Monday, September 16

D.I.Y Chalkboards

It has been a long, jam packed Summer but sadly all good things must come to an end.
The winter winds are lurking, children are back at school & university is beckoning me back up north to Leeds.
Hasn't it all come around so quickly?!

I've decided to get cracka-lacking on some bedroom decor since in my 2nd year of university I'm moving into a house of my own, (I'm living with my friend Jenny & 7 boys... Yes, 7 boys. The kitchen is going to be hell!)

My room is therefore going to be my own little sanctuary which I thought I would pimp out with some homey touches.

Moving into a new house?
Or do you just fancy pimping up your kitchen or bedroom?

Well then have a crack at making your own chalk board!
Handy, easy to make and they can be as big or small as you fancy.

Simply pick a photo frame of your choice, (I would love to make one with a huge ornate gold frame but a charming woody brown suited my colour scheme a great deal more) and place it outside on a standard surface or on newspaper.

Take the board out of the back and flip over to produce a flat, unmarked surface.
Line the edges of the board with masking tape to protect the wood.

Blackboard paint is a cheap and useful tool. I managed to find a large tin in Wilko's for only £4 and it is available in the likes of Homebase too.

Either take the whole board out of the frame and paint on its own, or keep in the frame and touch up the edges after.
Apply a thick coat of black paint in long sweeping brushes, leave to dry for an hour or two and then paint over another.

Try to stop little devils like these from putting their paws in the paint...
(Yes, I did have to try two attempts after my dog decided to clamber all over me & the wet board!)

Once it has been left to dry, gently remove the masking tape or slide back into the frame, clean off any marks with a damp towel and then you are ready to go!

Play around with some chalk or a chalk pen. Make a shopping list, doodle all over the place or write down a memo or two.
And if you don't like it??
Well just wipe it all off!

So simple and remarkably easy that this idea is mindbogglingly obvious, but so much so that it's often forgotten.
Why not whack out a brush and have a bit of fun?
It's a lot cheaper than buying your own chalk board too, (Freshers: you might as well start with the student budgeting whilst you are ahead!)


  1. Love the new look of your blog Emily! :) This DIY board is so creative.

    REAlity Bites 

    1. Thanks Rea! I hoped the new design would really make the pictures pop with its simplicity! xx

  2. Two things:
    1. I LOVE your new layout! It's so simple and lovely! You're making me think about doing a revamp for mine!
    2. This is such a clever idea, I'm with you on the gold ornate frame! This is an idea I'm going to take with me to uni- I go on Saturday!
    Lottie xxx

    1. Naww thanks Lottie! Loving it as its a bit more mature than the old set up!
      GOOD LUCK! Your going to love it, your only a fresher once! xx

  3. Such a great idea Emily! It's so nice have a cosy uni room, I'm also going into second year of uni and have bought loads of hanging hearts and fairy lights in hope of making it my own little sanctuary, such fun.

    1. Ah Kira are you having fresher withdrawal symptoms too? I really wish that year would last for a lot longer than it did! Hanging hearts & fairy lights are a winner! x

  4. What a great idea! Have fun back in Leeds, I really hope it doesn't get too cold!

    A Day in the Life

  5. I love this idea! Hopefully I'll be off to uni next yea (I'm applying to place right now) so this sounds perfectxx

    1. Good luck in applying, where abouts are you thinking so? You will absolutely love it! xx

  6. The blog looks great lovely - love this idea too!!!

    Katie <3


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