Wednesday, July 31

Paris, 1: "Allo Allo..."

After months of waiting and planning, the day was finally here.
This was the day that my two friends Kathy, Anna & I boarded the train to St Pancreas Int, London for our trip to Paris.
With our jam-packed bags in tow, we trundled up the stairs to our Eurostar train, destined for the Gare du Nord.

A simple two hour journey to a completely different country, of how I love the proximity of Europe!

The fabulous thing about Kathy, Anna & I, is that we are all studying history at University. 
Having learnt about the French Revolution together in our last year of school, we wanted to see this history come alive before our eyes, (and also rock the 'Parisian chic'!)

The train journey was rapid and everything seemed to be going perfectly...until we stumbled off of the metro at the Place de la Republique.
Within 5 minutes we were drenched in a sudden thunder storm, lacking any navigation, and worst of all, I had a Marilyn Monroe moment over a metro air vent on the pavement.
The gentlemen walking behind us found this hilarious in my flimsy summers dress....I did not.

Finally we found our hotel just off of the canal St Martin and close to the Place de la Republique. This is such a fabulous location if you are visiting Paris as it has stunning scenery, plenty of little cafes/restaurants, and excellent metro lines.

Since it was quite late already, we decided to leave the sightseeing until tomorrow and began to explore the local neighbourhood in search of dinner.

Not a bad view just outside the hotel, ey?

Since it was a stunning, Summers evening, the canal was chocka-blocked with Parisians picnic-ing along the canal banks.
Gossiping, drinking wine out of paper cups, and breaking up the locally bought baguettes.

Finally, snuggled down one of the side streets, we found a restaurant that was a true little gem.
Inside might have been quiet, but this was because everyone was sat outside people watching.
Oh how I love the open sided cafes!

Since pasta was their speciality we decided to go full out and get stuck in.
I plumped for the salmon and cream pasta with dill.

Oh My Gosh. It was epic. Soft, creamy, and rammed full of salmon.
Kathy chose a simple olive and tomato pomodoro, whilst Anna picked a roast vegetable and prawn concoction.

People watching and delicious food?
We felt like we were winning!

Stomachs bursting, we setted off and carried on with our wanderings amongst the sunset lined avenues.

Finally, back at the Place de la Republique, we found out that everything was kicking off.
Argentine tango classes right in the middle of the busy square?
Just a little bit cool!

Plus, under the towering monument was multiple roller skaters, acrobats, and street performers.
A typical Wednesday night in Paris I'm guessing!

But before we knew it the sun had set, our eyes were closing, and our beds calling.
It was time to head back to the hotel before having a ridiculously early start the next morning.

We had a rather special 'something' planned for the next day that we were just rather a little bit excited about...



  1. That salmon pasta looks unreal! Loads of people seem to heading to Paris recently, looking forward to the next post.


    1. Tell me about it!! I think it is because everyone is getting awesome deals on the Eurostar or something, only cost us £60 for a return ticket! Bargain! xx

  2. Sounds divine...sigh! Tango in the idea of holiday heaven!

    p.s. Tried the Blueberry & Raspberry Lime Drizzle tonight. Awesome!!! So good I had to share the link to your recipe on my blog. Cheers Lovely!

    1. I know it was just so romantic!
      I saw it on your blog, literally made my day and I nearly cried! I just love seeing that people like my recipes and it works out okay for them!
      Hope you like the ones to follow! xx

  3. I went to Paris last year with two girls and it was the best few days. We were staying right near where you are. Went to such a fun club called PomPon one night if you're looking for nightlife! I am beyond jealous, I absolutely adore Paris. Looking forward to the next post! Enjoy the magic XX

    1. Its scary how you can actually travel so little and end up in such a wonderful/completely different country! Ohhhh we heard of that club, the hotel recommended it! Sadly we were a bit to knackered for the nightlife... But that just means it is the perfect excuse to go back! xx

  4. It is a very beautiful town^^

  5. Can you believe I've never been to Paris?
    That olive and tomato pasta looks deeelish!
    How central was your hotel?
    Lottie xx

    1. Oh Lottie you need to change this! Even if you just go for the day!
      It was just out of the centre, which was perfect!
      We got the quiet, proper Parisian experience whilst being in a metro with prime links to the sites. Well worth it! xx

  6. that food looks sooo amazingly good! I love Paris, the food is to die for, especially a fresh baguette, YUM! Love the post!!

    A Golden State of Mind

    1. Oh my gosh the baguettes... They are insanely good aren't they!? x

  7. you're stunning! I love everything about your hair: colour, condition, amount and length!<3

    1. Aww thanks Joule! Unbelievably sweet of you to say such things! x

  8. What a great day! Looks like you had a blast :D

  9. Paris! I hope I can visit sometime! Enjoy your trip! :)

  10. Paris looks like a dream and your photos are amazing! xx
    Enjoy your fab time with friends. :D

  11. I love your Paris post! It's so pretty I really want to go back. As I've just been its interesting to see it all from a different point of view :Pxx


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