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Florida: Manny's

I have to admit, I'm a picky blogger. I will only write a post if I am 100% convinced that it is worth talking about and is something I passionately feel about.
From my recent Florida holiday there were so many wonderful experiences that I wish I could share with you all. It was without a doubt a time that I will never forget. But instead of bothering you all with every single wonderful adventure on each day, I'm only going to display the 'crème de la crème' moments. The ones which to me really did stand out.

This is where Manny's comes in.

One morning we were sitting out by the pool, chomping on some crunchy granola and fruits, when we were shocked by an man emerging from the nearby bushes. (Not going to lie, my first instinct was: "Oh God... A peeper!")
But actually, it was the site manager who owned the house and was inspecting the property. (Pheww!) My mother started nattering away to this charming man from originally Manchester, and all seemed dandy, until he asked us about Manny's. He was shocked and blown away that we had not even heard of this local favourite, only minutes up the road.
And in that exact moment, our evening plans were set.
We were told that booking was not allowed, but to ring ahead to be put in the queue as the wait could be huge.
Unphased by this, we thanked the manager and carried on our day with high hopes for the evening.

Oh we were not disappointed!
Having swung open the petrol pump decorated doors, we stepped inside to the bright lights of this American steak house.
It was heaving with merry punters like no place I have ever seen before. Buzzing with a tangible atmosphere.

While we waited for a table, we grabbed the last available seats at the bar and sipped on some cokes whilst admiring their quirky decoration.
Every inch of this huge restaurant was covered, draped, and lined with old car plates, neon lights, and drawings.

It is pretty awesome isn't it?!
Such a merry, chirpy gem where the waiters are constantly cheering and singing.
For such a traditional American bar, it felt more like home than any other place that we had visited.
It had that spark that you want from a restaurant, the buzz of cheeriness from the staff, and the relaxed mood of their customers.
You almost felt like a local yourself!

After a good half an hour wait, we were shown to our table under the ballooning metal lights and eager to get stuck in.
It isn't half tempting seeing incredible food whisked past you with rumbling stomachs!

Our helpful waiter George bounded over, eager to show us Brits what we had been missing.
We told him to give us the full deal, the tradition Manny's treatment. Just minutes later he emerged with an enormous mixing bowl crammed full of an array of greenery.

A freshly tossed salad, mixed directly in front of your eyes in their traditional home made ranch dressing.
It was light, crunchy, and had a perfect ratio of dressing to leaf to be a cracking starter.

The salad might have been great, but the part of this simple starter which won me over was their warm, straight out of the oven, cinnamon butter smothered yeast rolls.
Soft. Squidgy. Buttery.
They were unbelievably addictive!

And I have to say, I would never have thought to add cinnamon & butter as part of a starter, but surprisingly it was incredibly sweet, delicious, and moreish!

 My family & I nattered, people watched, and made up the plan for the next day (the best day by far we were soon to find out!), as we patiently waited for our food.

And then... It arrived.
A steak like no other.
You simply chose your mouthwatering steak from the menu, it was cooked exactly to your liking, and literally topped with anything and every thing that you could possibly desire.
Whilst the likes of my Dad & brother Ben, were digging in to their T-bone steaks smothered in mushrooms, my Mother & I went for a lighter, more tender option.

My 10oz serloin was without a doubt one of the best steaks that I have ever had, (and I have had a few to say the least!)
This steak was up in the ranks of my visit to the best steak houses in New York, my favourite restaurants in London, and much to my Mother's dislike, beating her home cooked version too.
It was tender, flavoursome, juicy, and oozing with natural beefy juices.

Cooked to utter perfection and dashed in a little of their house BBQ sauce, I was in meat heaven.
I don't usually get excited about steak, but this was jaw dropping-ly good!
We all just sat there together. No talking. No speaking... Just the sound of eating. It might have put you in a food coma since you couldn't help but devour last bite down, but it was soooo worth it!!

I wasn't expecting anything incredible. In fact I had originally stuck my nose up at the idea of visiting this so called 'rustic local', being worried what it might be like.
I was wrong. So so wrong.
Mannys is without a doubt one of my favourite restaurants that I have visited abroad, not just for the food, but for the people, the atmosphere, and the place itself.
In fact, my family loved it so much that we went again for our last night, just to make the memory of those beautiful steaks last longer.

Oh Mannys... If only you had your petrol pumps, neon signs, and juicy steaks in England.
I would be one happy girl!



  1. Wow, looks really delicious!! The place is also very interesting :)

  2. I love it the decor is incredible! Makes me want to open my own restaurant ahaxx

    1. If I did I think I would use this for inspiration! I just love its originality! xx

  3. Oh YUM. That's all I have to say.


  4. I know this is going to sound obvious, but the first thing I thought was: it looks so American! x

    1. Well, safe to say that the Americans are far from restrained! xx

  5. Wow the food looks amazing! Great pictures! I'd love it if you checked out my blog and if you like we could follow each other!

  6. great pictures, this looks like an AMAZING place! :)

  7. Love all the photos! Such a great post :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  8. Love all the photos! Such a great post :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  9. I love the petrol pump door handles - genius!

    That steak looks incredible. I'm the fussiest person when it comes to steak. brown and charred on the outside but still breathing on the inside..!

    Katie <3

  10. I love places like this! So glossy, and brash.

    And that food, wow!

    Hmm maybe...

  11. Oh wow!! Those steaks do look like perfection, but it's the salad and the bread which I am most envious of! Seems like the ultimate american experience =)

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog }


  12. Gotta love America! haha Great photos, this looks like the type of place that would end up on the show "diners, drive ins and Dives", I;m not sure if you have heard of it before but it's a pretty great show! Love this post that steak looks incredible!!

    A Golden State of Mind

  13. This just reminds me how much I LOVE America! Can't wait to get my ass back there next February!

    And OMG, that burger...lovely and pink, just as I like it. Looks a fantastic restaurant choice!

    Cocktails and Caroline

  14. Total 100% US of A authentic slice of heaven :)
    Those steaks.....just WOW
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}


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