Thursday, June 27

June Top Ten

So what exactly have I been eyeing up this month? 
Which little splendours have I been craving?
And which cheeky websites caught my eye...?

Well here is an insight into my June Top Ten bits and bobs!

A new and upcoming chef who works alongside Jamie Oliver to create some cracking online food videos. His site has some delicious recipes which are child's play, but look like a shop made creation. Watch out for him in the future!

Now we have all been there. Picnic-ing in the sun, quickly throwing your arm out to steal the last sausage roll before your hungry friends, and then... BAM!
There goes the wine glass all over the food, your dress, and cake. A solution? 
Holders which stand upright in the ground, how did I not think of this before?! Hooray! I found the second picture on Pinterest first, but saw that Waitrose caught on to the trend with the above picture. 
Dress, food, cake, and wine saved!

I've just bought this t-shirt in the sale at only £11.99! I'm thinking of wearing it with some white jeans and wedges for Summer, it is the perfect mix of classy/preppy chic.
(Check out Mango too- they have got some cracking reductions on at the moment!)

I found this door mat on 'Not On The High Street' and well, I couldn't stop laughing! It is a great idea to give to your parents if you are a bit stuck for a present, or of course just a bit of fun for your own front door. Have a look at their site for some other cracking personalised gifts and home accessories, (a prime solution for Christmas/Birthday ideas.)

5. Cheap Smells
I swear by this site. Everyone needs to have a signature smell, one that gets their nostrils flaring and the men's hearts melting. Flora by Gucci is my choice, but by George it is far from cheap! If I bought some Eau de Parfum from the big names on the British highstreet, I'm looking at around £70 which a student budget really does not allow. The solution= Cheap Smells. I was reluctant to buy perfume online (and please do be careful because of the con artists at large), but I can vouch the reliability and credibility of this site. After numerous recommendations, I gave it a go a few years ago for Christmas and it is still saving me around £25 a bottle.

6. Pandora's New Spring Collection
I've had a Pandora bracelet now for around 7 years which never leaves my wrist, finally this dear possession of mine is nearly full. I absolutely adore their new Spring Collection full of fairy tale inspired charms, (the frog prince and castle are my favourites), I might just have to buy one soon for the finale piece.

I found this website after a review on another blog and may have splashed out my credit card within minutes. For any baking addict, vintage design lover, or crafty soul, go have a gander. From adorable paper striped straws to delicate cake stands, they seem to cover those little things you see in magazines but can never find!

A £15 Summer staple. Need I say more than sun, wedges, and Ray Bans?

A simple, classy, and elegant touch to any outfit. Zara once again nails preppy style! (Plus it is a absolute steal at only £19.99)

This week I finally fixed my phone screen after 4 months of a spiders web screen and glass embedded fingers. At a hefty cost to repair, I bought a new cover to (hopefully) save me the hassle of having to pay up again. It is currently on sale at only £18 and comes in stock for an iPhone 4/4S/5. A beautiful ladylike support for my delicate and beloved phone!

(P.S. Topshop ones are dreadful since they do not have a 'lip' to protect the screen round the edge, sadly I found this out the hard way! Beware, stylish covers can equal big repair costs.)

Come on July, bring out some more winning bits and bobs for me to wear and find! 
(And some decent weather please, I miss the sun.)



  1. I love these posts!!!
    You've got me trawling the Mango and Sweet Lulu sites!
    Cheap smells is literally one of my lifesavers, my mum knows the guy who owns it and their deliveries are so speedy!
    I am so so close to buying that little misguided dress, isn't it adorable?? I seem to have a fetish for anything with daisies, polka dots or stripes!
    Lottie xxx

    1. Its such an awesome site, I seriously want every sort of straw in every single shade!
      I'm eyeing it up to... Do we don't we?! xx

  2. I love all of these things - the t-shirt and the wine glass holders are definitely my fave! Aside from ruining your outfit/picnic, spilling drinks is SUCH a waste of good alcohol ;) Bxxx

    1. Spoken like a true student! Never, ever, waste alcohol!
      Great minds think alike!

  3. Gorgeous selection! Those ├ęclairs have my mouth watering. May have just had to wipe drool off my keyboard... oops.

    Katie <3

  4. Flora by Gucci is so adorable! I've just used up the last few sprays of my bottle, which has made me very sad. I want to go and get another one, but given the number of perfumes already in my collection, I don't know if I can really justify it!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

    1. DO! You can't replace its scent, its utterly incredible. I'm still saving up... Damn it :( xx

  5. Woweee this post has got me all excited about all those little things! I love it, thanks for sharing x

  6. haha I love that customised welcome mat! mine has recently needed discarding to in the lookout for a new one.. this certainly fills the part!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. It is the little things in life after all...! xx


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