Wednesday, June 5

Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream

Ice cream.
The classic, creamy, refreshing summer staple.
99 Flakes, Cornettos, Raspberry Ripple.... You name it, everyone has their favourite flavour to tingle their taste buds!
Sadly for those on a diet, ice cream is not the most friendly food for your thighs.
But for everyone out there watching those pesky pounds, you do not need to miss out on this flavoursome fun!

This afternoon I was heading out for a picnic with my friends Jenny and Amelia. Since the weather was truly incredible I thought that I would whip up a quick batch of my favourite summer treat.

Say hello to my home made...

'Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream with White Chocolate and Pistachio Cones!'

Unbeliveably simple, packed full of flavour, and incredibly low on calories.
This batch makes a huge tub full which is enough for eight very large portions, this only turns out at around 200 calories each.
Made in around 2-3 hours, all you need is a blender/food processor and a freezer.

First of all...
Chop into small pieces 100g of ripe strawberries, pop these into a tray, and leave in the freezer for an hour. (These will be your delicious strawberry chunks!)
Next take 500g of fresh strawberries, halve them, remove the stalks, and put into a food processor with 100g of caster sugar.

Blend your strawberries and sugar until a smooth, ruby red purée.

In a large bowl, tip in 600ml of low fat crème fraiche and using a wooden spoon, combine with the strawberry purée.

Once fully mixed and a pretty, pale pink, pour into a freezer box and freeze for one and a half hours.
Meanwhile, it is time to create those white chocolate and pistachio cones!

Melt 100g of good quality white chocolate and finely chop 75g of pistachio nuts with a knife.

Dunk your eight (or more) cones in the white chocolate, let the excess dribble off, and use a tea spoon to cover with pistachios.

Pop these into the fridge until needed in order for the chocolate to firm up.
After around one and a half hours, break up the pieces of strawberries if they have stuck together, and mix into the ice cream.

Slide back into the freezer for another two hours or so and you are ready to go!
Skinny, scrummy, and simple. 

Time to head off to the picnic!

In the charming little county of Rutland, we have Rutland Water. A huge made made reservoir to sail upon, cycle round, or just to relax on the banks of.

I found Jenny and Amelia on the Hambleton Peninsula, here we discovered the perfect little patch to set up our picnic.
The sun was shining, the birds singing, and the food began emerging from the picnic hampers!

Jenny brought along her special Nutella brownies, I'm definitely going to have to ask for the recipe for these little devils. Yum to the max!

But with the summer sun finally emerging, ice cream was first on the agenda before it all melted!

Refreshing, creamy, packed full of flavour, and topped on a crunchy cone.
Amelia and Jenny were certainly fans!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring spoons...
Oh well, the ice cream scoop will just have to do!

Definitely a strong summer winner, and one that you could make with any fruit you fancy. I think that I'm going to try a little blackberry/cheesecake creation in the near future- stay tuned!

Time to dig in to the rest of the picnic!

Yeah... The sheep were a bit creepy. Originally we thought they were cute. Eventually we felt like they were stalking us and attempting to steal our food. Not on.
They soon learnt who they were messing with, we were not sacrificing our brownies and ice cream!

We have our eye on you sheep!

Full of food, a little bit sunburnt, and up to date on all the gossip, we finally left Rutland Water after a good few hours.
All in all, an incredible afternoon with my two good friends. The perfect way to kick start summer!



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  2. This is my favourite of your recipes so far! Just happened to buy a big punnet of strawberries and have creme fraiche in the fridge, may have to try this one this week!!! :)


    1. Thanks Reena! It is one of my favourites too, and sooo adaptable!
      Let me know how it goes!!

  3. This looks super scrummy, especially with the pistachios!
    Do you know whether I could use sweetener that pours like caster sugar as a replacement? Xxxx

    1. I'm pretty sure you could, or even just half the sugar. The strawberries themselves are quite sweet. I've also swapped the sugar for honey instead, turned out rather nice and you did't need as much for the same flavour! xx

  4. Wow! Beautiful pictures, those icecreams look incredible!

    Katie <3

  5. This is such a gorgeous post. The ice cream looks amazing and you all look gorgeous! xoxo

    100 Follower Giveaway: Essie, Urban Decay, Soap & Glory, Lush!

  6. Strawberries, white chocolate, and pistachios is a combination that will ALWAYS taste amazing. and as an ice cream? heaven!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the cones- I'll be trying that this summer. :)

  8. hashtag DOMESTIC GODDESS!!!
    homemade crusted cones? Marry me?!?!
    x x x

  9. this is such a cute post! i'm so jealous of your cookery skills - I love so many of your recipes you've blogged. Those brownies look AMAZING too.


    1. Thanks CE! I'm no Nigella or Jamie Oliver yet, one day maybe though! Aww aren't you a charmer, have you tried any yet? Let me know how they go! xx


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