Tuesday, June 18


This weekend for Father's Day, I ended up going on a spontaneous trip to York. I had originally pictured my Sunday morning lazing around, making my Dad a proper full English with all the trimmings, and sipping on a piping hot cup of coffee.

Instead of this beautiful dream, early in the morning my parents, our two family friends Clive and Val, and myself squeezed into our car and motored off to York. Clive and Val were picking up a new car so we thought that it was the perfect opportunity to help them out whilst having an explore ourselves.

Even though York is only forty minutes or so from Leeds, I was yet to have visited this true gem nestled in the middle of Yorkshire.
The legendary cafe of Betty's lies in York, Harrogate, Northallerton, and Ilkley. Having visited their branch in Harrogate with my mother and well and truly devoured their breakfast, we set off with rumbling stomachs ready for another brilliant brunch.

I had a wander around the bakery and patisserie while we waited for a table. Because it was Father's Day it was rather busy, but we happily queued in true British spirit so that we could gaze out of their stunning, stained glass windows.
We even had the delightful tinkling of a piano player to fill the room with her sweet melodies!

With the fine English tea flowing, I enjoyed the piano playing and people watching out of the windows whilst the other adults discussed their planned trip to New York in the fall, (the lucky devils!)
By this time, I had been up for wayyyy too long without a bite to eat. I was ravenous. I could have eaten a horse.
And then a sweet miracle happened... Just as I had remembered, the Betty's ladies emerged elegantly from the kitchen doors carrying my beautiful breakfast over to my rumbling belly. Hoorah!

I couldn't not go for a full English breakfast again! Especially as it arrives alongside a three tiered stand of toast!
The other four parents all felt the same cravings and within seconds our table was covered in plates of bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

We were not disappointed!
The toast especially was delicious, buttered to utter perfection, crunchy on the outside but soft within, and a soft golden brown.

Oh Betty's! You did not half give us a brunch well worth waiting for, I was happily full all the way up to dinner.
Plus, for a Father's Day idea, it simply did hit the nail on the head. My Dad sat their smugly nibbling on toast and sipping their speciality coffee. He deserved a hell of a treat in my eyes!

We didn't have long in York as Clive and Val needed to meet their car dealer, but we managed to have a root around the city centre briefly nevertheless.

The York Minster was absolutely stunning, even on this dreary day.
All of a sudden my parents started laughing their heads off, and of course I was very confused as to why.
Apparently I have been to York Minster before when I was five. My parents found it utterly hilarious as they remembered how I had blown out all of the candles by the alter singing "Happy Birthday", God I was a special child...

Having a wander down the narrow, aged streets, we found this charming little gem. We were lured in by their sweet, sugary scent and at the back of this store two ladies were making fudge, the proper way!

We managed to persuade the ladies to smuggle us a few tasters, and the soft, warm vanilla fudge which we sampled was mouth wateringly good!
I couldn't help but bring some white chocolate and raspberry fudge home, shop bought fudge holds nothing against this hand crafted delight.

All of a sudden heavy rock music flooded our ears, which seemed very odd for such an aged, historical setting.
We just happened to stumble upon the York Carnival on the high street!
Rock music, bands, street food, and performers.
Not too shabby at all!

But before long it was time to leave the pictureque, historical streets to go find Clive and Val's new car.
York was such a stunning place to visit, even if only for an hour or two. I definitely need to return soon and have a gander around the castles and grounds, yes I am a history nerd at heart!
Since it is so close to Leeds, my mother and I have already picked out one or two potential lunch spots for a day trip.
But in the meantime, I ended up gazing longingly at the cars in the Mini garage, nose pressed against their shiny windows, as we waited for our friends to pick up their new prized possession.

Jealous of getting a Mini?!

Oh well...
A girl can dream...!


  1. When I visited York last Spring, I admit my first stop was at the Mulberry outlet store! THEN, I had a sweet treat from Betty's and visited the sights :-)

    1. Oh I walked past that beautiful, beautiful shop! Sadly we didn't have enough time to pop in, definitely number one of the agenda next time!
      Its such a stunning place isn't it?! x

  2. I am long due a visit to York as one of my childhood friends now lives there for her masters. Making a note of everything on this post! definitely makes me want to go there soon!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. Oh definitely go for a visit! It's nightlife does not have a good reputation, but there are loads of chocolate shops and stunning castles to look around. Plus I saw the building where my favourite chocolate ever begun!! (Terry's Choc Orange)

  3. Betty's is sooo cool! That toast tower! I don't think I've ever had a full English, crazy I know!
    You look super pretty Emily!
    Lottie xxx

    1. I know right!?! It is just sooo British to stack the toast on a tea stand! NEVER?! Oh Lottie you need to change this! Big time!
      Thanks hun, such a sweetie :) xx

  4. Ohhh sweet jesus Emily you are making me so hungry! I love love LOVE your food posts. I already wanted to go to Betty's Tea Room and seeing as you've frequented more than one now I think it's high time I persuaded my Yorkshire boyfriend to take me!!
    York looks beautiful - if I ever end up settling further north than Harrogate or York are big maybe's for me - I love old spa towns and cities. So pretty!


    1. I swear I set up my blog to be lifestyle, but I've learnt that so much of my life does orientate around food! I'm not complaining at the food porn though :)
      Please do! It is a little pricey, but well worth it as the quality is immense, especially their fine teas!
      It truly is the hidden gem of Yorkshire :) xx

  5. Such a wonderful excuse for an adventure :) Definitely worthwhile tagging along for some family fun.
    That looks like on truly exceptional Full English, I really have missed them this year. And such a novel way of serving toast!
    It seems like you've got it all sorted up North, I do hope you took home some of those delightful looking macarons.
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. It unbelievably true though- you really can never beat a full English. It solves a multitude of problems in life!!
      Yeah I did.. Little bit obsessed with them so think I might start learning to make them myself! xx

  6. Looks like an ace day Emily! Love your pics - I think I need to get out of London! Randomly my housemate is going today too boohoo.

    Thanks for the inspiring pics :)


    1. Welcome Lottie! Love how you say that when I'm dying to go to London! xx

  7. Gorgeous post, looks like you packed in a lot!!!

    Katie <3

  8. Holy moly! This post was absolutely GORGEOUS! It makes me want to print this and follow step-by-step when I'm in York!

    Xx Sarah

    1. Aww thanks Sarah Lee!! Seriously do visit, I can't recommend it enough!!

  9. I live very close to York so I may be biased, but I think it is one of the most beautiful places in England. Looks like a lovely day :)
    Love Isabella x

    1. Ahh Isabella! I'm so jealous you live nearby... I was even considering going to university there as it is just so beautiful! xx


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