Friday, June 14

Castle Cottage Cafe

Summer. It is meant to be a time where you can sit in the garden, sipping Pimms, and building up that golden glow of a tan.

But no, we live in England where no matter how hopeful we are that there will one year be a constant heat wave, the weather always disappoints.

Nevertheless, my friend Kathy (who I visited down in Exeter in Easter), is finally home from university and that meant a good catch up was well are truly needed.
When we were at school together, Castle Cottage cafe was right next door to our year group's house. It quickly became one of our favourite lunch spots with its vintage crockery, crumbly cakes, and stunning gardens.
The weather wasn't very sunny at all, but luckily it was still warm enough to be out and about in the flora and fauna.

When the weather is a bit warmer, I promised I would bring my gran here for their 'Afternoon Tea For Two', but today it was just a lunch visit. Yes, I resisted the cake! A first for me!

With the fine English tea flowing, the vintage tea cups where never empty. Kathy and I ordered our lunch and begun the constant flow of natter; what all our friends were up to, uni antics, exam woes... After three months there was a lot to discuss in this quaint, little garden!

I was absolutely starving. Usually I would go for something a bit more interesting than just a jacket potato as sometimes they can be dry as a bone. Thankfully, Castle Cottage actually does a very good job! I needed something sumptuous and filling, by crikey did this utterly delicious prawn marie-rose jacket do the job. Just the right ratio of filling to potato and a soft, butter sweet inside.
Perfect comfort food!

Kathy chose this delicious looking cheese scone platter, served warm with cheddar, grapes, celery, and chutney. They did look rather smashing all buttered up and smothered in cheese!

We ended up buying some coffees after so that we could sit in the garden for just a little bit longer. The decoration is stunning. Amongst the colourful bushes lies worn out mirrors, hanging buckets, and tea cups used to hold candles.

I might take a leap out of their book for summer party decoration, it's a pretty simple style, but oh so effective! They also have a shed in the back of the garden, in the evening the front opens up and serves snacks and Pimms to those reclining in the summers night.
Definitely my kind of place!

After a good few hours of constant tongue waggling, the rain began to spit down and we took that as our queue to leave.

A simple yet utterly scrummy lunch which just hit the spot!
If you are ever around and about in Oakham (the lead town of the legendary county of Rutland), have a pop into Castle Cottage. Even if the weather is pouring down, they do have a snug, cosy interior to dry your brollies.
I'll be back soon. I might have shown you a sample, but you have not truly seen Castle Cottage until you have experienced their tea and cake!
Stay prepared for that little episode looming on the horizon!

Castle Cottage- (Do have a visit to this charming, vintage cafe. It is hidden along the park and church pathway and simply delightful on a sunny, summers day!)


  1. Such a lovely find, a so so lovely to have this wonderful slice of coutnryside England right on your doorstep :)
    That is an absolute BEAUT of a Jacket Pot, I had no idea they could be so prettily presented.
    I'm totally enchanted by all those wallflowers too, Spain may have millions of palm trees....but nothing beats cute old England gardens, especially in the rain!!
    Happy summer break hun
    x x x

    The Lobster & Me

    1. I know! Such a bright idea turning your back garden into a cafe, the oldies especially can't help but love it!
      Its the roses and green, green grass that I love, don't worry, it isn't long until you are seeing them again for yourself!

  2. It gorgeous! It looks very quaint, but it's sophisticated at the same time. Just as soon as I can fly myself across the pond I'll have to check it out :)

    1. What's more, anyone of any age can love it! I think the 5 year olds playing in the flower beds were loving it more than us!
      Don't worry, I'll take you on a guided tour :) x

  3. This is one of my fav little finds! So weird to read about it. I used to live in Market deeping so that area used to be old stomping ground - stamford etc. I took my sister there and we both decided then and there to one day open up something similar! Love it! Ace photos XXXX

    1. No way!! You are literally just down the road from me then, such a beautiful jem of the English countryside that few know about! (Brilliant as we have Rutland/Stamford all to ourselves!) Thanks Lottie :) Good luck with your own! xx

  4. I feel very British looking at those photographs. Teapots, flowers and wheelbarrows :) Lovely pictures. Looking gorgeous as usual lady!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Naww thanks Caroline! Well you know me! I have God Save The Queen on constant repeat, I'm an utter Brit-aphile at heart! xx

  5. That little garden is just beautiful!!

    Looks like you had a lovely day - love a good bit of British!

    Katie <3

    1. I can't imagine anything better than being British! Just a bit proud after the Olympics, Royal Wedding etc! xx

  6. This looks so cute!
    The photos in this are fab, it just looks so adorable and vintagey!
    I am so gutted that I can't get the time off to go to that baking class, it would be SO fun and so amazing :( there was a huge heart sink when I saw the date and time... You should come back from it and then teach me all you learnt ;) xxx

    1. Ahhh don't worry! I'm sure there will be something else up soon that will take both our fancy- if not we can do our own thing! Hahah well since I'm learning from the macaroon master, I might do a lot of posts on them, I'm utterly addicted! XX


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