Sunday, July 21

The London Weekend: The Color Run

Today was my last day in London before heading back to the countryside.
The heatwave was still thriving at a sweaty 30C, and it was a bright sunny day in the Big Smoke.
So, in such boiling weather, what better way to spend the day than doing a 5km run for charity?!

Katie, Jenny, and I had heard of the Color Run (excuse the American spelling!), a couple of months ago and just couldn't resist signing up.
It was the first time they had brought this incredible event to the UK, and the proceeds go towards helping the fight against cancer.
Jumping up and down in excitement, we donned our t-shirts, sweat bands, and trainers as we set off to Wembley Stadium.

(Sorry about the average photos- I could only take my iPhone with me and the screen is cracked! Nightmare!)

Here we met the fellow 14,997 runners, sweating in the summer's sun, and ready to run around the course.

The crowd was getting pumped, the music blaring, and the excitement mounting.
This was sure to be an experience we would never forget!

But, I hear you say, "What exactly is this Color Run?!"
Is it just an ordinary fun run?
Just a simple 5km jog around Wembley?

Oh no. It is soooo much more!
There is a reason it is known across the globe as "The Happiest 5km on the Planet".

As you go around the course, pink, blue, orange, and yellow powder paints are thrown onto the passing runners.

You arrive in pristine white, and go home like a tye-dye sheet!

At the end of the run, (which was impossible in the heat!), everyone was handed a colour pack and some coconut water to rehydrate.
But did the fun merely end with the run?
Umm... NO.
That was only just the beginning!

After finishing the run, we were far from alone in feeling like a good old celebration.
It turned out into a mass colour festival full of dancing, congo lines, and bright paints!

We were just a little bit happy at this point!

Before we decided to go and join in with the paint fights and dancing, the Color Run's sponsors Dulux Paint had created a special dome to take jumping photos on trampolines.
Even though the queue went on in thick lines, we decided that this could no be missed and joined in.

After each of us had mastered our 'jumps for joy', we decided that we were not covered enough in paint.. At all.
In fact, we all felt so 'clean', that there was only one solution...
It was time to join in with the paint party!

The DJ's music was blasting, the colour packs being readily handed out, and arms frantically waving to and fro.
Imagine a huge rave booming outside in the sun, all in a wide spectrum of pink, blue, orange, and yellow.
There was just no escaping the colour!

Jenny and Katie were definitely in the spirits for some partying too, featuring plenty of piggy back rides to see above the crowds!

The DJ's would put on a banging tune, wait for the beat to kick in, countdown to the breakdown....And then colour just flew into every inch of the air.
Drenching the crowds below with powder paints, and clouding in plumes above their heads, it was beyond magical.

With the back drop of the great Wembley Stadium, and the sheer happiness of the crowds, the atmosphere was buzzing!

But this colourful glee could not last forever and the afternoon was coming to an end.
All three of us decided it was time to head off back to Jenny's flat and clean up before returning on the trains home.
And what exactly was the Color Run's idea to clean up the crowds?

Fire-hoses! (Which Katie and Jenny loved in the heat!)

And of course, massive leaf blowers!

We waved goodbye to the colourful crowds and the dancing music, as we headed off on the tube in our colour stained clothing.

But now we had the problem of scrubbing it all off... Everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE.

Unfortunately, pale skin worked against me and I ended up going to Kings Cross Station with bright pink still staining some of my face and arms.
As you can imagine, this was brilliant to have during the busiest time on a Sunday at the station!

I made it back to the countryside, shattered, colour stained, and with tender feet from the heels and running around all weekend.
Byron, Ascot, and finally the Color Run.
This has definitely been a London Weekend that has stood out from the rest!

Now all that is left is to remove this bright pink stain from my face.... This could be interesting!



  1. The photos are just wonderful! This looks like soo much fun - if only I could run!! Amazing colours, and huge congrats for completing it XX

    1. Thanks India! Maybe next year you might be able to, (really do if you can!) I'm still stained all over! xx

  2. I've run this twice in America! I love it; so much fun! I loved all your pictures! So colorful :) I actually included the Color Run in one of my posts about Grand Rapids, Michigan. If you want to take a look, is where you can find it!

    1. Twice?! Wow, I'm jealous! I bet it was incredible in Michigan. I saw it in America before, so I got unbelievably excited when I saw that it was coming to London! xx

  3. hahaha these pictures are so great! this 5k has been on my bucket list for a long time now, I need to sign up for it the next time it come here! I can't even imagine how much fun it must be, especially the fire hose. What a great way to spend your last day in london. LOVED this post!!

    A Golden State of Mind

    1. Thanks! :) I've always wanted to do some sort of run, maybe a marathon one day, but you have to start somewhere!
      I think the weather helped the atmosphere, it was just a pure party atmosphere! xx

  4. This looks so incredible!!! I can't believe how much fun it looks. I think I'd be giggling like crazy :) I'd love to do this at some point in my life, especially as it's raising money for cancer!

    Gemma x
    Rich Girl Gone Rogue - A Lifestyle Blog

    1. I can't recommend it enough! I just loved the fact it was for charity... And a ridiculous amount of fun! xx

  5. One of my friends did this too & he loved it too! I had never heard about it before, and I love that your t-shirt becomes colourful at the end, nice to keep itxx

    1. I'm yet to meet someone who didn't love it!
      Shame the colour didn't stay on the shirt :( xx

  6. I am kicking myself big time Emily, Josh and I said we'd do it earlier in the year but then I injured my knee and so running is still off the cards :(
    I love the tattoo!!! And all the cool clothes!
    Lottie xxx

    1. Ahhh nightmare!! That sucks Lottie!
      Atleast you know that you definitely want to (and hopefully can!) do it next year!
      Thanks hun :) xx

  7. I was so excited to go to this, but sadly work go in the way! So I'm uber happy to be able to enjoy it through your photos, it looks like such an awesome day out :D and I had no idea that they have this big music party thing at the end- that extra points of awesomeness!!
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Ahhh damn work! Not fair at all...
      Thanks Ibbs :) We knew it was a party, but did not know how much of a party!
      It blew our minds! xx

  8. I love the paint pictures!! Always wanted to go to one of those, looks incred!!! Where do we sign up for next year?!

    Katie <3

  9. Wow must've been crazy in this heat! Still, looks like you all had such an amazing time, and the photos came out great despite it being iphone. Looks like so much fun!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  10. It looks like that Indian Festival, the one with colors - Holi, I think? xx
    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  11. When did this happen and when will it happen again? Hope I'll not miss the next event.

  12. Great blog , I really love your writing style that you are using for your posts and stuff,


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