Sunday, June 23

The Exeter Arms

At this exact moment, I am snuggled on my sofa for the first time this whole week.
Simply relaxing, blogging, and sipping a steaming cup of fine English tea.
I have nearly finished a month long job working as a boarding house parent at a local junior school which has been an experience I will never forget.
On a daily basis I am cooking, caring, washing, and generally being a stand in 'mother' who lives on site to care for these little darlings day and night.
Whilst I adore this job, it is very hard work and mentally tiring as you always have to listen and be on the ball.
Since my parents have likewise been rushed off their feet all week, my Dad offered to take us out for dinner as a well earned treat.

The Exeter Arms is a quaint, smartly refurbished pub just outside of Stamford in Easton on the Hill, Lincolnshire. 
Located on the main road leading to the A1, there is no surprise that it usually has a strong hustle and bustle after achieving a high reputation locally. 
It was even deemed 'Restaurant of the Year 2012/13' in the Food and Drink Awards. 
No pressure for some delicious food then!

In true family style, the natter began, our holiday plans became set in stone, and a couple of glasses of crisp, fruity Sauvignon Blanc quickly disappeared.

Luckily we visited on a relatively quiet night. The atmosphere was warm, easy going, and not too overwhelming so that we could talk to our hearts content at a light volume.

I absolutely adored the aged, countrified decor. Vintage signs, copper pots and pans, and the exposed stone work created such a welcoming atmosphere inside. I would even go as far to say that it had a dash of that unbeatable 'homey' charm.
And naturally when you are at home, this means one thing...Comfort food!

In true English style, my Mother chose fish & chips. Yet this was no ordinary fish & chips which emerged from the kitchen...This was a whale.
A crispy, yeast battered, flaky whale which melted in your mouth. Accompanied by some fluffy, golden chips and of course, the beautiful creation that is mushy peas!
I managed to persuade my Mother for a cheeky nibble (for test purposes only of course), and I must say that she made an excellent choice. This was mouth wateringly good!

Likewise my Dad is the very classic British gent who simply thinks there is nothing better than meat + two veg, or a hearty English pie!
In true comfort food style, he plumped for their cottage pie which he assured me had a very good ratio of meat to potato.
I didn't dare try to steal a bite of his golden pie, but he seemed very pleased with his choice!

But as you might have seen from my past posts, I'm a fish addict. If fish (especially smoked salmon) is an option, then I am sold.
So, what 'little' delight did I choose from their Summer menu?

I only went and picked their 'Fish Platter' meant for two.
Yes that is right, I love fish enough to eat for two, (and enough to finish every last morsel!)
On this divine platter created by the heavens above was:

A sweet, flavoursome pot of cray fish which was complimented perfectly by the sweet chilli dip.
In the words of Jay Z, that s**t is definitely cray. A sweet bowl of beautiful cray all for me!

Two mini 'Caesar salads' of baby gem lettuce, anchovies, dressing, and grated parmesan. Crisp, fresh, and a great addition to help lighten the whole fish loaded frenzy.

Breaded white bait in a charming metal pot. These were one of the winning aspects of the dish: crispy, flavoursome, and oh so addictive when smothered in home made tartare sauce. I could have eaten a mountain of these in minutes!

Beer battered king prawns which packed a punch of hops brewed flavour. They looked and sounded better than they tasted as they were a little greasy for my liking, but my Dad happily stepped in to help!

A mountain of smoked salmon. I was happy. Very, very happy.
These prime quality ribbons of fish held a strong, smoky flavour that melted in your palette and left you craving more. 'Delicious' does very little justice in describing this platter!

Two mini cups of their soup of the day, 'Broccoli and Stilton'. Even though creamy and light, I do wish the flavours would have been just a wee bit stronger as I like my soup to have a powerful punch. Each to their own I suppose!

And finally, their smoked haddock scotch egg was magnificent.
The yolk was still warm, runny, and perfectly cooked whilst being nestled amongst a ball of smoky, rich haddock and potato. Of course when you add on to this a crisp, golden outer layer, the chefs were truly onto a winner here.
Such a simple concept, yet a clever one which played out very well.

The platter was more than impressive and I managed to finish off the whole display without complaints or woes. It was exactly what I needed and the perfect comfort food to suit.
The chefs involved deserve a pat on the back from me!

But my fishy food coma was not enough. I could manage a bite or two more if my taste buds were tickled and thankfully my Dad felt the same.
Within minutes, 3 spoons and two delicious dishes appeared in front of my eyes.

The Granny Smith apple and cinnamon crème brulee was an inventive twist on a classic. Lets face it, there is no sound quite like the crack of the burnt sugar when tapped by a spoon.
The cinnamon infused apples were soft at the bottom of the pot, and the sugary top complimented the smooth cinnamon cream inside.
The brulee was good, but it was not the winner...

