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The America Trip: Washington DC

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know already that I'm on holiday. (Hoo-rah!)
After working my socks off through June & July while my friends where all whisked off to Thailand, Turkey, or even just the beauty of Devon, I've been waiting ever so patiently for my time to come.
I finished my last shift at work, packed up all of my shorts, flipflops and suncream, and fell asleep knowing that I had a 3am wake up call.
It was holiday time!
And where were my family and I heading to?
Well our first stop was none other than... Washington DC in the big old United States of America!

We had a two day stop off in this incredible capital before boarding another internal plane to our main destination, but I thought that I would give you a sneak peak as to what Washington DC has to offer.
We checked into our very swanky hotel just set off the famous Dupont Circle and headed off to the nearby George Town.
This is the gloriously wealthy and aged part of the city where the likes of JFK lived before becoming President.
My family and I luckily visited DC last Summer too. It was this beautiful moment where we instantly fell in love with the famous Dean & Deluca, a place that we thought  we would not visit again for a very long time.
Of course, when we found ourselves back on its home turf, we just couldn't resist heading back for another visit!

This is a grocerie store like no other. Selling anything and everything of only the highest of quality.

Freshly made sushi is sliced and diced in front of your eyes, coffee grounded to your liking, and cheesecake brownies pulled out of the ovens before your eyes.

We decided to pick up a couple of their treats whilst we recovered from the jet lag.
I couldn't resist their iced coffee, mixed berry sorbet, and coffee praline ice cream... I definitely was not disappointed to say the least!

We ended up having a gander up and down the historic, tree lined streets which are now abundant with famous and high end retail brands.

The Nike store was one of my favourites. As I waited for my brother to buy a pair of custom made trainers (at ridiculously low prices compared to the UK), I ooohed and aahhhed at the bright, fluorescent collection displayed before my eyes.

George Town is a stunning little annex of the city, and one well worth a visit.
Every corner is lined with famous brands, (including a cheeky British Jack Wills that we found round a corner!)
Restaurants are in an abundant supply, and having spent the afternoon recovering from our travels, we devoured some delicious salmon burgers & sweet potato fries before collapsing in bed.
With only one full day to explore the sights, we needed a good nights sleep to prepare for one hell of a treat tomorrow!

In the morning, the sun was shining and the busy commuters power walking to and fro.
We went for a quick breakfast in the Old Ebbitt Grill, the favourite of many a senator due to its proximity to the White House and Congress.

But it was time.
After eating a hearty all American breakfast, we left this delightful grill to embark upon a sight seeing tour like no other...
We were going to see the sights in a quick, easy, and inventive sort of fashion...

So what exactly was this mode of transport?

Only a Segway!!!

We cruised from street to street, disembarking from our electronic Segways for photos here and there.
I even found a charming White House with pretty lawns that I thought was worth a photo or two!

After waving hello to President Obama from the front of his house, we journeyed for the 'famous shot' from the back. Usually you can get pretty close up to the back of the house like we had the Summer before, but today was a different matter.
The Secret Police take no prisoners. (Especially when it comes to the President's safety). 
The whole house had been closed down for 'security drills' and sadly this was the closest that we could get. In every direction there was at least 10 armed guards being as vague as possible, they refused to discuss any details about when it would be back open since "they did not know your security clearance". 
This was joined of course with helicopters, snipers on the roofs, secret in disguise police, and security cameras on every turn.
Only in America, ey?!

Nevertheless, we continued our tour through George Town University, past the Natural History Museum, and finally to the Capitol building.

Ichabod was my Segway which did not half pack a punch!
He was a feisty little blighter! 

Safe to say that my brother, Ben, was loving the Segways just as much as we were!

Finally, we reached the last destination and the main sight of our Segway tour.
(For those Forrest Gump fans: Yes, that is the same reflection pool from the movie!)

We waved hello to Abraham Lincoln, saw a few television crews do their thing, and watched the world go by under the shadow of the Washington Monument.

DC is such a beautiful city and one that I cannot recommend enough.
It's history, tree lined streets, and friendliness of the locals help make it a true gem of America.
But, we could not stay for long.
DC was just a stop over for us on the way to our main destination, and one that was sure to be a magical adventure...



  1. Dean and Deluca looks like heaven for Josh and me, we were reading this together and I stopped to stare at the sushi and he said "No no scroll down, I saw brownies and cheesecake" I hope you had one of those!!
    That photo of you in front of the pool is amazing, new profile picture I think!
    Lottie xx

    1. I swear, you would just love it! Its a food lovers heaven! Awww thanks Lottie, very sweet!! xx

  2. I love all these photos, woah that is so cool, I'd love to go to the other side of the pondxx

  3. I've just come back from the US (but the other coast) much good food everywhere!! looking forward to hearing about the rest of your adventures!

    1. Thanks Dominique, got one or two more coming your way! xx

  4. I really really want to go on a Segway! They look like so much fun.

    Lucy x

  5. May I just say, you look lovely in that white dress. :) D.C. is such a fun place! I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourself!


  6. And that was just a stop over? What a great stop over you have! Can't wait for the main destination! Love your photos! :)

    REAlity Bites

  7. I was basically starving after reading this post, so many amazing pictures of food, oh lord !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

    1. Yeah sorry about that... One thing my blog has shown me is how important food is within my life! It features probably more than it should!! xx

  8. I adore Dean and Deluca, and your pics just make me miss the States even more!

    littleswallow : chinadoll

  9. I absolutely love DC, I spent a year living in Virginia and got to visit a few times - you just never get bored of it! Segways are such a cool way to see the city as well, I've always wanted to go on one!


    1. Segways are awesome aren't they?! Not going to lie... I just loved the look on people's faces as you cruised by! xx

  10. My memories from this post- the mountain of sweet potato fries and your bro's bright Nike trainers!!! Clearly I was paying attention :/
    Hope you're having a lovely family holiday hun
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

    1. Thanks Ibbs! It was incredible! I know.. he has style doesn't he? Lucky sod clashes them with everything but still pulls them off! xx

  11. Dean & Deluca looks amazing - great photos!

  12. I'm DYING to go to Washington!! So jealous! Pictures are awesome, did you manage to take one whilst riding a segway?! Hats off!

    1. Yep! Risked falling off to take a few which probably wasn't a great idea thinking of it... But it got some good shots, he who dares= wins, I guess! xx

  13. The Washington monument looks funky, is there scaffolding around it? Also did you get a chance to see the Jefferson Memorial in the middle of the lake? It is my absolute favorite building in DC

    A Golden State of Mind

  14. I was so happy to see this post! I am a student (high school) baking blogger -- and I am from DC! Can I give you a few recommendations? Go to Kafe Leopolds in Georgetown, Cafe Dupont at the Dupont Circle Hotel, Sweet Green for froyo, and Hanks Oyster Bar! Best bites in the city!

    1. Ahh no way! It is such a stunning city that I'm jealous you live in such a beautiful place! Oh we went to the Cafe Dupont!!! It was INCREDIBLE! When I next visit, I'll definitely give these places a stop by, thanks for the recommendations!! xx

  15. I have heard so so much about Dean & Deluca, can't believe you got to go! well jealous! and the cappuccino cups?? amazing!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog ||


    1. Might have to try to make my own version. They were delicious!! xx

  16. Dean and Deluca always brings back fond memories of Will & Grace! Favourite program ever.


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