Friday, July 19

The London Weekend: Ascot

After beefing up on burgers at Byron the night before, we awoke bright and early for a rather special occasion.
A hat occasion to be precise!
Today, Jenny, Katie, Pip and I were heading to Ascot for a day at the races.
The preening and pampering began, the fascinators were donned, and the high heels slipped on... Only to then go onto the London Underground.
As you can imagine, embarking on the tube in full dress whilst suffering in 30C heat, we did receive a few odd looks.

Oh well, we were loving life!
Eventually we arrived in the Royal borough of Berkshire and tottered our way into the grounds of this enormous setting.

Since the races themselves did not begin until 2pm, we had a couple of hours spare to go and have a sunbathe, rest our (already) aching feet, and get out of the steaming sun.
Tight dresses are not the best outfits for a heat wave, but fashion needs must go first!

The lovely Pip in a little floral number, (this lucky lady had an open backed dress to cope with the heat! Jealous!)

We settled down under a prim cream parasol for a few hours just simply people watching and sipping ice cold drinks.
It was ridiculously hard to resist reclining in the deck chairs, getting into them would not be the issue, it would be getting out that would cause mayhem!

Suddenly there was a fanfare that beckoned to our ears, so we quickly scooped up our bags and beverages before dashing over to the arena.
The horses were finally on show!

By the time of the first race, it had certainly perked up in numbers whilst we had been away sipping.
A buzz hummed around the stands, excited for their potential winnings. 
Flocks of people were huddled down below, whilst you could hear the giggles, cheers, and laughs of the select few in the premier boxes above.

The horses emerged to plenty of gentle claps, they set up into their boxes before the whole stadium drew quiet in anticipation, and then... They were off!
The crowds went crazy, cheering, hoping, and praying their bid would win.
And then... the relief (or cries) as the huddle of horses crossed the line.
The electricity of excitement around the ground was palpable!

So here we were, dressed up to the dolls, soaking up the sun, and getting lucky on some beautiful fillys and colts. Truly having an incredible day that seemed as if it could not get any better!

But... Oh wait! Guess what we were treated to?

Top quality, beautifully crisp Veuve Cliquot Champagne.
Today was definitely a good day!

Cheers all around!
Below is myself, Jenny, Pip, and Katie after we sweetly persuaded a gent to take a group photo for us.

I'm not a better, I never have been. A risk taker occassionally, but even after a couple of glasses of bubbly, I am by no means a better!
But, I could not have come to Ascot without doing a cheeky little gamble! £3 seemed like a teeny, tiny try and so we headed over to the larger than life 'Big Jim' to put in our bets.
I chose Cafe Society, a ginger coloured horse rode by a ginger jockey. (Seeing a relationship here?)

Unfortunately, my horse didn't win. But Pip struck up lucky with a tidy £7 profit! It is the small things in life after all!

After watching a few more races, finishing off the sweet champagne, and nibbling on some ice creams, we decided to head off home.
It had been a truly incredible day, one full of fine outfits, true British charm and plenty of happy fellow racegoers.

Drained of energy and in my case, sunburnt, we embarked back on the train to the city.
This was a day of finery and charm, whereas tomorrow is the exact opposite!

Day two of my London Weekend finished... But by George, what crazy, colourful antics will be in store for the finale I wonder?


  1. you look lovely, that dress looks great! i know what you mean about the atmosphere...i worked at at Epsom races last year and it was such a great day!

    1. Thanks Dominique!
      Oh wow, jealous of you at Epsom! Just a slightly cool job! xx

  2. Love the black & white pic of the four of you Em, just gorgeous!

  3. My mum will love this post, everyone but me rides in my family! Emailing it on!
    I'm especially looking forward to the third!
    Lottie xxx

    1. Jealous of your family, I wish I continued riding!
      Thanks Lottie! xx

  4. Ooooh Veuve Clicquot.. yum! Looks fun :)

  5. You all look so pretty! And I love the detail on the horse with the flag!!xx

  6. Wow, I would love to be able to experience this! Getting dressed up, watching the races, champagne, sunshine; what more could you want? Just lovely.

    A Golden State of Mind

    1. Can't agree more! Some times you just need a day to doll up and don the heels! xx

  7. That photo of all the hands on the railing is just fantastic - something special about it!
    Looks like such a wonderful day. These events have outstanding people watching I find! XX

    1. Thanks India, it is one of my favourite shots too!
      Big time! I could have sat there for hours just people watching the crowds...! xx


  9. What a wonderfully British day :) and you ladies all look lovely glammed up as the belles of the day.
    Such perfect weather for it too, I hope you spent a fair amount of time people watching
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thanks Ibbs! Truly British at its best! Course we did :) xx

  10. Such a lovely and english day you had!!
    You all look beautiful! such ladies =)

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  11. A slightly late comment but I am obsessed with Ascot! You all look lovely :)


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