Even though the brulee was rather 'cracking' (get it?!), the chocolate torte with banana ice cream was the winner for sure.
A soft, sweet mousse which melted on your tongue, a buttery biscuit base which crumbled instantly, and a cool refreshing banana ice cream to top it all off.

As you can imagine after this epic selection of some of my favourite foods, I was a very happy girl with a rather full tummy. But, hey!
Moments like this make you shrug your shoulders and say- "Screw the bikini diet, my mouth is having one heck of a party right now!" and spending the night with my parents over some top quality wining and dining seemed pretty perfect to me.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening and my Mother and I were thrilled to be treated to this by my Dad. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up and a family bonding session every now and again!
If you need a stop off along the A1 in Lincolnshire or are passing through the Stamford area, I can't recommend the Exeter Arms enough. A snug, warm atmosphere. Simple, yet delicious food at a reasonable price. And a reputation which I must say upheld itself for our visit.
It is the little things in life after all!



  1. This food looks delicious! Your job sounds really interesting tooxx

    1. Thanks Paprika! Yeah it is non stop and never the same, but it is a hell of a experience I will never forget! xx

  2. If I can scrape the money together I might take my boyfriend here, Emily. That fish platter is right up his street!! Huge foodie-points for finishing it, by the way!! :)!

    In all seriousness we should meet for dinner at some point this summer if you're around.


    p.s your hair looks gorgeous!! Victoria's Secret Model gorgeous! xxx

    1. Go for it Flora! That fish platter was only £14.99 which was a lot for your money, plus they also do a ploughman's one crammed full of meaty nibbles!
      I couldn't not finish, it would be a sin!
      Yessss, sounds good to me! Did you get my email?

      Thank you!!! I've never been called that before! :) xx

  3. So I'm not normally one for fish... But seeing that platter I was thinking I might change my ways and become a fish-a-holic! That breaded white bait looks incredible! I really think it's worth the 2 hour drive for me!!
    Fab photos, very jealous of your locks!
    Lottie xxx

    1. If you did the two hour drive I would buy it for you just to convert you. It was really that good. So so good!!
      Thanks Lottie! I grew them myself after all :) xx

  4. Emily that fish platter looks amazing! Could have definitely eaten all on my own as well!
    I think you and your mother made the best choices - fish all the way!!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. Thank you!! Another person that agrees with me that fish is the faultless way. Now just to convince my meat loving father of that too...! xx

  5. What a lovely day, it looks so warm and inviting in there! Fabulous hair by the way ;)

    Katie <3

    1. Aww thanks Katie :) It's a little gem of a place! xx

  6. That food all looks incredible! I love whitebait so much, it's so good! Also, your hair is AMAZING! I love the colour of it so much! Makes me want to dye mine!

    Rosie x

    1. Its delicious isn't it! I might give a crack at making my own! Thanks Rosie! It always dumbfounds me when I get compliments as to me it is just standard and normal! Sweet words :) xx

  7. I just discovered your blog and can I just say: YOUR HAIR! Omg it is beautiful. You remind me of Merida in Brave!

    1. Aww thanks Lena! I hope you stick around!! Yessss! Or of course Ariel! I really need to see Brave at some point, got to support a fellow ginger :) xx

  8. can I just say your photo of those scotch eggs has now got me craving scotch eggs so badly. It all looks delicious!

    1. Haha thanks Isabel! Usually I can't stand scotch eggs, but add in some smoked haddock and I'm there for sure! xx

  9. WOWee that's some truly finger licking good food right there :) I'd have been totally torn between the Dad pie and your summery fish!
    High 5 for polishing off the plate for 2, the bikini body can have a day off for sure.
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thanks Ibbs! I'm determined to go back just to try some more of their food, I heard it was good but it really did live up and go beyond what I was expecting!
      I'm assuring myself all the fish was good for me... Just maybe not the rest! xx

  10. Woweeeee that food is making my belly grumble! Smoked salmon is my favorite thing in the entire world & I love having an assortment of flavors at the table. Life is too short to stick to one meal, I wish more restaurants composed platters like that!

    P.S You have the most beautiful hair / like a princess ^.^

    1. Smoked salmon is my favourite too and I would happily live off it if I could! That's exactly why I chose the platter, I couldn't choose a main so I thought I would go for a selection. Problem solved!
      Aww thanks Amy!!! Very kind, I've never had a princess reference before! xx

  11. lovely picutres! your hair is AMAZING! love <3
    Emma xx

  12. I was your waitress the evening you were here. I thought cucumber in an Appletiser would work haha. Glad you enjoyed yourself!


    1. Haha no way!! How did you find my post?!
      Don't worry, cucumber worked well! :)


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