Wednesday, July 17

The London Weekend: Byron Burger

So this weekend was truly incredible.
A three day stint that I will never forget.
My friend Jenny is doing work experience in London, and so Pip, Katie and I set off for the big smoke to stay in her flat for a few days.
All was going well, we got on the train with only a 45 minute journey ahead...

...And then we found out the station had screwed up and instead of Kings Cross, we were actually on route to Doncaster. Yes, Doncaster.
Not the best of starts!

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry and we did get some hilarious looks from the fellow train goers!

Finally after 3 1/2 hours on the train instead of under 1 hour, we made it to the bright, shining space that is Kings Cross. Hooray!

We met up with Jenny at her apartment (which rather cooly overlooked the Gherkin!), and headed off to Byron Burger with rumbling stomachs. With a truly epic weekend in store, Friday night fuel was a must!

Apologises for the slightly odd colouring of the photos, the light in Byron was definitely not photo friendly, but I think I still managed to show that molten cheesy goodness!
One thing is for sure, I don't do things half heartedly.
If I was hitting Byron Burger, I was doing it properly.
Queue their new special, the Big B!

The 'Big B' is two 3oz hamburgers, coated in double cheese slices, onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, pickles, and juicy burger sauce, all within a squishy potato bun.
Usually I'm a bit of a health freak, but every now and then you need to let your hair down.

And the verdict of this £9.50 burger beast?

Oh sweet nibblets it was epic. Every mouthful was addictive, juicy, flavoursome, and oh so delicious!
Katie and Pip both chose their classics, (which emerged with an adorable flag on top), whilst Jenny and I wrestled with the 'Big B's'.
From all of the groans and moans around the table, it definitely seemed that everyone was beyond happy with their choices!

And just when I thought that it could not get any better, this was all served along side my favourite little bowl of crunchiness, courgette fries!
It was safe to say that I was in the middle of major burger bliss.

Luckily Byron was fairly empty on a Friday night so our food was rapid and the service was quick to help.
The only issue was that the waiter was charming, too charming.
So much so that without any resistance, he persuaded us to choose desserts.
Damn it he was good!

Eton Mess, Rocky Road and milkshakes all around.
The perfect cherry on top of an epic meal!

With bulging stomachs we headed back to Jenny's apartment mid food coma.
Knowing that we had such a busy day ahead, an early night was a necessity in order to keep the energy up.

Byron has a large number of branches in London and is also opening all around the UK at the moment (WOO!), so if you can stop by, do!
Their burgers are second to none. Juicy, filling, but by no means greasy at all.
The 'Big B' is around until the 26th August, and I really can not recommend it enough.
So undo the button on your jeans and let loose ladies and gentlemen, their burgers are more than worth postponing that dream of a perfect bikini body!

Just you wait for tomorrow's adventure...!



  1. This looks like a perf friday dinner date to me :)
    You ladies are looking beaut as ever, and who says men need to have all the fin with the meat?!
    Burgers for the win
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Well said Ibbs! You can't beat a good burger! xx

  2. Wow, these pictures are all super rad. I like the ones of the train ride and that burger makes me hungry..


    New Post!

    1. Thanks Cattail! I just wish the lighting was better so I can fully show the molten cheesy goodness! xx

  3. Love your blog and love Byron! Could you possibly check out my blog, I've just started blogging. Thanks xx

  4. Oh my that journey must have been looong but definitely worth it London is so fun & that food looks goooood!xx

    1. Literally best start of the weekend EVER! (Minus the train bit!) xx

  5. Jealous, I sooooo want to go to Byron!!! We should do a blogger trip to pop my cherry!!
    Lottie xx

    1. I'm definitely up for that!!
      Which one would be your nearest? Cambridge? xx

  6. oh my god that burger looks epic! why have I never had a Byron burger before?! and those courgette fries too...

    A Day in the Life

    1. Seriously.... Go! The courgette fries alone are worth going for! xx

  7. can i have all of that please

  8. I haven't been to Byron in so long as my heart currently belongs to Honest Burgers - something I'm trying to break as there are so many amazing joints in London for such a thing. But for a special I think I can make an exception and rekindle my relationship with Byron.

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. Ohhh I really need to try Honest Burger, I've heard such good things (and seen your epic review!)
      Byron holds my heart to the moment though until beaten! xx


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