting wearing heels so awfully high!
We wished the beautiful couple our well wishes and headed back home to bed.
It was such a beautiful, family event.
One which really does make you appreciate the smaller things in life.
I'm awfully chuffed for my cousin.
Before, I could not help but still see him as the boy who we used to play catch with in the garden or who we ate a million packs of pringles with.
Now, he has his own family and I could not be happier for him and his bride!

Congrats Sven and Emma, I hope you had a memorable day, and I'm sure you will have many wonderful years to come!
It is only just beginning...

Finally, one of my favourite shots from the day, how romantic under the old oak tree!


  1. What an absolutely stunning day, I love their attention to detail down to the smallest thing like the cut-out hearts. So adorable.
    Your granny and her sister too are so cute and happy together.
    What a wonderful happy happy post, thank you so for sharing it with us
    x x x

    1. I know, that is exactly what I loved. The fact that they hand made the centre pieces etc together wanted to make me cry again!
      Thanks Ibbs, I'm glad you like it! Sharing is caring! xx

  2. Looks amazing! I always cry at anything wedding related (especially when I read about proposals, oh dear and don't even get me started on how often I get goosebumps whenever there's a wedding on tele or something, my boyfriend always says I'm like a wedding radar!)
    The photo of your nan and her sister is heartmeltingly beautiful :)

    1. Well I usually set off crying just watching Don't Tell the Bride, I'm surprised I didn't spend the whole day in floods of tears! xx

  3. This looks beautiful, I love your dress and everything! And that photo with the converse's is perfect ahaha, I want to be like that!xx

    1. Thanks Paprika! I love the fact that they were white converses too, could do blue ones for 'something blue'! xx

  4. Wow! This looks so stunning.
    I absolutely LOVE the bride and groom hay bales! Such a good idea. And the converse - fantastic.
    You look lovely! Weddings are such fun, I always end up in tears too! XX

    1. Aww thanks India! Hope I can go to another soon, it was such a lovely day! xx

  5. Looks like a beautiful wedding :) your hair looks gorgeous! x

  6. This looked like such a beautiful wedding, and i loved the theme. This has made me so excited for my brothers wedding in a few months time.


    1. Oh your brothers will be awesome if they are close family! Enjoy the day, jealous I'm not going to another! xx

  7. such a beautiful wedding Em! I love the idea of the seeds on the table! so cute! xxxx

    1. Asked my uncle and he says it was the same seeds as the flowers on the table.... CUTE! xx

  8. In my opinion, the details are what make the wedding, and it looks like this celebration has got LOTS of them! So happy I found your blog! I'm here to stay. Would be flattered if you'd have a look at my blog as well! xo

    1. It truly was THEIR wedding, adorable! Oh thanks! Hope you stick around, its always great to hear familiar faces! xx

  9. Looked like such a lovely day! I love weddings! Sadly I don't have any to go to this year, boo.

    And I've said it before and I'll say it again....well jel of your hair! It's SO beautiful you lucky thing :) You looked lovely.

    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Same, I want to go to another ASAP!
      Awww Caroline, your making me blush! Thank you :) xx

  10. Not sure how I came across this post but so glad I did. What an absolutely wonderful day. Your family are beautiful, especially Grandma. And your hair, stunning!

    1. Aww thank you! It truly was the most incredible of days! Glad you liked it too! xx


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