Friday, May 17

The Alchemist

Magic comes in many different forms.
Love, Disney, David Blane, chemistry, and miracles are to name but a few.

My friend Jenny and I decided to experiment with a different form of magic.
Within the Leeds Trinity Shopping Centre, there is a new magician on the scene.

Say hello to The Alchemist.

A miracle is bound to create amazement and memories, and the rumours of this hot spot had been rippling amongst the students for a while.
Creative cocktails, a quirky atmosphere, and apparently some 'memorable' chicken wings?
Now this sounded like a place we could not miss!

The Alchemist is notoriously busy on a Friday and Saturday night as everyone flocks to their cocktail bar in order to celebrate the weekend. Jenny and I hoped Sunday would be a bit more fitting and luckily the atmosphere was just right; not so busy that you felt cramped, yet enough space for a vibrant buzz.

Unsurprisingly, The Alchemist puts on a show with their cocktails. Syringes, bunsen burners, and dry ice are but a few ways they turn some simple ingredients into a golden delight.

The beautiful Jenny herself sipping her classic Long Island Ice Tea- a light, refreshing, and a peachy punch!
While we waited for our table we spent a good time at the bar sipping our drinks and chatting with the bar staff,(who I must add were very friendly and helpful on advising cocktails! Thank you!).

My favourite drink of the night, the Passion Fruit Mojito. Fruity, light, and not too overpowering. A couple of these could be lethal as they are very drinkable!
The cocktail menu is incredibly diverse, fingers crossed we are planing on returning purely for cocktail testing as their 'teapots' for 4 people and their wilder creations sound delectable.

And the decor?
Quirky furniture, romantic lighting, and wide stretching glass windows.
This sounds like the perfect date location to me!

Finally we sat down with our hungry stomachs prepped and ready to rumble.
The Alchemist offers 'tapas' style plates, perfect if like us you would rather sample a range of delicacies than have the impossible decision of choosing a main each.
A fabulous idea as no one likes the horrific, "Ohhh do I choose the burger or fish?!" scenario!

Now like I said, we had heard a few rumours about their chicken wings...

Ready to see some magic?

Yes. Smoking BBQ Chicken Wings in a rather cool skull with some sticky BBQ sauce.

Magic? Miracle? Memory?
Tick. Tick. Tick.

Our little selection just for two!
Sorry I couldn't take more photos, we were both just too eager to dig in!

First, some Skinny Fries; perfectly fluffy inside and crispy outside.

Smooth Thai Fishcakes with Sweet Chilli dipping sauce! One of the winners of the night, neither of us are big spicy fans, but these hit the spot without setting our mouths alight.

Crunchy Edamame Beans with salt and soy sauce for a cheeky dip or dunk.

A Vegetable Samosa with mint and coriander yoghurt; crispy, light, and cool. Yummm.

But these were our absolute favourites. The Beer Battered Prawn Lollipops with some sweet chilli sauce.
I wish I had a whole stand of these just for myself! Delicious!

And of course, it was time for round two on cocktails!

Colour changing cocktails?!
Yep, chemistry can be cool when it is involved with cocktail making!
Jenny decided on 'The Colour Changing One':
Russian Standard vodka, apple liqueur, cherry flavour drops, sugar syrup and a 'secret ingredient' to make the blue mixture.
Whilst, apple juice, citric acid and soda create the clear bottle.
Pretty cool ey?!

I went for a lighter Garden Martini: Hendrick’s gin, St Germain elderflower, rose liqueur,
lemon juice and sugar topped with lavender foam and finally garnished with cucumber. It looked pretty, tasted fresh, and fitted perfectly with the growing summer vibes!

By this point, we were rather full.
But tonight we were out to have the whole experience. Desert was no longer just a desire, it was a necessity.
We asked the waiter what he would recommend and without a shadow of doubt he suggested the Belgium Waffles with cinnamon, sugar, and ice cream. Eagerly we ordered one of these and also the Sticky Toffee Pudding, two spoons being compulsory!

I think the best way to show you my opinion of the waffles is just to show you my reaction at the first bite.




And finally utter bliss... These waffles were INCREDIBLE. Seriously, I would return just for these alone!

The Sticky Toffee Pudding was moist, spongy, and smothered in sauce. It did a fine job, but alas I doubt any desert could top that waffle!

We ended our night with some charming flowing teas, delightful to watch and full of a light flavour after a filling meal.
Jenny and I ended up talking for a few hours, sipping our teas, and admiring the twinkling lights as the windows over looked onto the city centre.

Without a doubt, I would return to The Alchemist.
Jenny and I treated ourselves to the whole experience this time, but I would definitely like to return purely for their inventive cocktails.
If you are in the area and fancy a memorable experience instead of just a night out, then this is your winner.

A delightful evening with a close friend under some twinkling lights?
I can't think of anything better!



  1. Looks like you had a lovely time! LOVE the smoking skull and those cocktails look yummy. I'm a sucker for a good cocktail.

    Katie <3

    1. Same, I love a bit of a cheeky cocktail mix! x

  2. Looks very nice. The two we have in Manchester are decent spots (though the one on New York St. is tucked away in the arse end of nowhere).

    It's run by Living Ventures who also own (in Manchester) Australasia, Grill on Alley and RBG - so if you like Alchemist you should try those out.

    If they do it in the Leeds branch try the chilli, it's a bit of alright.

    1. Oh I never knew that! Thanks for the heads up, i'll check them out.

  3. Oh my goodness, this place looks so exciting, do you know if they're a chain?
    I love your friend's dress, where is it from?! xxx

    1. Asos!

      great work rowbs. this my favourite. xx

    2. Jenny beat me to it :) Thanks guys!! I think they are only in Manchester and Leeds at the moment from what I know! x

  4. That looks like such a cool place! The wing pictures made me super hungry and the cocktails look fab - I love it when cocktail menus are a bit different!

  5. This is my favourite post of yours so far! It looks incredible and your photos are great.
    One of my best friends works at the Manchester branch and she took me when I went to visit her - if only I had known about the chicken wings!!


    1. Thanks India! I think it is my favourite too, it was such a classy but incredible experience. I felt a bit like a child in Disney!
      Chicken wings for sure next time! :) xx

    2. I used to work at the first ever Alchemist in Manchester, it was so much fun! I always ordered the chicken wings when I finished my shift :). Also great choice on the garden martini-it was my favourite X

      Truly scrumptious blog

  6. What a totally magical place :) You ladies had such a lovely night.
    The cocktails look so fun and clever, I do love a bit of 'science in action', hello Chemistry A level!!
    x x x

    1. Thanks Ibbs, definitely my kind of chemistry! :) xx

  7. Wow. This is a fantastic post and by the looks of it, an incredible evening.
    My best friend visited Leeds last weekend and came back raving about The Alchemist. Hearing her stories and reading all about your trip leaves me with no option other than experiencing it for myself!
    I especially love the skull!
    Love Isabella x

    1. Thanks Isabella! I'm glad you like it :)
      Definitely have another visit, you will probably find me in there sipping on some cocktails with a skull full of chicken wings! xx

  8. This place looks amazing!! That skull they served the chicken wings in was so creepy! I loved it.

  9. Oh my this place looks amazing, your photos are so great as well. Just discovered your blog and I already love so much about it!
    Would love you to take a look a my new blog!


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