Sunday, August 4

Paris, 3: Arcs, Avenues & Art

After all of the joys of Versailles on our first day, we decided that it was finally time to see the heart of Paris.
We began our day bright and early, at the stunning Arc de Triomphe on the famous Champs Elysées.

Word on the grape vine was that the Eiffel Tower was over rated.
Long queues, crowded tourists, and a hefty price put us off climbing its stair cases.
The Arc de Triomphe however has an incredible view, right over the roof tops of the spiralled streets.
I mean, whose jaw would not drop at this view?!

Plus, you could actually see the Eiffel Tower instead of being stuck on it!

The architecture is stunning.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is mesmerising.
And the history that this Arch has seen is, well, mind blowing!

After snapping up a few hundred photos and dodging the numerous pick pockets which lurked around every corner, we headed down the Champs Elysées to eye up the high end shops.

Oh, look what I just happened to bump into?

The smell when you walked in was of sweet, buttery treats.
The macaroon counter was a flourish of colour.
And the staff were oh so proud of the products they were selling!
Even though Kathy wasn't a fan of macaroons, Anna and I couldn't resist buying a few each!

Lemon, Rose, Orange Blossom, Raspberry, and (saving the best for last) Salted Caramel.
I swear that one day I will make a macaroon this good.
I would go all the way back to Paris purely for these bad boys alone!

While we munched on our macaroons, we walked past the gold leaf embossed Opera House where Phantom of the Opera was based, and then on to Place de la Madeleine.
This beautiful square often gets overlooked by tourists, but this is a major error!

The last time I visited Paris was with my family. My mother lived there for a few years and her 'Parisian' knowledge was incredibly helpful.
Especially about this little gem... Say hello to Fauchon!
The 'Fortnum & Mason' of Paris if you will.
This deluxe food store sells caviars, cheeses, and baked goods but only of the highest quality.

We spent about an hour just walking around their bakery with our tongues out like dogs!
Freshly made behind closed doors, and presented in such a beautiful manner, the smell of their stock was tortuously tempting!

If you ever have the chance to visit Fauchon, please do! Their bright pink and black umbrella's outside are not hard to miss! I've been there for breakfast too in the past, and quite frankly, these were the best croissants that I have ever had.
So after scoffing our faces with pastry goods and drooling all over their stock, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed dinner.

While the three of us munched on our Caesar salads, we just simply watched the world go by. This is one of the things that I love about Paris, all of the cafes open up onto the street.
You can simply sip your wine and people watch!

Once again, we were off on a night adventure!
We found that doing some back research worked an absolute treat. Like with the Musee D'Orsay yesterday, the Louvre stays open one night a week until about 9.45pm.
Considering that the last time I visited you could hardly move during the day because of all of the tour parties, we hoped a night visit would work better.

Oh, and how right we were!
It was ridiuclously quiet, and even better it was free entry after 6pm.
(Except incredibly, if you under 26 and in the EU, entry into almost everything is free with a valid ID. This is such valuable information to know as it will save you a fortune in ticket prices!)

Anyway, back to the inside of the Louvre and its stunning art works!

It was remarkably quiet, since during the day you can hardly move, we relished in our space freedom!
You might even recognise this cheeky little piece of art work?

We were having a whale of a time until the speakerphones declared that it was finally closing time. The Louvre is jam-packed with goodies and jaw dropping art work which you could easily spend a whole day searching around.

After another busy day, our feet were about to drop off. Full of cultural art and knowledge, we slowly stumbled back to the hotel and collapsed in our beds.
The next day we were leaving back on the Eurostar for London, but  before we left, we did have one more little adventure to complete in the morning...



  1. Looks so fun, the Louvre must be so nice to visit in the evening, when I went the Mona Lisa was crowded with tourists!xx

    1. Exactly that! For once you actually felt you could appreciate all of the art! xx

  2. Those macarons loo so yummy. And I had no idea about the Louvre's 'after hours'! Will definitely have to hit that up next time I'm in Paris :)

    1. I know!! I didn't know this either until the hotel recommended it...Best advice ever! xx

  3. The Louvre looks so lovely when it's empty, that's a great tit-bit of knowledge to share - thanks hun!
    And so much irresistible pastries and nibbly food, I hope you ate your weight in macarons :)
    x x x

    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Any time :) I did eat my weight in them... And my weight suffered! It was worth it though! xx

  4. oh wow, this looks beyond incredible! i'm absolutely going to have to make a last minute dash to paris this summer just to visit the fauchon
    rebecca xxx

    1. If you did, biggest respect ever.
      IT IS EPIC! xx

  5. Oh if you're home this is useless and I'm so apologetic but Musée Rodin if you can! GORGEOUS garden museum - another cheeky link to my blog in case you want to see what I mean!

    1. Oh I heard about that, we barely had enough time to do the major sights, but there is always next time! x

  6. Very stunning architecture, and the Louvre is so divine! Makes me think of my Art & Photography class before. This is a really interesting post! :)

    REAlity Bites

    1. Thanks :) Oh wow! I'd kill to do that sort of class, very jealous! xx

  7. Ahh Laduree.. I love it oh so much. Last time I was in Paris I just had to go more than once. Seems like you're having such a lovely time there. I remember carrying my passport everyone to show I was in the EU, it's such a funny thing this free EU entry isn't it? works out for us though!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog



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