Friday, May 31

The Double Day Exam Slam

After an absolute nightmare of a two hour history exam I am now, finally, completely free from revision. Free from history work. Free from exams.
My first year of university has flown by and only has a few hours left: SCARY TIMES!

With an atmospheric buzz humming around the university, the word of summer was whispering on everyone's lips.
But, what exactly does this exam freedom mean? It means an 'Exam Slam' is due!
Before returning to the calm, quiet countryside it is time to hit those night clubs, enjoy the company of your fellow students, and have two days of proper partying!

I came out of my exam feeling like crying. It was not fun, at all.
However, this was very quickly solved with a coffee, chocolate croissant, and the thought that everything was over- there is nothing more that I could do and no point worrying about it.

(Try to remember this if you are yourself facing exams- What ever will be, will be! Good luck and try not to panic, just 'Keep Calm and Carry On!')

I bought myself a bunch of my favourite flowers to cheer up my mood, (which I had to pop onto the blog because I just think they are stunning), and then did the only logical thing I could think of... I burned my notes!

That felt good. So so good! A slight pyromaniac emerged as the pretty flames danced. I did recieve some strange looks from passers by, but it was worth it!
My friend Immy had finished the day before and we thought the best way to start our 'Double Day Exam Slam' would be to go and treat ourselves to some good quality food.

I've never been to the Handmade Burger Co. before.
By George was waiting this long to visit a big mistake!
If you walk past their clear, glass windows in the Trinity Centre, you are tortured.
The burgers can be seen through the glass, piled up and waiting on the counter to be carried out to the ravenous customers inside.
Tempting, calling, and teasing you.
Naturally, this sight quickly won us over! Before we knew it we were sat in the window, watching the world go by, and sipping elderflower presse.
Happy times!

The 'worst possible sight' to passers-by. The horrific torture of eyeing up mouth watering burgers through glass!

When we arrived, the waiter was bubbly, friendly, and showed us the vast perks of the menu. You chose which ever delicious creation you fancied, then some chips/sides to share before going to order at the counter yourself.
A rather nice way to enable you to enjoy your meal at your own pace!

After about 10 minutes of greedily eyeing up the rest of the restaurants food, we were greeted with this gorgeous sight.

Their 'fresh cut chips' were incredible.
Simply that. Incredible.
Crispy on the outside, fluffy and light inside. A solid 8/10 for those little delights!

The Handmade Burger Co. has coordinated with the BBC star and farmer Jimmy Doherty to create 3 special burgers made with free range, rare breed beef. 
We just could not resist trying these, it was a special occasion after all!
Immy chose 'Jimmy's Beef Cheese Classic'. A hearty beef burger topped with mature cheddar, caramelised onion relish, mayo and salad.

She was just a little bit happy with her choice!

And me?
I plumped for a 'Jimmy's Beef Classic'. Identical to Immy's meaty monster, but I swapped the cheddar for a grilled flat mushroom.

My verdict?
Jimmy, Handmade Burger Co...You have a winner here.
I gave up counting the amount of times Immy and I complimented the food while we were eating, it was simply that good.
The bun was soft, squidgy and light. The mushroom griddled to perfection.
But the patty... Oh the patty! It was high quality, mouth watering, and flavoursome with every single bite.
I can't fault the flavour of the burger. At all.
The only issue I had was eating it elegantly due to the overload of delicious mushroom and meaty juices!

The burger was definitely a strong 9.5/10.
Those damn juices hitched the score for double digits, but I'm not complaining!

As you can tell, my burger did not last long!

The decor is relatively simple and comforting. Old oak floors, bright windows and walls, and 'meaty' quotes written in bold font here and there.
You felt quite simply, at ease!

Thank you Handmade Burger Co. You have just kicked off a great start to my 'Double Day Exam Slam.'
Both Immy and I were very happy girls and will definitely be returning soon.
I'm eyeing up the 'Bacon and Avocado' topped beauty already, and Immy their 'Stuffed Burgers'.
I would expect to hear of this delicious place on my blog again in the near future!

But alas, my 'Exam Slam' is only just beginning... Stay tuned folks for the rest of my celebrations, packing, and partying!


  1. Jimmy's farm is 15 mins from my house, their beef is deeelisshhh!
    Your burger looks incredible, and that avo and bacon sounds pretty tempting too!
    At the risk of looking like a bit of a wet blanket, would you do a post on things to take/lessons learnt in your first year? I'm the oldest and I have NO idea!!! Xxx

    1. No way!? You lucky thing! I've loved him ever since he appeared on TV- Farming God!
      Haha don't worry Lottie! Great minds think alike- I'm already writing it!! I know how scary it is, I was terrified!
      Post should be up next week :) xx

    2. Yeah, I didn't really realise he was that well known- We're having our sixth form ball there next month, I'll have to take lots of photos ;)
      Ahh great minds!!! Thanks Emily! xxx

  2. Congrats on being done, enjoy your freedom! Those burgers look delicious and I hope you do get to try the bacon and avocado cause I wanna see it! xx

    1. Thanks Bella! More just relief, I'm really going to miss university over summer! Don't worry- just spoke to the fellas at the Handmade Burger Co. Going back very soon! xx

  3. Huge congratulations on finishing! I'm so glad I read this as I have a feeling I might leave my final 2 exams after this weekend feeling a bit doubtful...You're right, once it's done it's done! I can't wait to be over - I can practically feel the buzz you have from all the way over here.

    Enjoy your summer, Miss-no-longer-a-fresher! :)

    p.s I'm planning a celebratory burger too.mmmmmm.

    1. Good luck Flora! Just remember that- What ever will be will be! No point worrying when you can just move on and focus on your next one/partying! I'm sure you will nail them :)
      Ohhhh I don't like that, I want to be a fresher for ever!

  4. Well done on finishing your exams you deserved to treat yourself! And WOW though burgers look amazing, i will have to find out if there is one near me. I am craving burger and chips now haha, but i don't think that will work to well with my diet.


    1. Thanks Grey! So relieved I can relax for a while! I know seriously good food porn isn't it? Have a feeling it won't be long until I'm back, YUMMM!! A treat every now and again isn't bad...! xx

  5. Yum! You've got a stomach rumbling in California! Congrats on finishing your exams!

    1. Thanks! Glad it's having the same effect overseas! x

  6. Wahooo partay time ladies!!!! Well done for finishing and bring on the summer of fun :)
    They really have hit the nail on the head with those burgers, I'm super impressed the bun maintained its integrity even if you did have a wee bit of a dribble scenario!
    (Loving your jumper too, is it a union jack by any chance?)
    x x x

    1. Thanks Ibbs!! I can finally enjoy the sun and summer (luckily for some they have it all the time in sunny spain!)
      Haha yeah awkward dribble situation with an attractive waiter!
      Yeah, I absolutely love it, I bought it from Topshop when the Jubilee was going on! xx

  7. Congratulations on finishing your history exam! Love your blog and those burgers look delicious xxxxxx GCSE exams are hard enough for me at the moment can't even imagine how tricky uni exams must be xxxxxx

    1. Thanks Izzi! Oh don't worry I found GCSE's just as stressful, its just a different sort of exam. Good luck in yours! xx


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