Monday, June 10

A Cry For Help!

Now usually I do not do this kind of thing.
But today ladies and gentlemen, I am begging.
I am making a heart felt plee!

I need your help.

As you might have seen from my past post about hockey, the Leeds Uni Hockey club is a big part of my student life.
It is by no means just about the socials, the game, or the sport itself.
The club helps the local community, builds friendships, and raises a ridiculous amount of money for charity.
Because of this, it was named Society of the Year by the Leeds University Union over the other 250+ clubs. (You can tell we are just a bit proud!)

But, in order to continue coaching the local community, running charity events (like completing the 3 Peaks Challenge), and generally being more than just a bunch of girls with curved sticks, we need help.
All of this needs funding in order to kick start the events, to supply, and to organise.
So, we have entered the RBS ESSA Bronze Award Competition, the idea of this is simple. Every entry creates a video to showcase their club and the winner is picked by the most You Tube views.
In only 4 days we have managed to raise over 3000 views, but the highest entries are on 12,000 already.

I am not one to beg...
But please. Help out a blogger/student/hockey girl!
Share this video around, watch it on repeat, or maybe just once a day...

But pleaseeeee share this video. It will help us to help others!




  1. I have made sure to watch it! Good luck!


    1. Thanks Grey! I'll let you all know how we do, fingers crossed we get through to the finals! xx

  2. Don't worry, we'll all help the best we can!


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