Tuesday, July 23

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble

If you have not noticed already, I am very much so your typical Brit.

I live off English Breakfast Tea.
I apologise even when it is not my error out of politeness.
I adore classic sports: rugby, cricket, rowing, (crochet?)
Pimms picnics are my perfect idea of a day in the garden.
I'm more than proud of our historical background, the royal family, and the past generations. (A typical University history student speaking there!)

...And, also I'm an absolute sucker for any kind of British food.

You name it...
Fish and chips, strawberries, scones, pork pies... I could eat a ton of them all!
But there is one humble recipe which in my eyes tops them all.

The crumble.
A true, home comfort classic which never falls below par.

Have a nibble in the Summer sun or the Winter chills... The crumble is always your British friend, ready to fill your rumbling stomach with its buttery, crumbly crisp!
And well the custard or ice cream just makes it that smidge better!

At home, my mother uses one crumble recipe which is my go-to comfort.
With fresh strawberries and rhubarb being some of the selection growing in my father's vegetable patch, this delicious dessert steals many a heart with its sweet, sticky centre.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble with Clotted Cream Ice Cream... Can you get any more British and locally grown?
I think not!

To make your own buttery, crumbly crisp, you will need:

- 300g strawberries, hulled and halved

- 250g rhubarb, cut up into chunks
- 85g granulated sugar
- 1 tbsp cornflour

- 100g plain flour
- 85g softened butter
- 85g caster sugar
- 50g fine white breadcrumbs
- 75g of your chosen nut, i.e. walnuts, hazelnuts..
(- If wished...150g crunchy granola)

Preheat your oven to 180C/160 fan.

Tip the prepared strawberries and sliced rhubarb into your baking dish of choice, and sprinkle with the sugar and cornflour.
Use a spoon to help coat the fruit completely and while this is all absorbing, go make the buttery crumble topping!

This recipe will make one very large crumble, or as I have, a medium and a small one together. (AKA. One just for me, one for everyone else!)

In a mixing bowl tip in the breadcrumbs, flour, sugar, and butter.
Use your fingers to rub the butter into the contents of the bowl, it may take a few minutes, but it will ensure that perfect crispy crumble.

Eventually it will resemble thick bread crumbs after a few minutes.
At this point, you could leave it as it is, or try something a bit different.

My favourite choice?
Adding some crunchy granola filled with nuts, sultanas and crunchy pieces!

Pour the crumble topping over the fruit, before spreading and flattening out to form an even surface.

Add a dusting of demerara sugar over the crumble as this will give a delicious golden crunch!

Now all that is left to do is to slide the dishes into the oven and set the timer for about 30 minutes, or until the juices are bubbling up sweetly through the crumble.

Remove from the oven, let it cool down slightly and then dig in while it is still warm.
Serve this delicious treat with ice cream in the Summer, or a big dollop of custard in Winter.
It is definitely an all year round delight!

Hungry yet?

I sure am...

The humble crumble.
A British, comforting classic.
Whether it be warm, or cold the following morning for breakfast (Seriously try this!), it wins over my heart, head, and stomach!



  1. Just discovered your blog, love it ! Great pictures and this recepie looks delicious, rhubarb was my fav as a child. X


    1. Thanks!! Really kind of you! Same, only just rediscovered my love for it! xx

  2. I love rhubarb and that looks so good!

  3. Mmmmmm, this looks amazing! And you take such beautiful photos. Can you come and cook for me please? :)

    Lucy x

  4. Yum! That looks amazing! Might have to try making that sometime soon!


  5. your baking recipes always look so delicious, they make me too hungry! My dad used to always make rhubarb crumble and it was the best, I like the idea of the addition of strawberries

    A Day in the Life

    1. Thanks Isabel! I swear rhubarb isn't given enough justice, glad to see you & your dad appreciate its worth too! xx

  6. Are you serious?! You have strawberries in your garden?!! I am beyond jealous!!!
    This post makes me want to charge into the garden and play croquet!
    I've not thought of using strawbs and rhubarb together, nor have I thought of using granola... I am liking these ideas girlfriend!
    Lottie xxx

    1. I do indeed! They are just off limits and guarded by my father as he knows I will eat them all! Ill try to keep the ideas rolling! xx

  7. Oh wow, this looks beyond delish! Definitely have to give it a try in the near future. I even pinned it on my dessert Pinterest board so I don't forget about it.

    1. Ohhh good shout! I'm a pinterest addict so definitely need to put it on too! xx

  8. asfdsgfhadgjkas. no. words.
    except YUM XX


  9. Love it! Perfect combo Em...thank you!

  10. This stuff is glorious. Truely. I love how it changes a little with each season and it's fruitsxx


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