Saturday, October 26

Brody's: Exeter

Last weekend was a bit of a funny one.
I woke up as normal, went to my Saturday hockey match as normal... But then instead of heading off home I embarked on a rather long train journey.
5 (very long) hours in fact.

With my caffeine hit, salmon salad and the essential M&S chocolate ghosts in tow, I headed deep down south to Exeter on a spur of the moment decision.
As you would have seen from my last post, my big brother Ben had his 21st  party the other weekend, even though this was incredible- it wasn't in fact his actual birthday until the week after.

The result?
Me jumping on a train and speeding down for a surprise party in the evening, before jumping back on a train on Sunday afternoon. Casual.

I made it there in one piece, hopped off the train, and made it just in time to surprise the man himself!
It was such an incredible night; his gorgeous girl friend Charlotte & his house mates threw him a surprise cocktail and cupcake party before heading out to the student union.
It was a little bit like a crazy school disco- but regardless we all had a whale of a time!

Understandably, we were feeling a little bit fresh the next morning.
A decent hungover breakfast was well on the cards and luckily, there was a hot spot both Ben & Charlotte had wanted to try for a while.

Say hello to Brody's!

The second you walk in, it is heaving. Long lines of wooden tables line this tiny hot spot and usually you have to wait for a space to come up; but by George it is worth the wait!
You simply choose the breakfast option to suit, and then it is an all you can eat of everything involved.
Of course I had to choose the 'Legendary Breakfast'- today was a day to at as much of everything that I could!

Having sat down with our trays, little wooden blocks for toast, plates for full English, and tubs for pancakes/frozen yoghurt (yes, for breakfast!), it was time to have a look at what Brody's had to offer.

On each table there is a couple of Dualit toasters dotted along; you can choose how toasted you would like your bread, how many slices of any sort of bread, and most importantly, this is done right in front of your eyes without having to move an inch!

Is there a better cure to one-to-many vodkas the night before?
Yes. Sausages, mushrooms, hash browns, bacon, sunny side up eggs and beans.
Oh heaven! It might not have been my mum's, but it hit the spot all-right!

But of course, it is the bacon sandwich which is my speciality; the breakfast of champions after all.
Everyone has their own technique, but mine is pretty simple:
Give the bread a good toasting until golden brown, smother in ketchup...

...Pile on the bacon and once again smother in ketchup...

...Squish it all down and then devour. Every. Last. Bite.

Even though I was rather full from a full English and two bacon sandwiches (I'm still using the excuse that I had another mammoth five hour train journey back home...), I couldn't come to Brody's and not try their pancakes.
Have you ever seen a D.I.Y Pancake machine before?
Nope, neither have I!

Simply click the little button and push your paper box underneath.

Steal a good squirt of frozen yoghurt if it takes your fancy while you wait, and then, before your eyes... Each delicate little pancake slowly flops out.

Nip over to the enormous shelves and choose your weapon of choice.

Any ideas what I inevitably went for?

Smother your pancakes in jam, peanut butter, fruit compotes and get digging in!
I was a little sceptic of a pancake machine, but these were light, fluffy and deliciously warm- just hitting the nail on its head perfectly!

We might look very different as brother & sister, but one thing we do have in common is knowing how to make the best possible sandwiches.

I still strongly think that my bacon sandwich won.

So with the now 'officially 21' brother, Charlotte, and myself feeling stuffed to the brim, we decided to free up our prime toaster positioned seats to the flocks of people at the door.
Any place with bacon, sausage & eggs on the ceiling inevitably has a queue out of the door, regardless of the food!

The perfect end to a rather quick trip to Exeter. Shattered, dreading the amount of work to follow, and having a severely damaged bank card, I hopped back on the train up North.
If you ever see a Brody's, nip in.
The all you can eat food is reason enough to go (as it actually tastes very good for its value for money), but the atmosphere is lively, comforting, and who wouldn't like to just have a toaster right next to them for convenience?!
If only we had one of these in Leeds!



  1. Looks absolutely divine. I haven't had proper pancakes for so long - but fry-ups have become a uni staple haha, nothing beats a hangover like a lot of greasy, salty food!
    xxxx Anne
    ps: I just have to say, your hair is amazing!

  2. Oh my god that looks really delicious! I wish we had something like that in Belgium, especially when I have a hangover haha! Nice pictures! :)

  3. oh wow that looks like the best breakfast spot ever! all those toppings for the pancakes!

  4. That pancake machine is genuis! OMG! I need to visit this place at some point in my life, needs to go down on my bucket list, ha!

    Glad you had a fab weekend and got plenty of rest after the long journey on the train :)


    Fashionicide | Manchester Fashion & Beauty Blog


  5. Oh wow, an all-you-can-eat english breakfast place is a legendary idea! Such a genius! and that pancake machine, didn't even know such things were an option!! I do love a good full english to cure that hangover. definitely does the trick!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  6. i've been meaning to go here forever and since i'm actually at student at Exeter i have no excuse not to drag myself there next time i'm in need of a good hangover cure x

    Saved by Cake

  7. I see this in Exeter every time I visit home, but am never quite hung-over enough to visit (I feel like this is a place where you need an excuse to go?!)

    Looks so so good!

    Katie <3

  8. WOW oh WOW
    This place looks like it's been whisked straight out of a US town and plonked in Exeter to be feasted at by all hungover students :)
    I bet your bro was so chuffed to have you visit for his celebrations
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me

  9. I'm currently sat here waiting for my lunch to cook, starving as hell, looking at that delicious looking bacon sarnie.....mouth waaaaaaaaaatering!

    It all looks like the perfect post-night out brekkie to me

    Ridiculously awesome hair as usual ;)

    Cocktails and Caroline

  10. I need to visit this place. I love the idea of the pancake machine, i need one for my house.


  11. DIY pancakes. Genius!

    Grace | polaroidsandpuds


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