Friday, May 3

May Top Ten

Fancy knowing which items I am currently obsessed with or cannot live without?
Well today is your lucky day!
Here is a little insight into my top ten favourite things this month!

1) Seriously in love with this necklace from Zara which I just bought for only £23. Statement jewellery and classy!

2) Smoothies. Absolutely obsessed! You name the fruit, flavour- I will give it a whirl!

3) Simple strappy top from Topshop. Definitely buying this to match some white jeans in Summer!

4) Pizza Express recently opened their Summer menu which features their new Leggera Pizza. Under 500 calories and utterly delicious! Gorgonzola, Pancetta, Leeks, Rosemary, Light Mozzarella and Chilli Flakes.

5) Absolutely love this card which I found for my friend's 20th birthday!

6) Fancy a coffee shop style latte in your own home? Hell yes! Hail to the new mini bottles! You can buy them from most Costa Coffee stores or on Amazon.

7) New velvet green slippers I bought from Zara in the sale (sorry no link as sold out!); they are so comfy that I have barely taken them off!!

8) My new Rimmel London lipstick is the standard for a night out! I thought it would clash with my red hair, but it actually really pops with the pale skin! My shade is 01, prime going out gear!

9) How did I live without Almond milk!?! I have no idea... I've been putting this is my porridge for the past week with a banana; it saves a fair few calories and gives a delicious nutty taste with the banana! Love, love, love!

10) And finally... These bad boys from Zara are going to need to be an investment. Casual enough to wear in the day, and the wedge means that with some black jeans they can give you some extra height when out on the town! Cannot wait for these to arrive!

I have a feeling May is going to be an absolute treat!


  1. I normally get soya milk to put into my porridge etc, but I looove almonds, is the almond milk a great deal better? xxx

    1. Well personally I cannot stand soya milk! I know that they are virtually the same calorie wise, but I am utterly obsessed with the almond milk! Usually I'm not an almond fan either, but it gives a great soft nutty flavour! I'd give it a go for sure :) xx

  2. I cannot believe that is a pizza express pizza! Mine neverrrr look that good aha! And those slipper shoes are beauts!xx

  3. YESSSS so much Zara loving in this top 10 :) The majority of my wardrobe may come from there too....
    I'm also a massive fan of those pizza express delights...fingers crossed we'll be getting those bikini bodies sometime!
    x x


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