Monday, June 3

No Longer Feeling So Fresh

All university exams in Leeds are now done. Finished. Finito... Finally!
As you recently saw, I celebrated with my epic burger first and foremost, but thankfully, I was still a 'Fresher' for a couple more hours.
Before returning home to the calm, quiet countryside, it was time to literally 'Go hard before going home!' 
Two nights of a 'Double Day Exam Slam' to give it that final bit of bump and grind. 
Challenge accepted.

First up, Tequila! Immy and I decided to celebrate at one of our favourite nights in Leeds on a Thursday. Tequila at the Mezz is renowned for its raucous behaviour, body shots, and love for the classic Mexican spirit.
It is never a quiet night and this week, it did not disappoint!

After a night of constant dancing, my feet needed a break. I spent the whole day snuggled in bed, packing, and eating multiple bacon sandwiches in order to be on top form for the final night in Leeds. Priorities set!

On Friday the student union's night was calling to us. Donned with a bottle or two of champagne, we set out ready to further destroy our feet at Fruity and celebrate the end of Freshers in true 'unayyy' style.

Flick, Jenny, and I getting ready to head out!

Naturally, Jenny and I managed to borrow some costumes from students doing the famous Otley Run pub crawl.
I rather think the Elmo hat suited me!

Fruity was incredible. A few of us spent the whole night together, bumped constantly into old acquaintances and friends, and danced until our feet wanted to drop off. 
I can't think of a better way to have celebrated my first year!

Naturally, after two heavy nights out, it was save to say that we were no longer feeling so fresh! (Physically, and also considering that I was only a fresher for a few more hours.) Since today was the day I was driving back home to the countryside, a few friends and I decided to go for brunch in our favourite little hot spot.
We met under the stone arch way, laughing about the night before, and set off through the blue bell wood to Headingley.

Love Rouge is one of the most charming little bakeries I know. I did a post on its quaint, vintage interior earlier in the year, but since then they have had a bit of a renovation!
Armed with cupcakes, brunch, and coffees we headed upstairs to check out their new upstairs.

Peanut butter and jelly cupcakes, I think the picture says it all! Yummmm!

The crew all nursing their sore heads; Sophia, Immy, Emma, Flick, Celine, and Emma.

The new upstairs was bright, airy, full of cute bunting, and has an adorable vintage charm.
It definitely has our seal of approval too as before the downstairs could be ridiculously busy.
Upstairs + New Seating = Cupcakes all day, everyday!

Flick and Emma chose some delicious looking goat's cheese sandwiches whereas the rest of us were craving some creamy eggs.
Sophia and I decided upon scrambled eggs on toast (with smoked salmon for me), and Immy picked dippy eggs and soldiers.

Immy's soldiers had some rather unique egg cups that made us all have a good giggle!
I couldn't help but admire Celine's eye shadow too, this Parisian girl certainly has style and pulled off this colourful palette amazingly well.

I just couldn't leave without a cupcake, that would be an utter crime!
Their new banoffee flavour was beckoning to me, and I was certainly not disapointed.
A banana and toffee cupcake base topped with creamy vanilla icing.

If you are visiting Headingley, Love Rouge is well worth a visit. Crammed full of delicious cakes, brunch options, and milkshakes it is a student's dream with its cheap, but oh so scrummy food!
But before long, it was time to go back to my dorm and pack up the little car of all of my room.
Feeling just a little bit emotional, I packed up my car, locked by door, and said goodbye to Devonshire Hall.

It has been such an incredible year as a Fresher and I can't wait for second and third year already.
I quite like being a student!
But, alas, being home is no bad thing at all, I had the best possible welcome when I arrived back in Rutland.
Thank you Leeds, it has been a good one!
But, blue skies and stunning fields means one thing...Hello summer!



  1. Looks like you're having the time of your life! I love reading blogs of girls having a good time :) Yummy food too. Currently on a pre-holiday diet so need to stop looking at all these delicious food photos...!
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Thanks Caroline! It definitely was an incredible year, shame it ended so quickly!
      Ohhh you don't need a diet at all!

  2. I haven't been to Love Rouge in forever - I absolutely love the makeover, might have to pop in soon for a cheeky cupcake! xx

    1. I would, hands down my favourite spot in Headingley! xx

  3. Ending first year in style! Sounds like you had a great time - exams aside - and I'm sure your second year will be just as good - if not better!
    Ahh parisians, how do they pull off cool so well? your friend has amazing make-up skills!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. Yeah take out exams and it was definitely epic! Fingers crossed 2nd and 3rd will be!
      I know, us Brits just can't replicate it can we?! x

  4. Don't worry second year is just as much fun :)
    Hope all of your exams went well.
    Hoping to try out some of your recipes once my last exam is done on Wednesday. I don't think I can find many more ways to procrastinate!
    Isabella x

    1. Ahh yay! I'm already counting down to September!
      Oh good luck in your exam! Hope the recipes go okay and let me know how they go! xx

  5. I'm so jealous that you've finished! The you and the dress you wore to brunch look so pretty, it's a pity I can't wear yellow!
    I've really jumped on the whole egg breakfast bandwagon.. They're sooo good, especially with smoked salmon, and even avocado + tobasco! xxx

    1. Thanks Lottie! Little Primark number I picked up for £10 which was not too shabby! Don't worry, not long until yours are over too!
      I love your style, smoked salmon is my favourite food, especially for breakfast! Great minds think alike :) xx

  6. B E A U tiful post, as ever! Some top quality nights out followed by such a picturesque walk and then a total babe of a cafe!
    Pretty please can I come visit you next year as you seem to have such a lovely time at some wonderful eateries! This cafe looks to be the perfect place for ignoring a hangover, and the £10 afternoon tea looks way too good to miss out!!
    Have a lovely time back at home
    x x x

    1. Cheers Ibbs, always such a charmer!
      PLEASEEEEE do!!! I'll show you some hot spots in Leeds!
      We can nail that afternoon tea together, get some awesome cocktails, and grab some sushi in Harvey Nicholls. Lush!

  7. Beautiful post- jealous that you live so close to the woods because I love bluebells!
    Do update us on your summer adventures! Do you have any plans already?

    1. Oh don't worry, I'm in the middle of the countryside, everywhere you look there are fields and no shortages of woods!
      Plenty! Got a holiday here and there, but don't worry, you will get a summer summary on here! :)

  8. Your hair is so beautiful, i am so jealous of it! And that cupcake shop look so cute, i wish we there was something like that round here, we just have chains of coffee shops.


    1. Ahh I know what you mean, we have all the standard big brands, especially in Leeds. Luckily at home in the country it is mostly little brands and independent shops, otherwise it is all so same-y! xx


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