Monday, July 15

Blueberry & Raspberry Lime Drizzle

There is nothing quite like a drizzle cake.
That crunchy, sweet, sugar topping compliments the soft sponge beneath perfectly.
So why not spice this delicious classic up a bit?

At home, we have one fridge purely for fruit and vegetables, and the other for everything else. Needless to say all of this delicious Summer fruit which is currently at very low prices, is my addiction.
You know what they say, a punnet a day keeps the doctor away....Or three or four in my case!

Anyhow, I found this delicious recipe on BBC Good Food and gave it a tweak here and there, it is perfect for using softer fruit and serving up for afternoon tea.
A soft, sweet sponge that has a bright zing of lime, the gooey fresh fruit, and then the epic crunchy sugar drizzle.
What a winning combination!

As a big tray bake, it makes a lot of squares. Pop each onto some china plates and dish around to your friends, hand out to the tiny children for a water fight break, or sell at your village fete.
It is an all round winner for all ages! I mean... Who can't resist that sugary crunch and the sweet summers fruit?!
I can't, that's for sure!

To make your own Blueberry & Raspberry Lime Drizzle, you will need:
- 225g softened butter
- 225g golden caster sugar
- 4 medium eggs
- 2 limes, grated and juiced
- 250g self raising flour
- 25g ground almonds
- 200g raspberries
- 200g blueberries

(For the drizzle)
- 150g caster sugar
- I used a few table spoons of fruit compote juice, but some smooshed raspberries/strawberries would work wonders too.

Preheat your oven to 180C or 160 fan and line a baking tray with parchment.

Grate the zest finely of two limes before squeezing the juice of both.
(If you are struggling, popping them into the microwave for a few seconds helps you squeeze out more juice.)

Cream the softened butter and golden caster sugar together with an electric mixer for a few minutes until smooth and creamy.
Gradually add the four eggs, mixing in between. On the third egg you might need to add some of the flour to stop the mix from curdling.

Next fold in the flour, almonds and lime zest.

Add a good few tablespoons of lime juice until the batter falls softly off the sponge. Too much will make the mix curdle, but if this happens just add a drop more flour to thicken it out again.

Gently fold in 150g of the both the blueberries and raspberries with a spoon/spatula.

Tip into the baking tray and smooth out for a even top.
Sprinkle over the remaining 50g of the Summer fruits and slide into the oven for around 35-40 mins.

Keep on checking on the cake, ideally you are looking for a golden top with a good bounce back at your touch.
I used a cocktail stick to make sure the sponge was cooked too.
As soon as it is out of the oven, use this little stick to prod and poke holes here, there, and everywhere.

Add the fruit juice of your choice (see the ingredients above) to the sugar, and mix until you have a sugary jus for the topping.

Drizzle all over the warm bake and use a spoon to spread it our far and wide.
(The holes made with the cocktail stick allow the drizzle to seep down into the delicious sponge too!)

Leave to cool completely before slicing up and serving.
(And oh so simple too!)

Dig in Ladies and Gentlemen with a steaming cup of tea in the garden.
A Summer's twist on a classic lemon drizzle with a bit of lime zing instead to add a fresher, lighter taste.



  1. Yum! I'm going to earmark this one for when our summer comes along...perfect for an Aussie Christmas feast! Cheers for that Em!

    1. No worries fellow Em! Thanks for the mention too!! Hope the Blackberry Cinnamon Toast worked out! xx

  2. p.s. I featured your blog in yesterday's post -

  3. I love the use of lime instead!!! This is one I'll be trying out!
    Two days ago I made those 2 loaves of banana bread, my mum & sister demolished one so speedily that I made a huge one yesterday and my boyfriend scoffed most of the chocolate chip one, that recipe is a winner!!!
    Lottie xx

    1. Exactly! The lime gives a little bit more 'zing' compared to regular lemon!
      Haha those banana breads are epic aren't they?! I've put 5 bananas off limits to the rest of my family and I'm waiting for them to go brown... Wish they would damn it speed up! xx

  4. OMG I died a little bit when I saw these photos. It looks absolutely delicious!! Now if only I had an oven :(

    Kisses from Sarah!

    1. Haha thanks Sarah! No oven?!! Is this because of yacht week?? (looks AMAZING!) I'll see what recipes I can come up with without! xx

  5. You really are quite the baker eh! Looks delicious and gorgeous summer colours too.

    Cocktails and Caroline

  6. Wow, this looks amazing! I think I will have a go at trying to make this at the weekend - this looks too good not to try!

    Lucy x

  7. Hi Emily! I love your blog, been reading it for a while now! You take some beautiful photos! I don't want to be rude but was wondering if you could help me? I've just started blogging and am still finding my way around! How do you add more pages to the side bar of your blog? I managed to get about 3 but now it won't let me add any more gadgets, it says I have already installed the gadget I want :( sorry to hijack your blog!

    Looking forward to your next post! :)

    Tara x

    1. Hi Tara! Welcome to the blogging world, (its epic!), no worries! Try the popular post bit, usually you can put up to 10 posts on the side, or of course do the pages at the top bar. It's all really confusing, but keep at it!
      Thanks for the kind words :) xx

  8. Get me to the kitchen ASAP so I can make myself this beauty!
    I'm such a huge fan of drizzle cake and LOVE what you've done here with the summer fruits version. Limes all the way, I always think they are the cooler kid of the citrus family.
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thanks Ibbs!! Its nice to switch round a classic a bit!
      Yeah, I agree... Limes are a bit prettier too aren't they!? I mean, 'lime green' is just such a happy colour! xx

  9. Ooooomgggg this has to stop I can't take oogling over so many yummy treats! I've never heard of a non-lemon drizzle - great shout XXX

    1. Thanks India! It's an absolute winner, I promise!! xx

  10. This looks delicious and not too hard to make; it's right up my alley! My fridge has been exploding with the blueberries I have been picking, so this sounds like a wonderful way to use them up.

    1. Perfect situation for you then! You could even just avoid the raspberries and use up all of the blueberries if you have that many?
      Go for it! xx

  11. Mmmmm Yummy!!! Sounds so tasty! I always see these recipes and I'm like I don't want to make it now, someone make it for me!!!

    Katie <3

    1. Haha I'll send it in the post first class! xx

  12. Hey - just to say I baked this yesterday and it was utterly delicious (and so easy to make with following your recipe and pictures) - thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Ahh yay Claire! So glad it worked out for you! It really is a fab recipe isn't it?! Happy Baking!! xx


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